Why Trump is the most legit republican candidate

Any long time reader knows I view most politics as vastly rigged as a pseudo left vs right, when the reality is both parties serve the same elite/corporate interests.  You have people like clinton and bush who have so many similarities it is disgusting.

Most of the candidates are senators who are about as corrupt as you can get, what was disgusting was during this debate how many touted out the Israel card of how much they are loyal to israel.  It really is obvious when you are looking for it.

The thing that Trump said that really struck me was when he talked about everyone around him controlled by special interests, he mentioned this and that ‘this scares me’, which is really legit, trump could be completely controlled, I think he may, he may not, but the reality is no establishment guy could ever be real, or go ‘rogue’.  Independent people are the only way to go, and at the very least bringing up the illegals problem has really brought the ‘un-pc’ issue back into the light and I hope it really continues onward of people speaking the truth – namely that non-whites want whites destroyed and as a white man the government is not your friend.


8 thoughts on “Why Trump is the most legit republican candidate

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  2. Well, my local newspaper is still trying to trash and take him down like the rest of the MSM. The problem is, they must credibility which they have less and less of.

  3. It is amusing that Trump scared the hell out of normal republicans/conservatives. That’s always a good sign.

    But I don’t think Trumpie is going to change much, even if he does get in. There is too much momentum running off the cliff.

  4. It’s all psychops… All “rogues” can be assimilated whether they desire it or not. Dylan Roof put semi-racially aware “white Christians” back on the side of self-annihilation just as Trump is “unwittingly” mending fences amongst lower class whites and blacks using miggers as mutual economic enemy where there is no real alliance ANYWHERE, economic or otherwise.

      • Immigration is a no-brainer issue and so the fact that Trump has jumped on it to appeal to a silent mass DOES NOT CHANGE the fundamental pathology of the white male one iota. In fact, the practical effect of the Trump move is to mend racial grievances amongst lower class whites and blacks via a common economic enemy, ie., the illegal immigrant. The default state of all mainstream politicians is anti-white Supremacy, Trump included. In other words, Trump is an AwS by way of seeking an economic alliance amongst whites and blacks when SEPARATION ALL AROUND is the only real option… Other than all out annihilation. Trump seeks this alliance for his OWN AMBITIONS for Trump would undoubtedly DENY being a genuine white Supremacist.

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