Rioting blacks shut down Trump rally

Trump planned a rally at chicago where a bunch of blacks and other minorities protested ‘for bernie’ and essentially do what they do by rioting and attacking people.  Supposedly there were over 10,000 people at this.  Some of the footage is pretty shocking about fights going down.  This scares me we are very near the critical mass where the blacks, jews and others vastly outnumber the beaten down whites and the few that put up a fight are ‘racist’ and thrown in jail/marginalized.

What is interesting about this…and bodes badly is there was a lot of talk among the disparate freaks about ‘trump is hateful, we need to unify’ and its this kind of mentality that liberals excel at, by having one huge orgy of depravity that enforces a lockstep group-think with only one rule: white males are the absolute enemy.

Trump could be completely controlled, as I have said before, this might even be a huge gambit to unleash some anger and get it quelled while the fags and freaks cruise on in inevitable victory.  If this is stomped out, it will be very bad for the white race short of small bands on survivors in apocalypse-type scenarios which are likely when no one responsible is in charge.


18 thoughts on “Rioting blacks shut down Trump rally

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  2. why add the Jews to Black protestors making trouble at the Trump rally? Jews were not rioting or doing violence vs Trump. Many support Trump including his son-in-law and his daughter Ivanka Trump who became Jewish.
    Luckily Trump has the guts to speak out against the Black Lives Matter racists (title implies other races dont matter).

  3. have you seen this…

    what is “the white race”?

    Is someone like Roosh V a white guy with a tan?

    Is Kim K a white girl?

    aren’t there white liberals who would take your freedom quicker than any Islamist ever could?

    aren’t there wealthy whites who would use you as slave labor just as quickly as the Japanese would if they won WWII?

  4. One of the formidable features of the self-annihilator is to reject that which can save you… So here is a Trump taking it straight to the “black man’s” most adversial economic rival and the radical “black collective” attacks TRUMP!!! This is the very definition of degeneracy and desire for oblivion. It is an absolute sham to believe that “we” must share a government with such a demented mindset where “we” are led to believe that we enjoy the privilege of “one man, one vote.”

      • It’s good to the extent that it necessitates a separation and/or eradication and highlights the recurring mechanics of reducing any and all perceived illiberal entities as “white supremacist” SO AS TO JUSTIFY an “any means necessary” mentality. Which then redounds back to my first point and the inevitably of separation and/or eradication/self-annihilation.

  5. Are you conflicted at all, EK, when you see this violence?

    In your old job, you saved lives. Yet now you are seeing that violence is coming, and is often necessary. It must almost be like asking a fireman to set fires, or a doctor to break bones.

  6. Trump isn’t controlled opposition. You give these system fools too much credit. They are in a panic. That secret island meeting just looked bad. There will be conspiracy theories for years about that meeting. This “uprising” on the other hand is astroturf. George “Dr. Evil” Soros is funding it all with various leftist orgs like Americans for a better future (ACORN now) and various others like Media matters. They are planning a coordinated assault across the East Coast. These fuckers are playing with fire. White people are MAD, and that many niggers at one time is gonna get out of control real fast.

    • The racial reality is that NO ONE outside a nigger’s next of kin will give one wit about any future outbreak of “slaughter the nigger.”

      Think DYLANN ROOF…

      And think that you don’t think Dylann Roof BECAUSE the media no longer desires *you* to think Dylann Storm Roof EVEN after “slaughtering” the most “pious” of innocent blacks???

      FOR A TIME… The Trumpster TOOK ALL THE SPOTLIGHT off of “black” on white savagery…

      But the radical “black” collective WILL NOT HAVE IT!!!

      They DEMAND an annihilation of the niggers within!!!

      “They” ARE SENDING their niggers forward to do what niggers do IN THE HOPE that strong white men will then do what they should do…

      Clean up the “black” collectives’ most disgusting mess…

      “We” refuse…

      And niggers eradicate “white” liberals with impunity…

      Here comes neo-Trump to mend fences through a common economic enemy… Enter the mighty migger marauding through MRKA…

      It’s an all around swamp pit.

      Put your head on white Supremacy and be done with it.

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