The Syrian ‘refugee’ crisis latest in bold take over of white countries

I believe that time is getting critical in terms of western civilization (ie white) culture as evidenced by the blatant diffusion of these poor hapless refugees into the last remnants of society.  Anyone who still believes main stream media is nearly a lost cause at this point, how can anyone watch this stream of enemy combatants and truly think this is humanitarian, and that its those ‘poor Syrians’?

Here are the facts you need to know our ‘allies’ Turkey/Israel (the actual axis of evil) BOTH CLOSED THEIR BORDERS TO THE SYRIAN REFUGEES

Hmm, interesting, so the pot gets stirred, and out flows prime combat-aged males towards the west – who we are supposed to welcome with open arms – and two of the closest stops CLOSE THEIR BORDERS – how transparent of them.  Of course Israel would never want such vibrant diversity in their country, but hell lets let that puppet obama get his 200k refugees into our country, what better way to help dilute the gene pool even faster.

The fact this is getting so blatant is curious to me, they could have easily just continued this slow grind and in 2 generations whitey is probably out of here, but there is this almost desperate push to taint us as fast as they can.  I think they are rapidly losing control of the narrative, as people are waking up, they make not know everything or even close to the complexities but all they really need to know is: I am being forced to live with enemies who dont look like me – which is fine enough to start the fire.



I could care less is Trump is secretly a jew, manchurian candidate etc etc he has done a very large service by giving a public face who stands up to MSM with ‘racist’ views and has given a face to the racist views a lot of people actually have.  I dont really care if ignorant racists want to kill all blacks, that is fine with me because they are at least on the right side of what is coming.


From an old series ‘V’


8 thoughts on “The Syrian ‘refugee’ crisis latest in bold take over of white countries

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  2. Well at least Turkey took a good amount of refugees so far. Israel, Quatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE are all at 0 despite their financial possibilities. If I remember correctly about 70% of the refugees are not even Syrian. And you may as well put “crisis” in quotes too because this is no crisis at all. The systematic importation of non-europeans into European countries began a long time ago and in many cities the natives are becoming minorities. The sudden mass media talk about a “crisis” is merely an attempt to mask it as a passing event hinting that as soon as the “crisis” stops everything will be fine. Except it won’t. The math has already been done and they are heavily outbreeding (and even worse sometimes interbreeding with) the native population and people are starting to notice it. Wherever these aliens settle trouble follows and consequently people are starting to turn to nationalist organizations which have seen an increase in popularity recently. But the vast majority of these people don’t quite understand the core of what is happening to society. They don’t have a meta view and are often still reluctant to support what they see as “ebul nazis”. They want a rollback to some kind of post WW2 american dream style state of things when the immigration hadn’t started yet and the effects of gender equality hadn’t yet settled in but it is not possible because at that point in time things were already set in motion. As a consequence of the result of WW2 society had already set itself on the path of lies instead of the path of truth and because of that it can only degenerate more and more as time goes on. This is also the reason why not just third wave feminism is bad but all of it and the whole concept of gender equality. To be honest most people have no fucking clue how much gender equality messes with male-female relationships and how much damage it does to society because it’s not a physical enemy with a face like immigrants are.

    I have no idea where Trump stands in all of this. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a full understanding of what is going on but he’s smart enough to notice that some shit ain’t right or at least to get a grasp of what is starting to crawl under people’s skin. What his intentions are is again unclear and this is also the case with many far-right organizations because with all the censoring and laws few can go all out and address issues such as race and jews. From what I’ve managed to gather Golden Dawn in Greece, National Action in the UK and I think Serbian Action in Serbia are legit far right groups at the moment. Assuming Trump gets elected and sticks to his words (2 big ifs right there) the best he can achieve is to slow down the decay but he won’t stop it. Not unless he literally goes Fuhrer mode and dissolves the parliment and the government (or whatever you call them there) dismantles the constitution and basically recreates the US from the ground up. But that is pretty fantasy tier. The chance of change through the system are slim even in Europe though it varies depending on country but for the US collapse and revolution are the most probable outcomes.

    • Give up the dream. There is no voting your way out of this.

      Golden Dawn failed. They lost their momentum. Now, they are just another political group. They didn’t turn it up when they should have.

      What Trump has done is 0.000001% of what could be done. Like a begger starving, many WNs are impressed by the slightest pro-white sentiment. He’ll have to do a lot more to impress me.

      • That logic is flawed, you are saying that unless its 100% good its not worth it, that its a sell out etc. Look we all know trump isnt the ideal guy, but he is better than anything else, ANYTHING is better than pure trash.

      • No… He’s saying that mass despair has modern “white” male doing circus flips for mere peanuts. It’s all too manufactured. They needed a Trump-like figure who has just the perfect ego for modern degenerate politics and can bow out without any real harm to his “career.”

  3. By believing in Trump, you are emotionally investing yourself in the American system.

    No American politician in the last 50 years has been pro-white. None have helped our cause. You need a divorce from the USA and a divorce from their worldview.

    I would tell you not to go to the gym unless you can have a GOOD workout. If you can’t, don’t go. Save it for another time.

    In the same way, save your enthusiasm for something real. So far, Trump has given you nothing but words.

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