The ‘correctness’ of the Left’s Socialism and the Right’s anti-immigrant

I have stated before on here about how USA politics are broken into such ways that each side has a glimpse of the truth so that their ardent followers say ‘see!?  See!?  How can you deny this!?” while being filled with falsehoods that are taken as gospel.

For this I am going to take two simple beliefs of both sides:


Social style economics: higher tax rates but the benefit is social programs to help those down on luck, invest in infrastructure, healthcare etc.

Pro-multicultural: Let all cultures in, and we will be enriched by their diversity which will make us more well-rounded.


Capitalist economics – Everything you do, you do on your own, do what it takes to get ahead, individualism rampart, profits are yours but so are your problems.

Anti-multi cultural/immigration – Rarely directly stated but that whites are better, and we don’t want your kind here, we esp. don’t want your cultural.


The problem is, these beliefs are partly antithetical to each other.  Take liberalism, socialism is great I truly do approve of it, but the problem is it is a socialism for the minorities at the cost of the producers – whites and asians primarily.  Whites work to fund blacks in inter cities, that is a fact while getting very little benefit.  Thus republican criticism is valid about ‘hating socialism’ because you are NOT benefiting your in-group.

Likewise capitalism has a natural bend towards anti in-group because if you can screw your neighbor to get ahead you will.

Naturally, socialism and nationalism/racism/ingroup mentality IS sustainable.  You are sacrificing for those you are either directly related to, or have distant genetic relationship vs the current mess where your sacrifices go to people that could care less about you and would slit your throat in an instant.



13 thoughts on “The ‘correctness’ of the Left’s Socialism and the Right’s anti-immigrant

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  2. hey dude, you wanna see some funny shit?

    “Heartiste or some other wannabe nazi would mention that the real reason Angela Merkel is letting in all the immigrants is because see heard stories about American GI’s and Soviets from older women and she finds German men, ahem, lacking. Isn’t that the logic Fartiste would use? That Merkel is hungry for some immigrant cock? How come he ain’t using that angle?”

    I wrote that shit first, then fartiste wrote this…

    hahaha, that fascist faggot stole my idea!

    I want royalty payments!!!!

    • Credit where credit is not due is “our” operating economic paradigm… Known by cuck-tongue as “socialism” and properly understood as anti-Capitalism… The literal destruction of a man’s credible and his fortifying assets.

  3. This left right junk is just a tar-baby for newbies to fall into. Its best to just throw it away after one sees it.

    I have learned about an interesting topic, EK. Forcible entry. Can you write a post about this?

    I saw this weird tool. Like a big pole with a crowbar on one side, and a fork on the other.

  4. Socialism = credit where credit IS NOT DUE…

    So it matters none whether this “socialism” is nationalist or global… Racial or diverse… It ALWAYS devolves into a cabal of degenerates “distributing” the production of the productive to a mass of degenerates who are ready on stand-by to enforce mob collection.

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