Keep the military machine rolling / Syria refugees

What a sick state of affairs where on one hand we have noobama endlessly tell us how ‘american’ it is to take in endless Syria refugees…then those exact people are the ones absolutely going crazy on france, and only a matter of time here.

So here’s the logic:

Isis/middle east is our enemy

Take in ‘refugees’ from middle east

Act confused why we are being attacked

Respond by bombing middle east more, and then increase the ‘need’ to rescue refugees.

These are the 'refugees'

These are the ‘refugees’


Either people in power are extremely stupid and think that somehow we SHOULD save this trash and that this is not a Trojan horse into the west, or its all by design to keep the military machine rolling and justified, after all ‘terrorism!!!’


19 thoughts on “Keep the military machine rolling / Syria refugees

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  2. it is all psy ops and tactics of divide and conquer + hegelian dialectic, let in the muslims, create false flags to scare the masses, implement gun restrictions and martial law, justify middle eastern bombings and overthrow of government, build new pipeline through syria, create civil war in europe between christians and muslims to profit from it…

  3. The American and French people are not stupid. But they have to work 40+ hours/week and are tired after work. They don’t have the time to chase down politicians.

    The only people who have time to really pursue politics are professional politicans and those who don’t work.

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