Media bias against Trump interesting

I like Trump I think he is about the only real ‘hope’ if you could call it that of any politician doing anything other than just screwing us, his focus on racial dynamics I think is a net positive, regardless it is funny the endless stops they unload to try to stop him, like claiming somehow Cruz is ahead of him, makes no sense.


Anyway check this pic from my AOL maildebate


Bush launches a ‘BRUTAL’ attack on the brash billionaire.  What’s ironic, is Jeb is an idiot, looks like an idiot, and this claim simply isnt true. Watching the debate Jeb was a non-contender and in any interaction Trump trounced him pretty easily, but facts matter little anymore.

I also like the two democrat figures on the bottom.  Media just doesnt even try to hide it anymore.


6 thoughts on “Media bias against Trump interesting

  1. It is interesting to watch. I wonder if he’ll be allowed to become prez, or if they’ll assassinate him. His money gives him a great deal of independence.

  2. In fact it was someone at Ryu’s second favorite site who brought up this point…

    “Frankly, some mosques should be shut down, but I’m not a big fan of big brother. When the government says it is here to help, it usually makes things worse. Keep in mind that many groups list all WNs as potential terrorists before you advocate restrictions and databases on potential terrorists. ”

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