I’m falling victim to oneitis

Damn boys (and girls) I wish I had a more cheery topic, but maybe some of my readers can help me out as I am falling into oneitis (even though I have a different girl I can have sex with).  I have recently fallen VERY hard for the MILF I am currently slamming.  What didn’t help was a 2 day vacation together that was basically endless sex.

For a while I was actually distancing myself from her, she seemed like (and prob still is) playing games of a sort, but she was down to meet at a hotel/resort and paid most of the bill and we got too it.  She orgasms super easy which is kind of hot, and at the time I was just going through the motions.  After it was all over about 2-3 days the feelings hit HARD. I think about her a lot, often fantasically of ‘how cool her job is’ (flight nurse) or how big of a call she must be on.  It plays into my past as a fire fighter because of the adrenaline rush of calls and that she only goes on the ‘big ones’, so I am sitting on the road lonely, thinking of her.

A MAJOR problem is she is in a divorce battle for the kids (she might still be married legally) and supposedly can only call on private phones, so I have to wait till she calls me about 1-2 a week, and it fucks with me bad.  She has kids too which means im never #1, and she is 45, which is no good long term either.

I see a pic of her and I feel disgust that she isn’t that hot, yet emotionally I am insanely addicted…. 😦

Help me out readers…


18 thoughts on “I’m falling victim to oneitis

  1. Looks like it’s time for a renewed vaccination of RP…..your old shot appears to be wearing off.

    Let’s look at some symptoms here:

    Her legal issues, custody battle, not your kids
    not hot by your own admission
    Cheating with you means will cheat on you
    She determines frequency and the times you can interact, directly as a result of legal entanglements AND ANOTHER MAN

    Hey, if she genuinely makes you happy, fantastic and I’m glad you found that happiness. For me, and prolly most guys, there are at least 7 MAJOR red flags going on here.

    You already stated the answer in the last few lines (her kids mean you’re never #1, she is 45 and not hot, both disgusting you and making you doubt the long term viability).

    Drop the teen angst stupidity and look hard at this situation in a rational way. Her cool job and whatever else it is she does for you does not, in most calculations, offset the dangers inherent in the 7 flags above.

    2 days of hot sex is prolly not the best thing to dwell on in these sorts of decisions. How often do those marathon sex sessions occur when the early phase is done? That seems to be the main positive here, and that fantasy value will drop dramatically over time, while the realities of the 7 flags will only hit you harder in the face.

    It is easy to fall for someone who is sort in the same world. May or may not be valid, but ultimately if she is 45 now, then most likely there is less than 5 years of her doing the really active cool stuff that makes your brain turn. And on these calls she is prolly working with other manly men who are there while you are not, and she’s already cheating with you. Doesn’t take much to branch swing there. So it’s a cheat risk and a known time-restricted “plus” for you that will go away quickly.

    And how do you think she is going to take the thought that one day she will wake up and just can’t do all that anymore? Look at what happens to actresses that age out of roles — it ain’t pretty. Now the cool gig you admire will be a brand new Red Flag in a short time, with all those attendant emotions.

    If you pursue, know that you are hunting bears with a rubber band and some paper clips.

  2. Men have to think with their brains, not their hearts.

    You’ve got to be a PUA all the time. ALL THE TIME. You’re not a boy any longer. There is nothing random or chance about success. You never want to rely upon luck.

    How can you be impressed by a “flight nurse”? You are a WN. She’s working inside the system, stabilizing it. Her actions help keep things the same. She is helping to eliminate the white race from this Earth. There’s not a thought inside her head not put their by the TV or USG.

    Adrenaline is a drug. It’s a drug just the same as crack, heroin or booze. They don’t teach it, but I do. Cops, firefighters and soldiers are adrenaline – junkies. They need their fix. They’ll serve the USG to get their damn fix.

    And when they retire, 30 years later, they still want the fix. Don’t lie to yourself about it. Sex too is a drug.

  3. WOW.I am impressed.Thumbs up EK :P.I agree it is adrenaline-regardless of her job.She is during some hard times in her life and you are an interesting younger male to have. It is as I said in other post just human nature.
    I almost feel sorry i am not her :P.
    But she is a mom after all and even IF the impossible would ever happen- you will never be the one.For her the priorities are her kids.

      • That’s what I meant :). It is just a woman and yada yada… It’s not that-only she is not the woman for you. She feeds a fantasy of yours for now and you feed her need for adrenaline/sex/distract her from real life problems-it is cool as long as it lasts.Be happy-others may be more bored than you are 😛
        When you will feel some real chemistry with a woman then there’s no need to ask the others for their opinions. You will just know.

  4. I can’t quite grasp your fascination with flight nurses. I’ve projected my dream girl fantasies onto a woman before but I think what you are talking about is something different.

    Not sure I can say anything more than “dude, she’s just a woman”.

    • That’s why I love dogs more than humans… Unless I could never put to sleep any of my rescues,I know I am weak, but death should never be a matter of our choice imho.It is a given.As life.

  5. Oh boy EK suffering from kiss of death syndrone get involved in other stuff to get your mind off her or just picture her with a beard in your mind evert time you see her

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