Jingoism, police state lock downs, and no one giving a shit

I just got back from a parade at my new town, it was pretty decent sized, of course a million flags waving everywhere and ‘thanking the vets for their service’, but it always felt so shallow to me.  I remember through my early 20’s rapidly coming to a wisdom of that NO ONE GAVE A SHIT if you as a solider lived or died in Iraq, the names endlessly rolled by of ‘those who died for freedom’ and up next did you see what happened on dancing with the stars last night!?

Meanwhile on the news New York city is in complete police state lock down, the headline is ‘police use high tech gadgets to keep 4th safe for everyone’ then it proceeds to show helicopters, boats, dogs, night vision goggles, police running around with shitty ARs all in the name of FREEDUMB.  It really shows how gone we are, we are CELEBRATING the lockdown, just like the boston bombing where the city CHEERED as police pounded through everyones house.

One thing that kind of struck me today to, was I mentioned that med flight crash yesterday, the women I am occasionally involved with of course is heartbroken over knowing the crew, and I loosely, very loosely, knew them, but it seemed like a big deal, a big time flight CRASH wtf else would be on front page news?  But I talked to a flight paramedic today here, and he knew NOTHING about it, no front page news anywhere, NOTHING.

It seemed big to me because I was once involved in that type of stuff, but the rest of society gave a shit.  It hit me that I was like the shitty solider or marine, society lays these dumb accolades of how brave and selfless we are but when inevitably plowed down into death no one gives a shit, just change the channel or pop in a new movie.

How utterly distorted we have become.  We celebrate the military for our freeDUMB yet in no way truly give a shit about the ‘sacrifices’, we wave our flags and meanwhile accept our lockdown.  All that is left is we retreat into insular communities like the EMS community where they cry for their crew lost, thinking it matters at all, that it was important, ignoring the harsh truth that NO ONE KNOWS AND NO ONE CARES.


9 thoughts on “Jingoism, police state lock downs, and no one giving a shit

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  2. Waking up a bit then. But there’s miles to go, pilgrim.

    Most cannot be awakened. No matter what. You are one of the few who can learn. That’s a rare genetic gift. Take it as far as you can.

  3. Take it even further…

    Think about your sons and daughters and the “sacrifices” they are being brow-beaten into making for a growing class of individual nothing like them…

    Case in point and this really carries across the board…

    Here in SoCal, all the future lifeguards will be predominately white thus saving the lives of a growing horde of nonwhites… So you get this spectacle of white kids and white families all “harmoniously” going about their summer lifeguard training camp without any awareness of the macro-dynamics. That you are teaching your white son and daughter just plain blind sacrifice to the State, community, whatever… Just blind sacrifice… And this runs the gamut from soldiers, to cops, to pilots, to firefighters, nurses, lifeguards… Whites are not only the most generally competent at the position, but within the organization as well and so there is great dilemma in the minds of white man.

    Why is there is such blind obedience in sacrificing for the other? And why are we as parents simply continuing in the blinding of our children?

      • That’s a real dilemma for white boys coming up to be white men and then naturally white Supremacists… Where are the expressive outlets that do not ultimately involve some sort of blind sacrifice and self-annihilation? Right now, all these “civil servant” positions are positions of blind sacrifice and self-annihilation all paying homage to the Liberated State.

  4. It’s not really that “no one cares.” This is a momentary malaise of general mindset. It’s that either the people you WANT TO care don’t or the people who do care don’t care enough or TOO MUCH. This is what you really feel and many hide this feeling by exclaiming that “no one cares.”

    I think in this instance, YOU really didn’t care in the way she did about this event AND also the extent that she cared really threw you off and had you thinking that this person could possibly “lock” you in… Commit you??? Under that radical female liberationist was a glimpse of unadulterated femininity rearing its innocently vulnerable head?

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