Flight for Life Helicopter crash…divine sign?

There was a Flight for Life helicopter crash that just went down less than an hour ago, heard straight from a source, the flight nurse I am involved with who called me crying.


As many of my readers know I’ve been in an existential crisis lately wondering if I need to change careers and was fascinated by the rush of the action of flight evac.  This was a pretty rare deal, especially for FFL so it will have a huge impact in the industry, but I can’t help but wonder if I should look at this as a divine sign of something to not get involved with.

It was intense hearing from her in tears ‘something bad just happened’ my mind went to a lot of other things that could be bad for me, but I did not expect this.


11 thoughts on “Flight for Life Helicopter crash…divine sign?

  1. If it’s REALLY eating at you then you know you don’t love her in a way that will last. Your “divine sign” might just be the nice way of telling yourself that.

  2. Something bad ALWAYS happened, EK.

    But it’s never “bad” when it’s someone else, eh? Only when my friends croak.

    I saw this myself, EK. Pigs have all sorts of fun at homicide scenes and DOAs. Used to take really funny pictures, making faces and shit. Jokes too.

    …but then….Oh MY GOD! A brother officer died! The tragedy, the humanity. Lord, how could this happen? It’s always funny when it happens to someone else.

    I know what I am, and who I do it for. Do they?

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