The evolution of racism/hate

When I was young I was not a ‘racist’, and per liberal doctrine I believe those who were were ‘stupid’; it was only when I was older and actually looking at life I began to see there were reasons for it – and how our hate is justified while our anti-racism is our own behavior used against us.

I deeply believe in the fairly new theory of malignant empathy/ suicidal alturism (I have seen it called variations, feel free to post other names) which essentially is the desire to help others which has now been corrupted.  In our genetic past in europe our group was OUR group – distantly related to each other at max and often blood related or communal thus a sacrifice was for the good of the group – a group you were related to.

This is how things like harsh winters were able to be survived, how europe became the best people around.  Things like ‘socialism’ make sense when it is the in-group.

The problem is with all this race mixing and ‘diversity’ the empathy has turned malignant, many of us still want to help ‘the other’ except now the other are very often savages who will take take take and maybe rape you on the way out.

^THIS is at the root cause of some many ‘left/right’ divides, the left/liberal want to do a strategy that is kind and ‘works’ to some extent which is sacrifice for your group, except it is not our group anymore.  Conservative types on the bad side want to go it alone, which is in defiance to reality and our genetic heritage.

Thus the real answer is a sacrificing ONLY for your in-group, of which these identities are purposely beaten out of us, or called racist/sexist etc etc.

A high socialist tax for example would work if it goes to other members who actually contribute to society or once did, now however when mostly white peoples money go to minorities and their crab dinners and obama phones most people are right to be angry as its a perversion of our kind but easily deceived sacrafical nature.

This is why Trump is stomping so hard, he could be a total fix, but it shows the hatred of the bad deal we have had for so long.


12 thoughts on “The evolution of racism/hate

  1. EK…

    You need to understand how an “evolution” of hate/racism is a passive-aggressive ethos born of an egalitarian “spirit.”

  2. I’m a fucking halfbreed, society see’s me as a disposable piece of shit.

    I never was a “liberal” so I never had any “cognitive dissonance.”

    It’s funny how the alt-right operates JUST LIKE liberals.

    • Halfbreed = ???

      In America, half white female/half black male miscegenators were/are, in some very influential liberated circles, seen as the creators of a higher and more evolved human being provincially referred to as the “mullato/halfbreed.”

      Methinks your notion of being a “disposable piece of shit” in the eyes of society is largely a failure of your radically autonomous parents to forge an identity in what is a radical experiment in the meta-scheme of things.

      Like most “halfbreeds,” you are dead center caught between white Supremacy and anti-white Supremacy and a surrounding society that has no real idea which way you lean?

  3. “This is why Trump is stomping so hard, he could be a total fix, but it shows the hatred of the bad deal we have had for so long.”

    Trump’s another false idol, just look at how he wants more of a surveillance state. Just look at how he wants Apple to create a “back door” so the gov’t can snoop (they do already, don’t be naive.)

    • Trump is a radical autonomist. And in the “spirit” of his desire to see MRKA great again it is as the ultimate playground for the world’s most fanatical liberationists. And to the extent that MRKA is now a total battle ground for strong, white male, what can any Trump-like character really say other than fight like a real man?

    • also, Trump’s wall is as unlikely as Sander’s single payer healthcare–congress would likely block it. So it’s just rhetoric. So his “fight like a real man” is schtick, it might get votes but won’t get anything accomplished.

      • Well… I’m neither for or against Trump… To the extent he does good it should be authored into the Narrative as inspired by white Supremacy and where he goes wrong, the radical autonomist in him shall get the blame.

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