Cultural Marxist ‘Veterans day’ – google where are the white guys?

Good pictures are worth a thousand words, so what better way to celebrate DIVERSITY than to celebrate Veterans day with our old friend google…and what a rich tapestry of diversity it is.


In case you don’t see it, not a single WHITE guy in this rich tapestry.  Of the 5 people in the foreground 2 are woman, mis-representing the true less than 1/10 rate of women in the military.  Further the ONLY white person in here is a red headed female.

I especially like Carlos front and center there, reminding us all of their sacrifice and that we should most definitely not build a wall and deport all his illegal family and friends.


19 thoughts on “Cultural Marxist ‘Veterans day’ – google where are the white guys?

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  2. Google doesn’t know who is in the military, the stats, or anything else there of. None of them were probably not in the military in the first place, they just want the rest of us to do it not them.

  3. From the office of congressional study, August 2015
    Military deaths in all theaters of conflict (basically Iraq and Afghanistan) 2003-2014
    85 % white.
    98 % male.

    When uninformed, clueless white boys begin to understand that this country gives a fuck about them they might, just might stay away from military service. This is an all voluntary service. Stop volunteering. When a draft is required, watch the little politically correct, twenty-somethings at Google begin to understand how real shit works. The next vet day doodle might look a bit more like reality.

  4. At a certain point, one can have no more illusions about the U.S. military… It is the most radically autonomous entity on the globe and our only relationship to this radical autonomy is to hold it accountable wherever and whenever it violates one’s moral autonomy. In the meantime, one works to memetically bind this radical autonomy in all the manners one has available. The fundamental paradox of the U.S. military is a radical “monolithic” autonomy… Meaning, only where it senses true existential threat does “it” stand monolithic… Otherwise, mired in radical autonomy… Murder, mayhem, chaos, bedlam, betrayal, degeneracy, homosexuality, affirmative action, self-flagellation, etc.

      • The only true threat to UncleBeast-AuntieFeast, intellectually and spiritually, is white Supremacy. Physically, the only “threat” is that which UBAF BELIEVES should be destroyed which 99% of the time is some type of radical liberationist or collective of radical liberationists, BUT is ALWAYS media-transformed into “white supremacy” when possible..

  5. The US military and cops no longer work for whites. One has to know it and feel it.

    That picture is America’s present and its future also. You might be curious to know the US military is 80% white right now. Of course, facts do not matter.

  6. hahahaha, rooshiepoops used “game” to convince creeper donovan he is really a white guy with a tan….

    and anne the man coultier used “game” to convince everyone that gendar is a social construct and “she” is really a womyn….

    doesn’t he look like a male feminist with his four eyes and grey beard???? I bet I look more “alpha” and I don’t even try. His kissing up to white guys is more disgusting than feMRA’s trying to convince men they actually care about them…

    Proud to be a halfbreed and someone a piece of shit like roosh and his assboy forney would look down upon. They pedal the same shit as feminism…

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