The rise of nationalism

I must admit about 2-3 years ago I was not sure there was any hope for getting out of the liberal sewer we were all getting drug down, too many faggy ‘triggered’, minority loving emotional arguments that ANY dissension against was viewed as racist/’stupid’ etc.  Honestly, they could have kept the status quo going and there would have been no problem, but the recent missteps have backfired so bad the rise of nationalism and backdoor racism have hit a critical point that has given me renewed hope.

Take Europe, the horde of muslims that are raping and bombing their way across the country simply adds fuel to EVERY ultra right wing/nationalist ideology while painting liberalism as a failed thought process.

Trump in our country could be an inside candidate, at this point I doubt it as he has unleashed far too much hate and ‘real talk’ that never should have seen the light of day.  Too many people say ‘yeah, we REALLY should boot out the mexicans/muzz etc’

It is really coming to a head, its great.



35 thoughts on “The rise of nationalism

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  2. Well, we shall see EK.

    Don’t underestimate human denial. Many think they can still vote WN into power. Ain’t gonna work. Power is never given up voluntarily.

    Revolution is never legal. And freedom is only bought with one currency. More than mere events, change takes time.

    The rapes you have noted will be quickly forgotten. We’ll need a more permenant anger.

  3. Germany is a hard case. There’s not a lot left to save. Yet, the refugee situation is in everyone’s face. I suspect the gov there will indulge in small measures to try and placate the people.

    The longer the refugees stay, the more certain the situation becomes permenant. In most of the WN fiction I’ve read, Germany turns Islamic.

  4. ?:

    a self hating jew, a self hating gay and a self hating arab walk into a bar:


    manosphere meetup of doom 2016-featuring Aaron Clarey, Jack Donovan and Roosh V. Afterparty at a bathhouse-finally a time when “game” works and they all “get laid.”

  5. also curious as t why there are so many gays in the alt right? Is it because they are just liberals who are openly racist and libbies love queers? Or is it like the MRM, they have womyn and just like womyn, everyone knows they will get arrested if they hit a gay? Or is it just like the MRM with womyn where in the MRM they are obsequious to womyn? Jack Donovan and Milo Y don’t even seem very bright, certainly not leadership material, and they do act like womyn…

      • Bernie Chapin, Jack Donovan and Aaron Clarey throw on their KKK outfits to burn some crosses. When they dropped the inflamant on themselves as they are smoking ceegars, well, what do you have now?

        A bunch of flaming faggots…

        hahahaha, don’t let anyone tell ya that us halfbreeds don’t have a good sense of humor….

        (see the liberals and alt-rghters cry bigots at the top of their lungs-that’s where I pull the privilege card-dude, let me have your easy 6 figure job and hot foreign bride…)

      • No man can be denied his desire for objective Supremacy except in denying it for himself… But this is the very pathology of our time across the board from low IQ to high IQ, rich to poor, criminal to pious… A collective denial of DESIRE FOR PERFECTION THROUGHOUT… And not just a denial, BUT A SIMULTANEOUS CLAIM to “progress” and the “evolution of man…” Just not a progressive evolution equivalent to perfecting man… Just not the real aim at objective Supremacy by empirical fact… So “we” get liberation instead… Deracination and radical sexual autonomy… With the Jack Donovan types performing the proper “shift-burden” to “white supremacy.”

      • EK…

        Yes… And “we” will still break all the rules (we all battle radical sexual autonomy and modernism only intensifies the battle)… But the true degeneracy is then claiming FOR THE PUBLIC that no transgressions have actually transpired. The Christian sexual morality should weigh heavy on every white mind perceptive of an existential crisis. The fact that modern liberated society says there is nothing to “see” in radical sexual autonomy but “goodness” is a proverbial bat up against the head BECAUSE “we” know this only means sub-fertility (read: total self-annihilation) for whites and explosive fertility for the most degenerate.

      • EK…

        No man… Christianity, BY DEFINITION, is the FALSIFICATION of “universal equality,” ie., The Redundant Phenomenon. That some THEN transform The Christian Assertion — that The Perfect Man strode earth AS empirical fact thus presenting man a model of Perfection and falsifying universal equality — into their own motivation to IMPOSE “universal equality” is just another aspect of radical autonomy.

        Your take should not be Christianity as “slave morality” thus giving credence to the idea that a man from a past existence can impose slave condition on a man in the present (this is nigger act), but rather, WHETHER you embrace or reject The Perfect Man as MERE CONCEPT thus SHOWING the rest of “us” how beholden to “universal equality” you really are???

        The schtick of the “alt-rite”/Neo Reaction IS HOW VERY WELL they HIDE their underlying BELIEF in “universal equality” (egalitarian at heart). Ergo, the “smartest” “whites” of the alt-rite/neoreaction DENY the perfect (white) man IN MERE CONCEPT and use the liberationist’s deconstruction of Christianity as the perennial smokescreen. This is self-annihilation!

      • EK…

        What you call “slave religion” and “mindset” IS REALLY JUST YOU SIGNALING your DESIRE for radical autonomy… Your desire to escape from the “imposition” of Perfection. Those who deny their perfected self MUST PROJECT a slave ethos on that which they believe CREATES the entire psychological battle. Reality beckons EK to be his perfected self… To be a (white) Supremacist… A BELIEVER in objective Supremacy… One who rejects The Redundant Phenomenon, ie., “universal equality,” as “our” highest reality. YOUR HIGHEST REALITY is Perfection and the white man USED TO KNOW THIS as a matter of stable civilization. Now, “white male” REJECTS Perfection… Rejects objective Supremacy… Calls it “slave morality…” Calls it “The white man’s burden…” That burden is white Supremacy and most high IQ “white” males HATE, HATE, HATE it more than any Jewish anti-Supremacist, nigger, jihadist or homodyke.

        That’s not REALLY YOU THOUGH…

        Start with YOUR OWN will to Perfection (will to do all right) and Christianity will just be to you a fact of reality in need of thorough assimilation EQUAL TO all other UNIQUE phenomena.

      • EK…

        Let me play real Devil’s advocate.

        You HAVE THREE OPTIONS as one who rejects Christianity…

        a) Jesus Christ did not exist. He is a myth at best and a fraud at worst.

        b) Jesus Christ existed and perhaps possessed a will to perfection, but the claim is forever arguable and unresolvable.

        c) Jesus Christ existed and possessed a will to Perfection, BUT this is not evidence of Perfection “itself.”

        d) Jesus Christ existed and possessed a will to Perfection and this is evidence of Perfection “itself,” yet “we” have no manner in which to experience this Perfection, Christ dying and resurrecting some 2000 years ago.

        Now that you are immersed in the proper frame, what you SHOULD recognize is that the Devil’s advocate SEEKS TO ESCAPE THE CONSEQUENCES of HIS BELIEF in (a, (b, (c or (d.

        And what is the consequence IN ULTIMATLEY DENYING Perfection AS ONE’S “operating paradigm, ie., his highest reality? Self-annihilation, OF COURSE.

      • EK…

        Let’s look at this from a different angle.

        You believe Christianity is false…

        Ergo, you do not believe that The Perfect Man walked earth as material fact.

        Let’s assume that this is in fact “true…” The Perfect Man has not walked earth as empirical fact.

        So you KNOW the “truth” of this fallacy embraced by Christiians.

        BUT, you CANNOT therefore escape the consequences of knowing the “truth” of this fallacy.

        So just as those who believe in the truth of the fallacy will “suffer” the consequences, so shall you PER the physical laws.

        So to the extent that you put your mind to the “truth” of the fallacy of The Perfect Man walking earth as empirical fact is to accept to an equal extent those consequences associated to this effort.

        You don’t believe The Perfect Man walked earth as empirical fact… This is thus the CLEAREST SIGN of an egalitarian mindset AT THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL level of your psyche. And there is no shortage of knowledge surrounding the myriad of pathology rooted in desire for “equality.” But desire for “equality” is rooted in an egalitarian mindset which is psychotically set against The Perfect (white) Man in BOTH empirical reality and merely conceptual ideation… Otherwise understood as anti-(white) Supremacy. This is the paradigm in which “we” are immersed.

      • I’m not at all skeptical… And if you would “see” Nazi “national socialism” as ultimately anti-white Supremacy then these revelations are very cogent AND COHERENT… The lingering issue though is attempting to attach Judaism to Christianity as though they were not absolutely antithetical assertions about the nature of reality. The “game” of all the liberationists IS TO ATTACH their rival liberationists “enemies” to “white supremacy,” ie., white Christianity IN ORDER TO DEGRADE THEM in the eyes of other radical liberationists. Do you forget the time in our lives when Nazi = American white Christian? Now the neo-Nazis are VEHEMENTLY anti-white Christian EQUAL TO Hilter and the Nazis EQUAL TO the Jews and “The Chosen Ones” EQUAL TO the crazy nigger EQUAL TO the mad jihadist EQUAL TO the insufferable homodyke EQUAL TO…

      • The idea that white man can war with the “other” and not battle psychologically with annihilation and radical sexual autonomy goes to the very heart of our issue. The matrilineal strategy of the Jews has an entirely different effect than the patrilineal tradition of the white man IN TIME OF WAR. Think about it? Think about the options presented to white man WHEN he wars with the Jewish anti-Supremacist? THEY DEMAND TOTAL ANNIHILATION… As though they were bona fide self-annihilators… BUT… IF “we” take their women as booty in war then “we” spawn Jews. “We” perpetuate self-annihilators. What is the solution?

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