The lack of being insular will doom the white race

The endless cultural marxism and YKW race mixing will lead to the death of the white race.  It is painful how clear this is, and a majority simple wallow in ignorance.  Consider this Tunisia shooting, what do you see?  You see white people running from muslim shooters.  I don’t particularity hate muslims, they are a convenient scapegoat for keeping our military machine running on, one of the last races of men that are still aggressive.  France leads europe in wanting to let them in, with UK it is also a huge problem, but after all we are ‘one race’ right?

That’s the problem, the only people who subscribe to the one race screed is whites.  Blacks are insular, mexicans are insular, chinese are insular, muslims are insular.

We have whites have to apologize for comments while surrounded by the very people he was demonizing, I wonder if the pure irony was planned in that picture.  Did our masters get a kick out of another loss for white people?

The hypocrisy of course is that a white who shows racial pride is some sort of ‘dumb hick racist’ whereas a black is celebrated for having so much ‘black pride’.  Meanwhile whites self-eviscerate themselves on the way to the bottom of who is less racist and most gay to appeal to the lost females of our race who are held by a magic spell of foreign dick.

It’s pretty sad, that museum shooting, look at some of the younger guys, pure hipster with a gayish hair cute and cute little beard to match, weak bodied and dull minded, wondering why do the hate us so much, aren’t we trying to invite them into our country?

It really is only going to end 2 ways, the whites get bred and murdered out of existence by endless black on white violence of despite being 13% of the population account for 50% of the murders, and this is the fbi talking , and that will be game, you will have minor races incapable of up-keeping the entire society whites built and we devolve into stone age existence.

But there is also a chance that pushed to the limits, whites wake up and realize the total and complete lies they have been told, and that unless they look after themselves we will be gone.  Period.  Whites have built nearly everything of note in modern society, and we possess the tenacity and will to bring tremendous anger and retribution.  Maybe this will happen.  But there is a reason endless demonization of pro-white and racial-insular thoughts are so common, it’s so the average white never thinks there might be a reason with endless illegal immigration, and that blacks and muslims may not actually want us completely dead.

But hey, viva la diversity, because after all, diversity is code name for anti-white.


38 thoughts on “The lack of being insular will doom the white race

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  2. Does it matter? The basic premise of white supremacy (to which I take it you subscribe) is that whites are biologically superior to other races. I’d like to see proof of that, because at the moment it looks like mere coincidence that whites rule most of the world.

    Also, it isn’t as if whites have done the best job. They’ve destroyed the environment with their sloppy, inefficient technology. Only recently have technologies been invented that are both convenient and safe.

    As for other races being able to show pride, that’s probably because they didn’t commit as many evils as whites throughout history. The 4 most evil, racist acts in history I can think of were all committed by white people:

    1) Genocide against the native Americans.
    2) Enslavement of blacks.
    3) Dropping two atomic bombs on the Japanese.
    4) Genocide against the Jews (I.e. the Holocaust).

    If white people had just played it cool and not bothered so many other races, then they wouldn’t be obliged to feel so guilty now. The attitude towards blacks is really ironic. People act like black people are lazy, but it’s the white slave masters who were too lazy to do their own damn farm chores.

    I’m not saying I like black culture. I mean, a lot of black people act like pretty dumb animals. I’m just giving them the benefit of the doubt that it’s because they weren’t raised properly. If you raise a black in white culture, don’t they effectively become white? Isn’t that a good thing? The “white” race continues. The real problem is when black “hip-hop” culture bleeds into normal white culture, and you get white girls walking around in spandex yoga pants looking like whores.

    — Also, yeah, black girls are unattractive, which is biology, unless one of their parents was white and they have white features. But they’ll die out because men don’t want them. Evolution doesn’t want them. —

    But, come on, you don’t think Hispanic girls are hot? Hispanics are my favorite non-white race and culture.

    • For some big non-white kills in history, let’s look at the japanese against the chinese in ww2, or the mao purge in china, or the perhaps the biggest the Bolsheviks/jew revolution in russia that killed something like 15 million russians.

    • Okay. We will jerk off for 20 years and convince you with biology and scientific evidence.

      By then, the enemy has won and we are all dead.

      If you seek death, then do it. For whites who want to live on Earth, follow us. Learn from this commenter, EK. There are some who just want to spend decades “discussing” this problem – as if the genocide of our race were a meaningless conversation.

  3. Excellent commentary.

    The essential problem with modern White European societies are that they lack any sense of basic social belonging. There is no common idea or system of values that can unite them to produce this kind of unity, inclusion and cultural confidence. In fact, many wouldn’t even be able to agree that that is in fact a ‘white/European race’ composed of the relevant ethnic groups. Identity politics abounds and people in Western society (no matter who they are) fall into this trap. One’s ‘ideas’ (or fantasies) is who one is today; a feminist, an atheist, Pentecostal Christian, a member of the ‘black community’, Hispanic, Jewish, liberal, conservative, yadda, yadda..

    Consequently there is a patent denial of the self-evident. Many white people don’t even ‘understand’ or agree on why we need to have children for example.. Everyone they say without evidence is ‘equal’. A civilisation like this CANNOT be turned around. However this does not mean that Europeans will die out. We will simply need to transform ourselves and this adaption will be the ‘end’ of the West. There is no need to doom and gloom, but we have a lot of hard work , realisations and effort ahead.

    As for the guy commenting above.. Need I even say anything? He’s picked on all the typically paraded features that white should be dually ‘sorry’ for culminated in our universal guilt by virtue of our biology. And I bet you he is one who likes to hoot ‘racist’ at the drop of a hat.

    Such a person has no comprehensive understand of world history which is very telling by his use of scapegoats. I wouldn’t even bother with him personally.

    Also I found his last comments about black and Latino women to be doubly cringe-worthy and pretty much nullified anything point he originally had. This is what ‘European man’ has evolved into.. and he speaks about evolution in the modern world..

    Dysgenics: Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations -Richard Lynn

    • What exactly do you think would be the adaptation and end of the west would look like? The only thing I really see, and think it’s somewhat likely is a secession/balakinization of America/Europe.

      • For me personally I think the only way a transformation can actually happen (or even be allowed) is if the power of world finance is reduced or eliminated. This ‘omnipotent’ global superstructure is the major stumbling block that any rise of a independent contending power in the past has had to deal with. Think of Napoleonic France, the Axis, post-Stalin USSR, and even Russia, Iran and Syria and others who were crushed in present times. I’m not saying all these states were completely against world money, but they had an somewhat alternate world-vision with the capability to back it up.

        I think the only way this power can be beaten (other than to temporarily stifle them by deconstructing their organisation like the Kingdom of France did to the Templars) is to live a simpler life, to rely less on money and the government. Buying land or to live a countryside lifestyle. Marrying a traditional women – yes, they still exist. In my opinion the government will first have to lose it’s authority for this kind of lifestyle to be a viable consideration for most. If this can’t/doesn’t happen I think finance will be toppled just as happened so many times before as their scheming becomes more destructive, but they will be back.. and very soon.

        Also the ‘race war’ or widespread genocide that some talk about will likely not occur, but there no doubt will be brutal fighting (constant low intensity building up from what we see now) as the place is Balkanised and borders redrawn. The fact is that whoever is in Europe/North America at present is there to stay in some shape or form.

        I personally see ‘homeland movements’ for Europeans springing up in the future, and the seeds are already sown and similar organisations exist in Europe. Continental Europeans are really pissed off. The Mediterranean will be better off as they have a completely different mentality to the Northern Europe.

        The real gem for Europeans is that our culture and identity will be re-embraced (over here in Ireland is already is). We may sometimes be negative about our present situation but the truth is tat many, many European know and admit in private that scale of the disaster that is occurring. They know kabal controls all.. that’s obvious. This upset with the stagnation and alien ways of present societies will coalesce into something real . The middle class are intelligent enough to understand, and i know from first hand experience. They don’t want to even live near this mess. The working class is fucked to say the least but these guys will not be pacified forever. Behind closed doors a hell of a lot of whites are disenchanted and long for something better.

        I’m sorry can can’t be more clear but this issue is not something that can be easily predicted. We can only look at history, as the past is only thing that is certain.

        I’m not saying I agree with everything in this video but it gets the brain thinking.

        • Finance won’t last forever, it won’t even last for much longer. Their greed, mixed with the rapid environmental destruction and running out of resources namely oil and water will spell the end. Then it’s time to begin for real.

          I think the ‘hatred’ and ‘anger’ that will begin to fight against this trend will shock a majority of people, thinking it is a joke until people start dying. Then it will spread like wildfire, people accepting reality, like the rise of pre-ww2 germany before the world banks crushed them.

        • Watched the vid, it was interesting, I am always really hesitant to ever side/agree with liberatarism, because it is a super bourgeoisie mindset that basicly super current capilisitc, playing right into bankers/jew mindsets.

      • I agree with you on Libertarianism, I don’t subscribe to it at all. Bit the concept of the myth (as a truth) of liberty paired with Bio-nationalism is intriguing.

        As long as progressive offer people the hope of a brighter future we will continue to lose to them. Myth and fantasy are more powerful then reality or facts. The European mind races towards an infinity with a Faustian-like like hunger for triumph, knowledge, exploration and risk-taking. No other race in the world (besides the North East Asians) even had a word for ‘metaphysics’ or ‘philosophy’. Progressivism feeds from this well of idealism and fortitude.

        However if you ignore reality long enough it will come back to bite you on the ass.. and that will big time in the near future.

        For me Monarchy/Meritocracy is the ‘best’ form of government. Despite what ‘evolutionists’ and other scientific progressives think, humans have not grown as a species what soever in the last few thousand years. The idea of a head family leading and exemplifying nobility for a nation of families makes sense.

        • Yeah, democracy is such a complete sham. The only thing humans truly understand is pyramid structures, which perhaps ironically is what we ultimately live in, with bankers on top, but they are hidden, not like a king or lord who you can clearly see as being better than you.

          That lack of clarity I think also lends itself to eventually dissolution, you see a fat fuck rich man and think ‘I am stronger and smarter than him’ and it fosters resentment.

  4. “My stuff is mine, your stuff is meant to be shared (read: also mine).” – isn’t it difficult to stop thinking like that, especially when it works? 🙂

  5. Jesus may have predicted the fall of the White Man’s glorious empire.

    [Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

    When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and asked, “Who then can be saved?”

    Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

    Peter answered him, “We have left everything to follow you! What then will there be for us?”

    Jesus said to them, “Truly I tell you, at the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man sits on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life. But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.]

    (Matthew 19:23-30)

    • Christianity is such a slave morality, where the weak is cherished, and the strong is vilified, it is part of what ruined the roman empire. Is it all part of control, where the more pathetic you are (and thus more desperate for SOMEONE to save you) there is the religion telling you the more wretched you are the more likely you are going to heaven.

  6. Winning this war is far easier than any of you realize. They need us. They hate us, but without us they’re dead. Dead and gone, never coming back ever. In truth, they can’t win. They kill us they die. We kill them they die. We don’t cooperate, and they DIE.

  7. Fight the Real Enemy…
    The ones who have monopolized all of our channels of information and used them to program us for “white guilt” and racial suicide are…
    The fucking asshole JEWS, who never even get noticed as a separate group.

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