The danger of secrets and chasing sex at cost of family

I am going to relate a short tale of a lesson I learned this week, it involves me chasing sex too much at the cost of my family and the lies necessary to make it happen.

I took a week off to come back to see my family and my sister who was in town, we had some plans for events.  I also had a women in the wings I would be having sex with (the milf/nurse).

From the get-go it required lies, because I would have to dip out of family dinners etc to go pounding.  Sitting here at the end, I realize how stupid I was for falling victim to this addictive desire.  I am close to my family, and to have to lie is a huge rarity, so what, so I could go hook up with an older woman who I shouldnt even be bothering with anyway.

What really hit home was I took my motorcycle out ‘for a ride’ but to go see the milf to pound, later my dad told me my sister was worried about me, that I was out gone so long but must have been ‘meditating’.  I was a bit crushed inside, she had this grand vision of me, and what the fuck was I doing?  LYING and fucking some women I shouldnt be involved with.

I could tell things about how the nurse told me how much I matter to her, how she cried (a very human thing I might add) at me leaving her for a while, or how sex with her is no holds barred…but wtf is the point?  I havent seen my sis in months, and my parents/dogs in a while either and I was lying to them to slam some pussy.

It was a dark reminder to me of how deep I had fallen.  The ‘relationship’ with the nurse is confusing, one-way and likely going to end bad (she either tries to trap and I bail, or she was using me all along) but my relationship with my family is real, and I was sacraficing it.

This is for myself and anyone reading it, PUA/MGTOW etc somewhat preach sex as the be all end all, but after a week of debauchery I look back on it and think ‘holy shit, I may never see some of my family again, and I was wasting these hours fucking some woman’

It is painful, but I am going to internalize how very secondary sex is to much more important things.


23 thoughts on “The danger of secrets and chasing sex at cost of family

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  2. Huh? Why would you use PUA and MGTOW in the same sentence as interchangeable terms? PUAs would encourage you banging your nurse FWB/fling and egg you to add several more. MGTOW are more likely to ‘hit the brakes’ early and be careful to not indulge themselves too much. Perhaps some meditation is in order. 🙂

  3. Its like water. The thirst analogy is completely accurate. If you haven’t had water in a while, nothing else seems to matter. After you’ve drunk your fill you can look at a cold pitcher and say, “Well thats just stupid, I would never put that ahead of more important things.”

    But you would.

    • Men with consistently high sex drives treat orgasms like oxygen.

      Men with consistently low sex drives treat orgasms like irrelevant details.

      Many men have fluctuating sex drives.

      At any rate, it’s hard to live a good life. It’s hard to make ethical decisions when you’re on the spot.

      • ^^^ This is exactly the wrong frame…

        No… It is not hard to live a good life…

        EK KNEW BEFOREHAND in his gut which was the right move and which was the wrong move. He chose the wrong move and now the harshness of living a bad life will subsequently intervene…

        And as one grows wiser, one takes to calculating the residual cost of a linear regression of bad moves, how to absolve such residue and then seek to make all the right moves going forward.

        This ^^^ is frame of the man with civilization on his mind.

      • Very true… So short of intuiting objective Supremacy in general and/or objective white Supremacy in particular, one MUST reject all traces of self-annihilation for even the tiniest exception will over time become the rule.

        Bad moves = self-annihilation…

        A habit of bad moves = accelerated self-annihilation…

        “We” seek healthy perpetuation.

      • And the nature of a “bad move” is tolerance and nondiscrimination… The mechanisms of Liberalism. Or better yet, the “genesis” of the “bad move” is the embrace of the pain directly associated with what reduces to his indiscriminate acts.

    • Um… But the opposite reality is the actual truth in this matter. It was exactly because there was no REAL thirst for sex PLUS the EK had not seen his family for some time that the cognitive dissonance hit so explicitly. So in real terms, he only exacerbated both feast and famine. He gorged on that which he had already gorged upon and grew increasingly parched to those he has slowly fallen away from.

  4. So very true. Got my own refresher of this just this week and especially today. Family > everything else you’ll have planned.

    • Most of should prepare to never “see” our family and friends again BOTH as a consequence of their increased desire for radical autonomy and our increased desire for white Supremacy.

      To the genuine white Supremacist, there are ultimately fellow flyers and then a mass of albatross.

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