‘Shadow banning’ how the left controls opposition online

In case you didnt know many online sites like google, facebook, twitter etc outright manipulate or distort what you see putting you in a bubble of their choosing.

The big thing they like to do is shadow banning which instead of outright banning you (which then you would know and could act appropriately) they let you stay, but silence you to everyone else.  No one sees your comments, and you think you just lost all your friends.

Here are some sites to get you started:


Is Twitter “Shadowbanning” Conservatives?

It is insidious and very few people know this is happening.  Further it promotes leftist ideals where trashy writers get far more promotion than should be expected.  You see people claiming to want to kill conservatives that are re-tweeeted endlessly but any anti-left is eliminated quickly.

It is ironic the left – but in truth lets call the what they are cultural marxists with deep ties to jewish roots like feminism – styles itself as the ‘tolerant’ group when this is quite easily dis-proven of how utterly they control the conversation.


Sanders an ‘honorary woman’ by gloria steinman

I try hard to not utterly discount the left/democrats as I think there are some decent ideas like social programs etc, however it becomes harder and harder when things like their endless jewish/feminist connection is hard to deny.


Sanders first lost some respect from me when his site claimed about the easily proven false ‘wage gap’ for women.  Can we have an environmental candidate who is not a total stooge?