Keep the military machine rolling / Syria refugees

What a sick state of affairs where on one hand we have noobama endlessly tell us how ‘american’ it is to take in endless Syria refugees…then those exact people are the ones absolutely going crazy on france, and only a matter of time here.

So here’s the logic:

Isis/middle east is our enemy

Take in ‘refugees’ from middle east

Act confused why we are being attacked

Respond by bombing middle east more, and then increase the ‘need’ to rescue refugees.

These are the 'refugees'

These are the ‘refugees’


Either people in power are extremely stupid and think that somehow we SHOULD save this trash and that this is not a Trojan horse into the west, or its all by design to keep the military machine rolling and justified, after all ‘terrorism!!!’

Cultural Marxist ‘Veterans day’ – google where are the white guys?

Good pictures are worth a thousand words, so what better way to celebrate DIVERSITY than to celebrate Veterans day with our old friend google…and what a rich tapestry of diversity it is.


In case you don’t see it, not a single WHITE guy in this rich tapestry.  Of the 5 people in the foreground 2 are woman, mis-representing the true less than 1/10 rate of women in the military.  Further the ONLY white person in here is a red headed female.

I especially like Carlos front and center there, reminding us all of their sacrifice and that we should most definitely not build a wall and deport all his illegal family and friends.

Conflicted on desire of future for USA

The future of USA isnt looking good, you would have to be pretty blind to not see it, though I suspect likely 80% still have no clue, the end at this point is nearly impossible to predict, but an end it will be.  This post is not an attempt to decide if it will be an econ collapse, a balkanization, race war, ww3, plague, emp etc etc, any or all which are due and can rock us out.  What I want to talk about is whether the IDEA of the USA deserves to live, whether the good outweighs the bad essentially.

Every day I walk through small towns in the west – a supposed bastion of conservative behavior – and am dismayed at how far we have fallen.  Endless fatties, bitches, tattoos everywhere.  Guys trying to be gangsters, girls being a mix of feminists and whores, these types are angry, low intellect and could get wiped and the world would be better.

Yet on the other hand hand I see signs and billboards for adopting animals, or animal shelters, and it stirs my heart.  I think taking care of animals is a rare virtue and a sign of a better man for the reason he is able to empathize.  A real warrior is not a mindless killer but someone who understands between hate and love, and has a reason to fight.

For this reason, hunters and special ops guys are somewhat of a joke, are they a cut above normal?  Sure but their arrogance is their weakness.  The hunter has never been the ‘hunted’, the spec ops guy has superior tech and apaches waiting at his beck and call, never knowing the terror that a single bullet like a single guy would face that could cause his ‘mission’ to be over while he bleeds out in a ditch.

These types are the ‘mindless’ killers that revel in some sort of perverse joy at slaughtering all of life, exactly the type of useful idiot that is utterly predictable.

Some of the ‘baddest’ guys I know care about animals, I think its a balance thing of need the light to understand the dark sort of thing.

Regardless, I like the fact in this society there are people who care for animals, build shelters, help wounded creatures, that is a net positive in my mind that society offers that a mad max scenario would not allow.  Even if it is an old woman who can not really do anything any more there is a soft spot in my heart knowing she spends 10$ a week on bird food to watch the little birds, or someone who adopts a stray animal.

Unfortunately, for every one of those there are probably 20+ walking tattoo totems who are smoking, drinking, and looking for a fight (not actually hoping to come across it).  So the question is, in a society that allows these small goods for animals, how does that balance the utter corruption and cleaning that needs to be done?

I hate the thought that this corrupt shit needs to go, but it has allowed the decrease in pain for some in the animal world, letting a sort of innocence Road Warrior will not allow.  But maybe it merely will be a transition to expunge the cancer infecting nearly everything before some time in the future we might be able to live in a true harmony.CQL912mUYAAcewO