The US is in worse shape than I thought

Ironically, being on the road has actually at times making it easier for me to write. Being stuck in a truck taking turns during 4 hours shifts across the US gives me time to think and write while the battery lasts. Two major thoughts have rooted themselves in my mind as of late: first things are worse than I thought in terms of collapse/decline, and the US is far too big to conquer conventionally – and that’s why we killed ourselves.

To speak to the 2nd point first, the US is HUGE. Mind-blowing huge. I traveled a lot as a kid and young man but it is easy to forget. I am in Texas right now, drove all day, this state you can drive ALL DAY AT 80 MPH and not get across it. That is huge as fuck. How is the mex army – if it existed- EVER even get passed Texas? A logistic nightmare as its endless scrub desert and millions with guns. This point really struck me as I was thinking about how essentially we are invincible to ANY conventional attack. Say China puts their million men on boats and actually gets to Sanfran, they plow through some shitlibs and then what? Nothing. Maybe it becomes New Shanghia, but they sure as shit are not getting through Utah/Arizona/New Mex deserts.

The only reason people can get through at all is because of arteries – aka Interstates- which by the way are falling apart. Its like road warrior out here dodging holes and tire blow outs averaging over 1 per mile. Are tank columns going to be getting across the south west desert? Not a fucking chance. Best chance is east coast, plow some fagsters over there and then stall out in the Kentucky or Carolina mountains. Esp. with oil running out no way it happens.

So…short of a nuking or bio attack, we CAN NOT LOSE conventionally. YKW and friends know this, and knew this, so what is the way you can beat someone you can’t hurt yourself? Get them to hurt themselves. So we are force fed things about how BIGGOV is watching every one of us and anything from you Milf Porn searches to tax evasion google search is going to get the feds busting down you door. No way it happens. It will happen to some of us, but this country is way to fucking big, and costs to much. That is the key here, fear spreads like a virus, so they make an example of some guy with kid porn, some tax evader, some gun trafficker, and suddenly its like ‘wow shit, I guess I’m going down soon’, which is not accurate. Its kind of like the sniper where he hits 1 guy, and it has an effect that shuts down a 1000, whereas if they simply resisted or rushed they would lose a few more but that would be that.

Surprisingly there is a ‘oil boom’ of sorts happening right now in texas, but it also is going away due to low oil prices, my prediction is the infrastructure was put into place, so we have something to turn to in the near future, so prepare for a bigger ‘boom’ in 2-5 years down here.

I think the real way to sum up my recent trip here, was a store had like 10 mex and fat white bitches as managers and cashiers, there was one white guy, his face was broken and beaten, looking down at the ground in a slave face wondering how his race and ancestors went down so hard to the traitors in our midst and the mud.



23 thoughts on “The US is in worse shape than I thought

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  2. Look at a map of roads and lights. You’ll see the Eastern US is overpopulated. The West is concentrated in a few cities.

    Much of the West is like that, EK. When I went to LA recently, I was one of very few pure whites. They have every manner of mix, from mex-black to almost white Hispanics. America is now run by minos and women.

  3. yeah shit maybe true, gov tracks done and exploits one sad fuck for child porn and all the other fucks ‘get their shit together’ or whatever, I think most fuck ups dont give a fuck when big bro government arrests some other dumbfuck, they gunna watch their porn regardless, but if the US is ‘so big’ than no one should give a shit, I think big bro will take you down easy if they can, one way or another, any opportunity that presents itself, BIGGOV has its place, but you fucked if you think you can do illegal shit and not get caught, prison system is fuckin insane huge, massive, lotta fucks in there cuse they think they do whateve rthe fuck they want

  4. LMFAO @ RYU ” I was one of very few pure whites.” What the fuck man? No ones pure shit..? Dumbmotherfuck

  5. There will be no peaceful revolution!
    No war without blood!
    You can say I’m just a fool, that stands for nothing.
    Well, to that,
    I say you’re a cunt!

  6. Your worlds in the shit and your children are fucked
    The ones you think guide you are out for your blood
    Well the lines are blurred, and washed out with stains
    So what exactly do you think you couldn’t do?

    United we’ll fail
    Divided we’ll fall
    We’re fucked and you’re making it worse

    United we’ll fail
    Divided we’ll fall
    Give up ’cause you’re making it so much worse

    Middle fingers up
    If you don’t give a fuck
    I’m sick to death of swallowing every single thing I’m fed

    Middle fingers up
    If you don’t give a fuck
    You think you can change anything? Quick change everything!

    Give me a break you deluded ireful self serving prick

    If you really believe in the words that you preach
    Get off your screens and on to the streets

    There will be no peaceful revolution
    No war without blood.

    You can say I’m just a fool that stands for nothing
    Well to that, I say you’re a cunt

  7. If you really believe in the words that you preach
    Get off your screens and on to the streets

    There will be no peaceful revolution
    No war without blood.

  8. It seems most missed your point…

    America is humungous and far from a total wasteland. In fact, America from a natural standpoint, nearly has it all. Those who speak in term of wasteland and such are really signaling a lifetime isolation in one little dot on the American landscape. Read again, American is conventionally dang near as unconquerable as could be imagined even in the face of multi-million man armies. There is only total mutual annihilation or the vaunted myth of nuclear-disarming nano-tech that could ultimately defeat the American homeland. So as you say, the process of self-annihilation is much more feasible and prophetable.

      • EK…

        I don’t use the word “suicide” because it’s too spontaneous and seemingly without forethought. “Ours” is a self-annihillation of procedutal and ideological emphasis. On the other side of the rabid “white” liberal’s insatiable desire to self-create another “me” is the deliberate destruction of the last unwanted self. This is where it starts for the large swath of unconscious liberals.

      • The “positive” aspect of liberation is the idea of creating a new identity, a new self… A new “me.” But, this process merely revealed itself as destroying all know qualities like race, sex, nation, religion, orientation, etc. The liberating process is really a wholesale dispiriting, deracinating and homosexualizing of the individual SO THAT the “normal” state is now perpetual identity crisis. Perpetual identity crisis is evidence for the process of destroying the last created self out of disgust, hatred, boredom… Whatever…

        This is the normal state of mass “white man.”

      • The “deconstruction” in the liberating process is primary BECAUSE it is most certain and psychologically definitive. What fills the void is far more uncertain and therefore unsustainable EVEN WITH foresight. In other words, to create a new “you,” “old” you, NOW, will have to conceive new “you” EXACTLY or it’s like a scrapped draft immediately discarded. The exacting requirement of a new “you” NECESSITATES the primacy of the “discard” action. Self-annihilation is “our” primary mechanism of continuous change. Continuous change is evidence of radical autonomy. Thus, the masses seek radical autonomy as the means to self-annihilation. There is simply no such thing as a constantly changing people.

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