The Cultural Marxism / Dialectic of the ‘RIGHT/LEFT’

Im on the road again with a republican coworker so that means endless Rush Limbaugh and Fox news.  The painful irony is a LOT of what he says is true, but its wrapped up in the Dialectic that no one sees the real deal going on here.

They ENDLESSLY bash hillary, I hate the bitch too, but they act like she is a paragon of democratic ideas and virtue, not the reality that is she just as warhawkish as bush/noobama are/were.  Of course she is going to be pro gays and anti white, not because she is a democrat but because the powers in control want that, they want to only force that can challenge them left in shatters.

They are big fans of donald trump, which based on his words are pretty legit about most mexicans are rapists and should be deported, great – if he did it.  I am very, very skeptical that someone as rich as him is NOT in the hands of the jews or anyone else in actual control, just no way it happens.

Then they turn to bashing greece, about this is the failure of a ‘socialistic’ state, and this is what happens when its not every man for himself – absent the narrative of course is why mega banks were even invovled and why a NATION has to pay some entity or risk finicial meltdown.  Good luck greece.


7 thoughts on “The Cultural Marxism / Dialectic of the ‘RIGHT/LEFT’

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  2. If one recognizes that Liberalism aka Liberation is the HOMO-sexual “nature,” ie., the self-annihilating “nature,” AND that the super-duper majority BELEIVE in the “right” to “love, f&$k, screw” whomever one pleases THEN one recognizes that ALL are some degree of Liberal and no political spectrum actually exists.

    The only entity that stands outside this DESIRE for radical sexual autonomy is the white Supremacist… A man of “hate” versus the collection of “love.”

    IF one is not a white Supremacist THEN one is an anti-white Supremacist and this “anti-racist” stance is COVER for one’s desire for radical sexual autonomy and inevitable self-annihilation.

    The “right/left” spectrum does not exist in reality, BUT does, by virtue of media machinations AND true believers, “exist” in the virtual reality.

  3. This understanding has the benefit of putting America in a proper perspective in contrast to the Liberalism found in other countries. Asian for instance is a absolute cesspool of radical sexual autonomy. The Middle East? Africa? China?

    What this means is that one of the Big Big Lies is that America exports Liberalism around world. A more comprehensive view realizes that America has imported huge amounts of radical sexual autonomy and has actually exported nothing novel in the realm of sexual perversion.

  4. You’ll tire of it soon, EK.

    Conservatism is another vice. The progression for WNs runs: liberal – conservative – libertarian – HBD – Amren…5 years… racist revolutionary.

    I myself can no longer stomach conservative talk. They bitch without doing anything. Their faux anger annoys me.

  5. There is no right today, only the left.

    > I am very, very skeptical that someone as rich as him is NOT in the hands of the jews or anyone else in actual control, just no way it happens.

    And you have every reason to be as even if he was not under jewish influence he would not have the necessary worldview/idelogy to fix things. If he did he most surely wouldn’t even be on the candidate list. At the very best he could slow down the decay but it can’t be stopped by someone who’s worldview is at its core the one which has led to the creation of the current situation.

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