Of Africans and Europeans

I was running a drilling rig today – yes some men actually have jobs and do manly things, and oddly there was a  group of students from a university with us to get samples, all of them were graduates, and all of them were foreign, despite it being a USA school – guess despite their bitching about americans still want to be here

3 of them, one guy from france, fairly outgoing and capitalized female attention but had that gay metrosexual down to an art.  I bet he actually DOES get some girls, but I have no idea the quality.

The two others one was perhaps from spain, cute face but a bit of a man jaw, nice body but a bit too small and lacking meat nearly anywhere.  I talked her a bit but she wasn’t feeling it.  Last was a girl from Tunis, really nice but a bit fat, she was fun to talk to.  What I thought was interesting, was I asked her, ‘do you consider yourself european or african’ – knowing of course that tunis WAS on Africa, but what modern euro-like girl wants to be from the shithole of the world?

Her answer I thought was pretty telling for its simplicity ‘We are North Africans’, I had to laugh, she even proceeded to slyly smile and mention some comment about how bad the rest of Africa is.  So despite any protests to the contrary, even hyper-feminized euro zone STILL did not want to be associated with the jamal capital of the world.  It’d kind of be like ‘hey arent you an american?’ ‘Nope, I’m a west coastian’.

Anyway, I found it a bit ironic these people were here, part of masters/phd training, inevitably thinking I was ‘dumb’ because I was on a drilling rig, I smiled to myself thinking of that I had nearly concurrent education as them, and wondering would they succeed in the over-flooded education world we find ourselves, or would someone somewhere think they are perfect and pay an overinflated wage in the waning years of this global empire before it all crashes and burns?


4 thoughts on “Of Africans and Europeans

    • Its a weird hybrid of physical outside work mixed with office stuff, its a good balance so far. I never had an office job before and I plan on writing what a joke ‘white collar’ ‘WORK’ is, these fools think their job is tough, my former jobs would kill them flat.

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