Male/Female defense ministers

Came across this blog and post with the following picture


This is a very good example of ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’ but it really goes beyond to show in a nutshell the utter ruin Europe is rushing towards.  I do not doubt woman can fight, or be strategic, or anything like that but I am fully going to admit that it is vast outliers in general – a sort of NAWALT argument if you will.

It is somewhat of a sham that these woman – I doubt any have even been in a fight much less war – are ‘defending’ their country from the muslin invasion browning out the once pristine gene pool.

Things like this rush us toward disater, when things fall apart – and they will within 50 years max – it will be far far worse than WW2, the only thing we can hope is that some good european blood lives and the world isnt nuked over.


7 thoughts on “Male/Female defense ministers

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  2. ER…

    You are engaging in what I call “cultural correctness” (an affliction suffered by cuckservatives, alt-riters, gamers… The whole litany of new right movements) which is in its own psychology an egalitarian response to “political correctness.”

    Where the radical liberal has used PC to deconstruct our ideal categories of White Man and White Woman, you are in unwitting fashion linguistically exalting what are in fact female liberationists (dykes and de facto dykes) to the ideal category of “women” with inexplicable unilateralism. This is pathological anti-white-knightism of the most subtle kind and works in conjunction with PC in a sort of psychological symbiotic regression. So where PC blurs the line between dyke and real woman, your CC DOES the exact same thing just from a different direction. Where PC strips status from woman to the benefit of dyke, CC benefits dyke by appropriating her undue status as a “woman.” So in both ways, both real and ideally, the white woman is ultimately degraded.

  3. They aren’t damning us. There is no “us.” They are damning those who actually still believe in their governments.

    When I want to see our defense minister, I look in the mirror. You can’t outsource your security to anyone, especially for money.

    Things are never really over in this life. Even against the Injuns, Whites didn’t kill every last one. Hitler too failed. The liberals also will fail in this.

    Do you do requests, EK? I want to know about fire trucks and EMS. The routes they use. Do they know traffic patterns at diff times of day? I hear there is an electronic thing they have that changes the traffic lights for them.

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