Meanwhile in Europe, eastern countries rally to the war

In America you wouldn’t know there is a way going on in Europe that is FLOODED with muslims from Syria an everywhere else in a blatant and undeniable attempt to kill europe.  I found this video from this blog:

Watch the video and notice the atmosphere here, tense, ready, NO BULLSHIT.  Razor wire and police walking and stopping them at the fucking gates.  This feeling is utterly foreign to how soft we are over here, and how blind we are.  We are on the precipice of a huge war, and seeing people take a stand like this is empowering.


8 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Europe, eastern countries rally to the war

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  2. Good stuff. The average Hungarian is like an American WN. They know what we know. Eastern Europe is really the white race’s last chance.

  3. In the past it was men from Eastern Europe, Russia and the Balkans that fought off Turkish and Mongolian invaders. Vlad Tepes, Stefan cel Mare, Skanderbeg, Black George, Ivan the Terrible. These are Eastern Europeaners, not Westerners. Charlemagne is over-rated in the West. Probably because he is a Western Europeaner, and there’s an element of snobbery going on (i.e. Westerners are better than Easterners, and Northerners are better than Southerners). It’s snobbery that shouldn’t exist and doesn’t help us at all. We’re all white at the end of the day. We all share the same blood, continent and culture. We need to work together. The spririt of Vercingetorix and all that.

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