The Importance of Sex pt2

Continuing on with the prior post, from this book – again a biology book (The Importance of Sex) that was really well referenced citing multiple cultures there were a few points that really stuck out:

1: Hard/complex situations favor fewer children but higher investment in those children

  1. Hard times drop the poor’s fertility huge, but the rich are insulated because of their resources and retain fairly high fertility
  2. In hard/complex times a few of the males often get many of the females in societies where monogamy has broken down.


Ok, perhaps you may want to reread those, as they are pretty good, I will touch on all of them now. One thing I want you to consider is that our current society in my mind is ‘hard’ on the middle class only, the rich always have it easy, and the poor are so subsized they do not feel the selective pressure they normally would.

1 No one would deny our culture and situation is getting very complex and hard to get by in this crashing economy, thus we should see a more K-selected strategy of few kids but higher investment. We do, but only partly, how many of our smartest people go childless? This could be a book itself, but it stems a lot from feminism brainwashing women into thinking they can have a career first and family later.

Also, with vast subsidies to the trash, poor people breed like the rabbits they are, cranking vast numbers of kids- all while being rewarded with even more handouts, its pretty disgusting and it is real.

  1. Look to the middle class to see this in action, as stated above the poor don’t really feel the effects of this collapse yet, whereas the middle class who is working all the time does. Very rare for a husband to be able to provide for a family on just one wage.
  2. Pretty much what every PUA/alt right blog has been saying for years, any of the 5% of guys get 90% of woman, to the more realistic 20% get 60% of women or whatever is it they are saying, but very, very true.

The guys who were cleaning up in these hard times? Either the actual rich/high status jobs, or those who fake it. Hey…guess the fake it till you make it actually DOES work, historically proven!


12 thoughts on “The Importance of Sex pt2

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  2. EK, why ru interested in this junk?

    You have the gold of PUA and the MRM. Don’t waste your life on that crap. Marriage sucks in the west, and women need to be manipulated. That is all one needs to learn from them.

    There are better things to be studying. Find something only you can do.

    • Because this last chick got to his head like no chick ever before… And it was most likely her cunninngly, calculated deception that has most provoked his mind at this point. And he won’t read but the most general critique coming out of the PUA/HBD/MRM spheres. The modern white female

    • Because this last chick got to his head like no chick ever before… And it was most likely her cunninngly, calculated deception that has most provoked his mind at this point. And he won’t read but the most general critique coming out of the PUA/HBD/MRM spheres. The modern female is very, very fearful of the future and all this need to strive like men and achieve like men is just the right kind of distraction to befuddled the “boys.” The drinking and fuggin’ and partying… Mere escapism from the fear… The boxing and mma classes… Overt signals… The BAs and MBAs and PhDs… Utter Fear insurance… Childless and manless… Fear of loyalty. The manufactured confidence of modern female must be vigorously deconstructed on all fronts as it also works complimentary to the burgeoning faggot “nature” of the modern male.

      • They ought to be afraid for the future. Change is certain. I have many questions for you now, TD.

        How does a WS conduct himself with a woman, in light of the truths of PUA/MRM?

        How does a WS raises his children in the “proper” manner, whatever that may be?

      • First, your lady is only ONE of the female liberals in your life that will seek to maximize their autonomy at your expense (many have mothers, daughters and sisters). If it’s just raw calculation every time one comes upon a new female relationship then it’s just raw calculation. So the emphasis MUST CENTER around loyalty as loyalty simply transcends raw calculation for better or worse. So that’s the first question any wS asks himself in relation to his lady? Can I be loyal BECAUSE this woman is worthy of loyalty? The great dilemma of our time is that modern “white” female simply rejects loyalty as axiomatically oppressive. And so it goes for modern “white” male, also. The result is easily predicted. It’s all raw calculation down the very micro-aggression that must be accounted for and recouped. The white Supremacist is much, much more than a mere calculator and he must not only lead his lady, but his daughters and mother and sisters and nieces and so on.

      • I’m right in the thick of things after being tight and having “control” for many years. It’s wasn’t easy. It wasn’t glamorous. It was and still is a daily grind in so many ways. But, it’s Southern Cali, too. All I can do now is speak to my children about things they hear no where else. I kept them out of school for a long time… The youngest haven’t never started. The “equality” doctrine is in all the institutions and organization and corporations. Provide and protect. Money and violence. Equality and Tradition. White Supremacy and anti-white Supremacy. Radical autonomy and self-annihilation. These are the “things” that swirl through my mind that I intend to make swirl through my children’s minds for better or worse.

      • you know thordaddy for once i actually agree with you the Betaization process is just most women way of subconsciously winning the gender power struggle.if the man has no power then its no worries.

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