Democratic debate / Sanders

The debate is happening right now, predictably its a lot of grand standing, esp. Hillary unloading endless divisive issues, lets see in her opening she proceeded to invoke women issues about 3x, dumped so pro-gay things and got a class warfare in.

But contrast her with Sanders (who I think he has some legitimacy BECAUSE he called out bankers which nearly no one else has done).  Hillary is a vague ‘middle class needs help’ vs sanders who outright blames the billionaires who have corrupted our country.  Could he be a plant, or false, or whatever?  Sure.  But like Trump on immigration, Sanders on bank corruption is useful SIMPLY to make people aware of what is happening.

The one thing I was wary of with sanders is on his page he was talking about the ‘wage gap’ which is so false its hard to stand, the only thing I can think/hope is that he knows he needs all the lib chicks to get elected, so if its utilitarian I can support him.

Sanders is out there spitting truth which could get him the loss, compare to hillary who ‘I love capitalism’ euphemisms.

Anyway it could all be a obama 08 all over again with sanders, but from what I saw his blatant socialism is something I can get behind with his apparent honesty.


13 thoughts on “Democratic debate / Sanders

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  2. I work with a mexican guy who is just as racist as jack donovan, but even though he hates me, invites me to go drinking with him. but because I would go drinking with neither, it makes me a bigot, because in libtard ‘murrikkka, homophobia is eviller than waccism, and if I do thinks like staying out of prison and going drinking with creepers-that is vyctym blaming… because liberals are fucked up-just look at the shit pit that AVfM is, a bunch of shithead old fucks who could’ve made money when making money was easy, and then they blame younger guys for their problems…

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