New crop of females aint looking so good

I don’t have internet much, which is actually really nice, my productivity has spiked, and I am sitting at macodonardos poaching their internet and there is a high school/college track meet over the road.  I walked over to see if there were any hot girls, and there were a few, but I was surprised these were RUNNERS and most of them had a bit of pork on them, having some serious lordosis going on as well.

I was surprised by how bitchy they were too.  There was a group of girls taunting people as they walked by, as I walked by she slapped her legs and said something about ‘come ‘er boy!’ I am not sure she was talking to me but I was the closest, one of the others said ‘i thought you were going to hit him’.  They were not particularly hot, but as I looked at them, and the vast majority of the males around me with earrings, and tattoos it was very hard to not think I was witnessing the late stages of collapse of our society.

Guys raised to be thugs, and girls impolite fat whores, hard to believe the ‘good white picket fence family’ of the 60s was not that far back.

Normally this age range of 18-21 is supposed to be the hottest a girl is, and when I saw these I was not impressed.  Some were outright fat, but a lot had about 10 pounds to lose, and these were the athletic ones, a lot of them didn’t even look like with the weight lose they would be good.

How can a society last long when the replacement generations are even more deranged than the prior ones, and this shit only gets worse?


13 thoughts on “New crop of females aint looking so good

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  2. It’s true. A woman’s peak today is from 15-19. Booze, drugs and cigarettes age modern women very quickly. Degeneracy writes itself upon a person’s face and body. It cannot be hidden.

    It is good that you are not online much. Life is more important. There is a real world out there. The internet should just be a bonus thing, a supplement.

  3. I think it depends on where you live.
    The highschool girls are pretty where I live…but we moved from a place filled with fugly fatties.

    Not sure it’s so much a “modern” thing though. Look at that iconic photo of the poor Afghan girl with the green eyes, 15 years later. She looks about 50, not 30 (and it’s not the makeup, I’m far older than she is and I look younger without makeup). I think living hard takes it’s toll, whether in the modern age or stone age. People in the middle ages died early, and probably looked like the modern day 60 year olds if they lived as long as 40.

  4. Haha just remembered a woman has the age she deserves:P I don’ think I was better looking 10 years ago..:))

  5. Well,even if looks fade(thats par of life and happens to both men and women). Women are ultimately on this Earth to procreate and part of the process is attraction. I looked looked quite the same 10 years ago,so I’d be a 25-26 (bodily) now.Genetics I guess combined with some healthy life style. But I do not think we’re here to just fill up space,consume and die dumb.

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