Faith based science

If you are on a game show, and you pick 1 of 3 doors, and I take a wrong one away, and I offer you the swap, should you take it?  Read on to find out.

Science was was fairly recently practiced, and even in some circles still is a superior thought process that its strength is allowing itself open for change if compelling evidence comes along – something faith/religion ardently deny.  For that reason anyone with a brain SHOULD in general subscribe to such a thought process of ‘this is how I currently believe it, if I see a good reason I can switch.

However, now science has become sickeningly close to religion in that models are changed to fit the theory, problems are hand-waved away and superiority is assumed.

One example is physics and dark matter/string theory.  Essentially string theory posits matter on a deep level is composed of vibrating strings, a major part of the theory suggests there SHOULD be more mass in the universe than there apparently is…so what does faith based science do instead of thinking the theory is wrong SINCE IT DOESNT MATCH REALITY?

They change reality, in that the answer must be ‘dark matter’ something that we can’t see, but sure at shit it has got to be out there!

This is the kind of thing that gives science a bad name, instead of thinking your theory is shit, and amending reality to fit it, why not amend your fucking theory?

There is a guy at work, liberal but fairly smart in science, however he got caught up on the door question and INSISTED I was wrong on something that is a pretty simple thought puzzle to explain.  I was reminded of the absolutly god-like devotion to science these types have, even in the face of pure wrongness.

In the door puzzle you SHOULD switch because you go from a 1/3 to a 2/3 chance.  Before you flip out, and mistakenly think it is still 50/50 consider 1000 doors.  You pick 1, this is a 1/1000 chance, I take away 998 door that are wrong.  So what are the odds that of the 1000 you HAPPENED to pick the right one, or that this sole remaining door is in fact the right door?  In 999/1000 times it is the right one.

Think this over, because this tripped up a hard science devotee, believing no way ‘his god’ was wrong.


8 thoughts on “Faith based science

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  2. ER…

    It is in the nature of “equality dogma” to collapse reality upon itself and this is exactly what you are doing in your faulty analysis. Science ONLY SEEKS to VERIFY “matter of facts.” Religion seeks to REVEAL what lies beyond death. And so the “war” between science and religion is largely instigated around ultimate ORIGIN. And where Christianity is concerned, the assertion is clear and IT MESHES PERFECTLY with the scientific consensus pertaining to ORIGIN.

    From nothing, EVERYTHING… The greatest scientific intellects AGREE TO A multiverse… ALL POSSIBLE UNIVERSES exist INCLUDING this very one of ours where IF you believe in Creator God then you “suffer” the just consequences and IF you believe in “from nothing, everything” then you ALSO “suffer” the just consequences. Reality CAN ACCOMODATE both men of truth and “men” of lies AND EFFICIENTLY APPROPRIATE just consequence EVERY TIME having all eternity to get it done*.

    * A multiverse presumes infinity.

    • I dont have a problem with ‘sprituality’, but Christianity as read straight from the Bible is impossible to believe with its self-hypocritical instructions, impossible scenariors, wrathful then nice god, noahs flood etc.
      You are smart TD are you actually going to tell me the earth is only 6000 years old and that the GOD OF ALL CREATION fucked around with this backwards planet for a few generations then disappeared?

      • ER…

        You need to confront the Christian Assertion FIRST and realize the “age” of the universe, earth and man bears NO RELEVANCE on the existential question.

        What science “tells” us is “from nothing, EVERYTHING… Except Perfection.”

        Such an ethos whether consciously or subconsciously embraced has the effect of self-annihilation… Essentially, one makes meaningless the existential question GIVEN the scientific assertion.

      • Got to agree on TD here you may not realize it but even science points to God.A true scientist is open to knowledge and discovery. EK if you look at life from a narrow mindset you will ever find the truth.Sometimes you got to sallow your pride bro.

      • ER…

        But you must understand your skepticism is really a fear of facing man’s highest conception of God…

        Forget about whether Christ is truth or man’s most fervent imagination for man…

        Ask yourself whether you accept The Perfect Man as mere concept?

        And the scientific answer is “no!” And the answer is “no” because Perfection does not exist in our universe IN ANY SCIENTIFICALLY meaningful manner.

        What is the consequence to such LIMITATION? What consequences MUST YOU SUFFER because you do not even believe in a perfected ER?

        My answer is a perpetuating self-annihilation.

  3. Scientists today form the priest class of the old feudal system. No scientist who draws a paycheck is “objective.” There are no independent scientists left today.

    I find modern science quite dangerous. They are as dogmatic as they accuse the Christians of being.

    The paradox of science is that, at the same time, one has to accept today’s truth while also accepting that tomorrow, today’s model will be outdated. An honest scientists will admit that most of today’s worldview is wrong, and will be changed within a few hundred years.

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