Conflicted on desire of future for USA

The future of USA isnt looking good, you would have to be pretty blind to not see it, though I suspect likely 80% still have no clue, the end at this point is nearly impossible to predict, but an end it will be.  This post is not an attempt to decide if it will be an econ collapse, a balkanization, race war, ww3, plague, emp etc etc, any or all which are due and can rock us out.  What I want to talk about is whether the IDEA of the USA deserves to live, whether the good outweighs the bad essentially.

Every day I walk through small towns in the west – a supposed bastion of conservative behavior – and am dismayed at how far we have fallen.  Endless fatties, bitches, tattoos everywhere.  Guys trying to be gangsters, girls being a mix of feminists and whores, these types are angry, low intellect and could get wiped and the world would be better.

Yet on the other hand hand I see signs and billboards for adopting animals, or animal shelters, and it stirs my heart.  I think taking care of animals is a rare virtue and a sign of a better man for the reason he is able to empathize.  A real warrior is not a mindless killer but someone who understands between hate and love, and has a reason to fight.

For this reason, hunters and special ops guys are somewhat of a joke, are they a cut above normal?  Sure but their arrogance is their weakness.  The hunter has never been the ‘hunted’, the spec ops guy has superior tech and apaches waiting at his beck and call, never knowing the terror that a single bullet like a single guy would face that could cause his ‘mission’ to be over while he bleeds out in a ditch.

These types are the ‘mindless’ killers that revel in some sort of perverse joy at slaughtering all of life, exactly the type of useful idiot that is utterly predictable.

Some of the ‘baddest’ guys I know care about animals, I think its a balance thing of need the light to understand the dark sort of thing.

Regardless, I like the fact in this society there are people who care for animals, build shelters, help wounded creatures, that is a net positive in my mind that society offers that a mad max scenario would not allow.  Even if it is an old woman who can not really do anything any more there is a soft spot in my heart knowing she spends 10$ a week on bird food to watch the little birds, or someone who adopts a stray animal.

Unfortunately, for every one of those there are probably 20+ walking tattoo totems who are smoking, drinking, and looking for a fight (not actually hoping to come across it).  So the question is, in a society that allows these small goods for animals, how does that balance the utter corruption and cleaning that needs to be done?

I hate the thought that this corrupt shit needs to go, but it has allowed the decrease in pain for some in the animal world, letting a sort of innocence Road Warrior will not allow.  But maybe it merely will be a transition to expunge the cancer infecting nearly everything before some time in the future we might be able to live in a true harmony.CQL912mUYAAcewO


53 thoughts on “Conflicted on desire of future for USA

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  2. america will never be great unless we learn to love one other.Right now we are selfish and self centered(no offence).What ever happened “In God we trust”guess we dont need Him no more.America isnt a just a place its people.the state of america only reflects the heart of its citizens.

    • America today…DOES….represent it’s citizens. Perfectly.

      There’s nothing wrong there. Murkans are greedy, selfish, violent pigs and they deserve everything that happens to them.

      While some whites don’t like Murka today, this is not true for minos. It has never been a better time to be a mino or woman. This is paradise for them!

  3. Be careful, EK. WASPs are infamous for loving animals but hating people.

    You have to give it all up. The reason why things have continued to get worse is that small sliver of hope. Maybe….someone….eventually…will change things. Trump, Reagan, Goldwater, Perot, etc.

    No one is coming to save us. There will be no natural collapse. And the longer the revolution takes, the more complete the change.

      • That’s the wrong frame…

        Hope is internally derived…

        But “it” is hard to create if you don’t know yourself or even see yourself a creator of anything let alone something like “hope.”

        You have to set in on your metric… For my white Supremacist mind, the metric is Perfection… For my radically autonomous mind, the metric is “nothing.” Where there is this schism, one seeks convergence between believing in “nothing” and believing in Perfection. The wS convergence is in the belief that one is ultimately “nothing” unless he believes in Perfection. Yet, the radically autonomous anti-convergence is that by rejecting Perfection, one CAN TRULY BE “nothing.” EACH convergence recognizes a maximizing of one’s autonomy in the fluid situational environments of reality and virtual reality of which “we” seemingly “pop in” and “pop out” of at will.

  4. MRKA is the most radically autonomous entity on the face of the earth… It goes beyond reality to virtual reality… “It” is assets, infrastructure, contract, resources, mediums of exchange, hardware, software… It’s political theater, nation marketing writ large… A place where one can get filthy rich and/or blow up infidels… Get famous for sexual debauchery…. Create the most advanced police state mechanics… Spectate with reckless abandon and confess ASAP… Live off the grid, in the grid, within grid, about the grid, over the grid, below the grid and with the grid AS LONG AS you are gridded to MRKA.

    And even for the genuine white Supremacist, MRKA is the most advanced State for the exploits of the world’s most radical autonomists. In other words, THE GROUND ZERO training facility FOR all the world’s most advanced and diabolical minds.

      • It is the place of both “technologically-advanced” radical autonomy and the last remaining remnant of genuine white white Supremacy, theoretically, in one or perhaps a few minds.

        The “effed”

      • It is the place of both “technologically-advanced” radical autonomy and the last remaining remnant of genuine white Supremacy, theoretically, in one or perhaps a few minds.

        The only real effed up thing about MRKA from a liberationist perspective — the perspective of the super-duper majority — is that it is not yet MRKA ENOUGH. Never enough is a powerful driving force. One can cater to this ethos quite prophetably.

    • Lol… The Big Collusion is anti-white Supremacy. The FFOL and its grimy Palm are the clenched fist of history ALWAYS BEGGING for annihilation from the natives. But many times, the natives simply submit to the horde. “White” male of the West is surely on at least one knee.

      • Chuck Rudd just seems like a young man that wants to be a good boy without any real concept of the Good. Another above average IQ white boy with good liberal social skills and a book-hearty “race-realism” not ready to make a real radical leap of faith in his life.

        Only a few could ever be expected to strive towards Supremacy… For the rest, the best minds must manufacture a pleasant redundancy.

  5. I know who you are, Stoner. I have a long memory.

    WN is a big joke to you. You’re not a nigger, and you’re not white. You won’t admit that your degenerate parents errored in their mate choice.

    They damned you to hell. In a way, I pity you.

    • Ryu… I don’t know the beef and I only know SWAB from here and there… This memes are as true as they go and at the same time, I wouldn’t say any of those characters represent wn or wS.

      But let’s say SWAB is the creation of radically autonomous parents… Miscegenators… This can’t really damn him and then be reconciled with any notion of Perfection is “operating paradigm.”

      To be DAMNED BY BIRTH is equal to being aborted at birth. The true enemy is the self-annihilator within us AND A BELIEF in such a thing as “damned by birth” on account of radically autonomous parents is the self-annihilating EQUALITY DOCTRINE writ large.

      ANY man claiming his right to exist from the beginning, ie., never to be damned BY birth, MUST BE respected OR YOU DECLARE WAR on him.

      But none of this should read as an obstacle to SWAB’s spiritual and intellectual conversion to wS. If we reconcile him to our same destination then his Origin will no longer be a source of friction to us. We will inevitably find parallel paths and then convergence. But even short of this conversion, we need not PURPOSELY CROSS… If we do, we do. We desire friction. Accept this desire for what it is… But if it is a false friction… A friction derived of erroneous minds… Nothings “defending” nothing… Beget self-annihilation.

      • hahahaha, yes, I am what would be called a victim of miscegenation, or a halfbreed…

        look at how Roosh grovels at the feet to be accepted by WN’s…

        look at how he obsesses over white womyn…

        so is this broad hot or what?

        If I was a WN and I got a chance to hook up with her, I’d just say she was a white womyn with a great tan…

      • “ANY man claiming his right to exist from the beginning, ie., never to be damned BY birth, MUST BE respected OR YOU DECLARE WAR on him.”

        so feminism and the manosphere proper/alt right have declared war on me?

        that has been my gut feeling…

      • Absolutely… But first a reframe is in order…

        “Feminism” = devout dyke movement…

        “Man”-o-sphere = male liberationist movement, ie., de facto homo lifestyle…

        There’s is a general declaration of war on man, but then a war on the white Supremacist specifically as both these movements stand as a testament to the near nonexistence of the genuine white Supremacist.

      • The war on white man comes way of a deracinated homo-sexuality… The ideal being a self-perpetuating orgasmic state from birth until death. A total immersion in such a state of being simply negates the struggle as we know it.

    • It’s hard to believe that In Mala Fide was once a blogger virtually equivalent to Heartiste and Roosh AT THE TIME in the realm of “game” and hypergamy. But his physical disclosure as Matt Forney showed us what high IQ “white” male nerd can do in the virtual reality in regards to maximizing his autonomy by creating new Selves (a more advanced form of sock puppetry). His greatest weakness is just a nerd’s unwillingness to let go of the primitive psychic hatred of white jock, ie., that degenerate “white supremacist,” who he knows in relation to possesses an intellectual inferiority that is happily forsaken in return for his requisite dominance of the female. In many ways, the Matt Forneys, hypocritical anti-white Supremacists that they really are, believe that they can obtain the physical prowess of the “white supremacist” while the “white supremacist” is biologically forbidden from obtaining equal IQ to the vaunted nerd.

    • Thank God I’ve been “recklessly” bringing kids into this world over the last 16 years… That lineup is comedy gold… Those are the “leaders” of the “resistance?”

    • Have you ever head the word ‘featherwood’? I never have till I saw it on online dating, guess its some pro-white thing? But the girl looked trailer trashy, thats a major negative of the ‘white movement’ is its literally filled with trash.

      • haha, here’s a hot babe for ya…

        in my limited experience w/ online dating, a white broad was checking out my profile, suppose she just thought I was a white dude with a great tan or something because when I checked out her profile, she was all white power…

        or maybe she was just trying to get me alone to roll me…

        needless to say, I didn’t hook up with her…

      • One of the great deceptions of the alt-rite/neoreactionary movement is the notion that “redemption” is found in some like-minded collective. One of the reasons “we” so despise liberals is their coercive integrationist ideology… Their quid pro quo collectives whose individual sycophants sacrifice the self for a collective force multiplier… A beggars can’t be choosers-type piracy of the mediocre masses. A like-minded mob of sheepwalkers.

        There is no wn “movement.”

        WN IS AN ASSERTION… A CLAIM… A declaration affirmed by its allies and denied by its enemies…

        White Supremacy, on the other hand, is a voluntary collective state of being amongst genuine white Supremacists. If the fundamental social problem is friction and disintegration then uncoerced parallel paths is the solution. This is possible amongst white Supremacists alone…. Impossible amongst radical autonomists themselves… And one heck of an “Ender’s”-type game with wS and RAs alike roaming the field.

      • It’s the story of a white boy fighting for his “allies” against his “enemies” only to find out he fights for his enemy against his kindred spirit.

    • Think of the liberated coherency involved in declaring mostly incarcerated and childless “white” males “white supremacists” to wit their claim to infamy is a supposed life or death defense of white man…. From behind bars… With no progeny on the outside… Now take it to the next level and think of that thing which will gladly accept undue accolade? Meaning, it would be FANTASTIC if these various “white supremacist” gangs where TRULY in the business of perpetuating genuine white Supremacy throughout the heavily anti-white Supremacist prison system (also allying with the largely white enforcement sector), but they are not… They MERELY EMRACE THE LABEL BESTOWED UPON them by their liberal prison masters whose diabolical schemes simply work above and beyond most “white” criminal minds. For it is simply the relentless association of “white supremacy” to the “white” degenerate in the minds of middle-of-the-road MRKN that said moderates cannot and will not convert to genuine white Supremacy. In other words, the critical mass of “white” males WILL NOT EMBRACE the logical solution to anti-white “equality.” GAME OVER.

      • Azureknight17…

        “Whites” are those that look like “us,” but think one hundred and eighty degrees differently than “us” about our mutual whiteness.

        The Logos is under relentless assault to be liberated…

        So one can contrive a “thing” like “homosexual man” and no one will accuse you of a diabolical social construction…

        Or, one can procure an abortion and claim to have exercised their “reproductive right,” ie., their right to reproduce…

        Or, one can wax eloquent about the evils of “white supremacy” having already disassociated one’s self from his own white racial makeup, while still obtaining the benefits of whiteness where he sees fit…

        In a nutshell, one cannot WRITE about white people without AT LEAST distinguishing between “white” self-annihilators (the mass majority) and the genuine white Supremacist (the infinitesimally small minority) BECAUSE for the former, their race means nothing and for the latter, their race means exactly what it is supposed mean… Inspiration to perpetuate the greatest of their kind.

  6. Thordaddy i agree that there is a difference between the mind set of “whites” but i still dont believe that there is a “white Supremacist”.You cannot really distinguish people from a single race because then you will have to include a number of other factors. But at the end of the day it real does not matter what type of “white” you are whether your at the top or the bottom.

    • Azureknight17…

      The “anti-white” meme — that meme meant to persuade “us” of the big tent “genocide” — IS IN REALITY a meme meant to obscure a particular annihilation of the genuine white Supremacist WHETHER real or perceived. The reality is that a large swath of “whites” are self-annihilators and therefore their inevitable self-induced annihilation CANNOT BE REGARDED as particular genocidal attack on a particular adversary understood as the genuine white Supremacist. TO FAIL to make this distinction is to fail to make a pertinent distinction concerning our mutual reality.

      • Yes… But unlimited immigration isn’t EXPLICIT self-annihilation equal to abortion… And self-annihilating homosexuality is not equal to the self-annihilation of assimilationist miscegenation… And self-annihilating Jewish anti-Supremacy is not equal to self-annihilating radical “black” anti-white Supremacy… And so on an so forth. But even recognizing the inequality of self-annihilating movements only stands to highlight the totality of the assault.

        If you are one of despair, the “right” to self-annihilate is your most “cherished right.”

        THIS IS “our” collective “white” ethos. One of despair DESIROUS of a “right” to self-annihilate and a collective IQ to make it all look like fun and games until the end.

        The logical solution is to reject self-annihilation IN EVERY ASPECT…

        If you are a “white” male, this rejection TURNED ascension is called white Supremacy. A reframe that allows one to detach from the relativist paradigm to play an absolutist game. A chance to trade in a perpetuating self-annihilation for just perpetuating…

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