Men are slowly waking up

One thing I notice a lot online is a vast multitude of people, and especially white men who are waking up and understanding what is really at stake here. People from widely diverse backgrounds and forums who are all seeing a little angle of the illusion we are fed and saying ‘I don’t think this is right’, and its gaining momentum.

A irony is the more the powers and money that be try to stop this – and boy stop it they do – the more proof of everything ‘radical’ that is being claimed is true. In case you are unaware, two of the largest offenders are jewbo…facebook and youtube, where any pro-white comment is censored and deleted and routinely profiles or videos removed completely. Of course you can be pro-jamal or homo as much as you want and everyone sings praises on your tolerance and diversity.

What is so encouraging though, is every on mainstream media stores – very heavily censored typically so they either don’t last long, or aren’t censored and become true reflections of how much people hate the shit they are fed by multicultraism and cultural Marxism. Very typically it will be some story by a women – nearly always a women as they often are the most unwitting of pawns to the forces of money/darkness – praising some aspect of cultural destruction or another. Often it is things like how great it is women are working longer hours, women are allowed into combat, having less kids, men are more in touch with their feelings, how great it is to have a lot of mixed cultural friends etc etc ad nusaum in every sense. But…you scroll down to the comments and instead of endless dick sucking of how great it is that women don’t raise kids anymore you see…dissidence. You see criticism of the narrative, that maybe having women in power isn’t so good, that blacks maybe actually are more violent or dumb than whites, that forced integration isn’t that good of an idea.

Of course there are wildly different ideas, but what matters is there is finally divergence from the established liberal thought infecting everything. Again to speak candidly, there are a LOT of liberal ideas I agree with – typically the ideas never put forth instead of their endless ‘other love’ and diversity and faggotry and affirmative action that have helped ruin the world.

But gaming forums, exercise forums, relationship forums, news articles, blogs, areas across the internet that share only the commonality that men and/or whites frequent it and they are starting to have an emergent phenomenon of realizing the game against us, and starting to wake up. It is great, I hope it does not get stopped and I am not sure it can because we have finally appropriated a lot of their weapons against us such as shaming and terms like ‘racist’/sexist. There is a cold rationality awaking that no longer cares if you call it racist, or sexist or antijew because all that term proves was how right their own convictions are. Because that is The Script, and we are finally figuring it out, and ready to accept our label but now we are ready to change the ending.


17 thoughts on “Men are slowly waking up

  1. Political correctness is fucking gay, man.

    Anyone who isn’t liberal knows it. I can usually get a guy on the MRM, PUA or WN. Every white male has been affected by one of them.

    If the system were smart, they’d give us a small opening. What one represses, only grows stronger. That small opening would appease most. But they won’t do it. They are giving us power.

    The whole system depends on white men. White soldiers to guard the elite and white engineers to build junk. It would collapse quickly if all mino.

    • ‘“There is nothing more dangerous than to build a society with a large segment of people in that society who feel that they have no stake in it; who feel that that have nothing to lose. People who have stake in their society, protect that society, but when they don’t have it,
      they unconsciously want to destroy it.”
      — Martin Luther King Jr.

      It has some serious truth in it, wonder if he ever thought how it would be applied.

      • “Those who make peaceful discussion impossible, make violent revolution inevitable”.

        Didn’t Milk say that too? I always liked that one.

        Your FFer bros suck in the gym, bro. They’re hooked on the smartphones just like every other Murkans. Can’t go 2 minutes without checking the thing.

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  3. It’s an interesting phenomenon. When one was little, he never stifled his dreams of being an astronaut or NFL player or President BASED on the idea that he was not yet a personification.of that very dream.


    This is not the case for those who dream of being white Supremacists. One, apparently, must be one first before he dreams of such a thing.

    And therein lies the high IQ-induced anti-logic of the anti-white Supremacist.

    The white male MUST NOW DREAM about being a white Supremacist. Our times are “screaming” out the absolute need to fill the positions.

    It’s not a Pyrrhic victory unless there goes with each “white” liberal polar bared naked in the name of “liberation” from “white supremacy” a birth of ten genuine white Supremacists.

      • Spiritually, Intuitively,, psychologically and intellectually, EVERY white male MUST START WITH the basic operating assumption…

        I EXIST to be DENIED white Supremacy…

        I EXIST to be enslaved by anti-white Supremacy…

        I EXIST, at some time or another, to be the sacrificial lamb justified in the name of “liberation” from “white supremacy.”

        The white man’s mind is at battle with itself… Radical autonomy versus white Supremacy. The former leads to Final Liberation while the latter is the only indestructible thread that could possibly run through ALL white men.

      • The all-pervasiveness of Equality aka anti-Supremacy HAS MOST white males absolutely against “white supremacy.”

        So *you* are the enemy.

        When *you* “turn the other cheek,” it is so one isn’t tempted to kill himself for so much self-betrayal.

        The key to understanding the “Matrix” is that the radical autonomy of Neo CREATED IT!!!

        Intuitively, one viscerally sense the odious nature of anti-white Supremacy…


        *You* won’t declare yourself a genuine white Supremacist…

        And *you* deny being an anti-white Supremacist…

        So *you* are really Neo creating the “Matrix” with your radical autonomy.

      • Think of the REAL GAME at the Puppet Master perspective…

        Anti-realist: You are a “white supremacist!”

        White Man: No, I am not!

        Anti-realist: Yes, you are a “white supremacist.”

        “White Man:” No mam, I am not!

        Anti-realist: Oh yes… You are a “white supremacist.”

        “White” male: No! Fugg that!

        Realist: White Supremacist!

        “white” male: Noooooooo!!!

        This is the “Matrix.” Neo’s creation AND victory for the anti-white Supremacists.

        One NEED NOT EVEN intuit “Supremacy” to understand the descent of White Man illuminated by this most simple of dialogues.

      • ER…

        Recognize that “men” who are just “waking up” ARE NOT REAL men BY THE MERE FACT that “they” are just waking up.

        To be a man, one has to have had long ago woken up.

        So *you* are inadvertently employing anti-Capitalist economics… *You* are giving credit where credit IS NOT DUE.

        One “sees” this same anti-Capitalist ethos everywhere. Credit where credit is not due. This is the socialist/communist creed.

        So in the alt-rite, EVERY radical female liberationist and dyke is a “woman.”

        Once ones recognizes the all-pervasiveness of this false equivocation perpetrated by the high IQ class then only DIABOLICAL motivations are plausible. So Neo’s reaction is REALLY JUST de facto homo… A reality where homosexual “men” can roam freely. Uninhibited. Radically autonomous.

      • I have a real simple training philosophy for any white male desiring to be a white Supremacist.

        Mind: Put “it” on Supremacy.

        Upper body: You will be crucified.

        Lower body: You be a Beast of Burden.

  4. I think men ever knew about the game but just was too blinded by society to see but the real question is when we wake up can we do anything about it?

    • The modern “white” male simply will not acknowledge that ALL the pertinent “selective pressures” are oriented towards anti-white Supremacy. The rationale behind this feigned ignorance — otherwise understood as radical autonomy — is the sheer struggle, dedication and discipline it takes to be a genuine white Supremacist.

      The most critical piece of knowledge available to the white male is that ALL are some degree of anti-white Supremacy and the entire narrative is built around obscuring this basic reality of “our” collective descent. There is no real ideological spectrum. There are white Supremacists AND EVERYONE ELSE.

    • Perhaps this does not sit well with non-white men? There is a solution. Choose a belief in objective Supremacy and display your solidarity with the genuine white Supremacist who rallies against the forces of white self-annihilation.

  5. >antijew

    You mean anti-semite? Because I haven’t heard anyone call out “ANTIJEW” so far.

    I hope you are right but personally I can’t say I’m getting that impression, but then again I’m not from the US so I’m not really in a position to gauga the situation.

    • TAnon…

      The pertinent division is white Supremacist versus anti-white Supremacists. The Zionist versus anti-Semite is a carefully crafted ruse meant to keep the white masses mired in utterly blissful ignorance.

      To be against the Jew AS Jew is to be against the archetype ethnic self-annihilator. It is to be against ethnocentric pathology. The Jew qua Jew has a diasporic “nature.” He is “at home” being homeless. He is radically autonomous. The Zionist Dream is part of the magic show.

      All Jews, no matter orthodox, ethnic or leftist, ARE anti-white Supremacists. This belief is pathological. But this belief can be rejected, submitted, dismissed and refuted BY ANY Jew that CHOOSES conversion to belief in objective Supremacy thereby becoming a Supremacist in general and a Jewish Supremacist in particular.

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