Tubman on 20$, any doubt of culture war yet?

When I first got into ‘red pill’ / ‘alt right’ thinking I quickly came across the idea that there was a war of culture going on, and that all the talk of ‘the poor blacks/fag/females’ etc were not so much based out of caring but of wiping the white male out.  I am naturally very skeptical of everything, so I took this with a grain of salt, and let my eyes look for and against evidence to this – yet the more I looked the more I realized this was true.

The latest of course is Tubman (a black female) replacing the legendary Andrew Jackson on the 20$ bill.  http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/21/politics/donald-trump-tubman-bill-political-correctness/  but even in my own persoanl life I quickly began to realize as a white male the odds were stacked AGAINST me in the country our ‘fathers’ created.  This was things like applying for fire fighting posistions in big cities where you are graded on a 100 pt scale for a test and oral board,but being female gets an auto +5 and being black is another +5 for ‘diversity quotas’ and all that bull shit. Given that most people can at least score 70, a +10 is huge.  I rountinely made it to the final stages only to lose to MINOs and nepotic connections of brothers/friends.

Regardless, with all the problems in our country, and the world noob ass Obama decides that one of the most pressing issues is wiping out Jackson to put a MINO on the bill, to help show how ‘diverse’ we are, there are other great cultural enrichments planned for us on the money as well.

In case you have never watched this video, it is a very good economic explanation of our enslavment which essentially has to do with the ‘Federal Reserve’ (a private bank) who owns our government.

To further clarify a bit, Jackson took down the equilvant of the private bank in his time, so a hero to the people and an enemy to the banks.  Hamilton (the 10) was a long time stooge, so despite claims the 10 was considered, there was no way he was going down so much as the enemy of the banks is now set to be purged to give way for a black female.

Down with the patriarchy!



5 thoughts on “Tubman on 20$, any doubt of culture war yet?

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  2. Leftists can’t do anything right. They removed a founder of the Democratic party and put a gun-toting, Constitutional Carrying, Republican instead.

  3. Good stuff. That video is excellent. Whoever made it is a great propagandist. I’ve seen many of his vids, and all are good.

  4. This is really a step towards convincing high IQ “white” male to take our currency to a completely virtual realm.

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