Check your reasons for being a MGTOW

MGTOW is a growing, disorganized resistance against the feminist model that is taking over our world.  What I want to talk about today, is making sure your reasons are actually checked and legitimate.

First, there is a massive conversation on with over 450+ comments, carried mainly by Mickey and Bill, they brought up a video to me of Captain Capitalism talking about MGTOW which he delineated some different reasons, I want to expand on that.

Essentially, in his video, and I agree with the general breakdown is there are three types of men that fall into MGTOW, the veteran/burned, the intellectuals, and the losers.

MGTOW is growing because it is a natural conclusion men will come to, there is no leader, and no general goal beyond the obvious: minimize exposure to dangerous females.  Here is more on the disorganize resistance model:

Now, to get down to it, the vets are the ones that played the game and got burned or destroyed.  More extreme examples of this include males who get divorced from their perfect girl who is suddenly taking their house and their money.  Typical examples are people like me who dated, ‘loved’ etc only to find the very thin veneer and the pussy on the pedestal is not worth the value or sacrifice.

Next let me cover the ‘losers’, the reality is there are some % of MGTOW guys that are losers and justify this by their identity with the movement.  This is important with the ‘intellectuals’ as well, so I will be going into detail.  There is a very fine line between the two, the intellectual is the type that has had very little actual experience with women, but sees their dad get raped by divorce, or maybe their best friend ruined etc and comes to the conclusion that ‘women aren’t worth it.’  There is a LOT of overlap with the ‘loser’ category.  They to decide women aren’t worth it, and think themselves the intellectuals.

Now, my purpose is to not shame or send the losers packing, but to be honest with yourself.  MGTOW is about IMPROVING yourself, hitting weights, entering competitions, writing books, making money…FOR YOURSELF.  The vets get this, ‘holy shit I lost my heart, my money, my time etc….more girls are worthless bitches’; the intellectual ‘my dad was a hard worker and got taken to town by my manipulative mom, I see that trend in all women’; the loser ‘i’m not successful with women, but i don’t need them anyway.’

Here is the irony, I tell my readers to general have nothing to do with bitches anyway…so doesn’t that feed into the loser mentality?  It does, but the key is how you get there.  The ‘loser’ is a loser because something is not working in his life, his non-success with women is indicative of a larger problem, because the root of the issue is: if women came up to you right now would you take their attention?  The vet/intellectual will say no, the loser says yes because they secretly want the attention.

The answer to what you are, is what is your motivation?  The vet is easy, have you legitimately played the game and ‘won’ in some fashion only to lose catastrophically?  The intellectual is a bit more gray, but generally a personal connection to witnessing someone get rocked, or putting two and two together.  But there is the overlap because the loser WANTS female attention, does not get it, then like a child decides ‘they never wanted it anyway.’

Ok, lets say you are the loser reading this, would I tell you to go try to pick up women? No, but you need to be honest with yourself, you werent successful and rationalized that away; if you truly want to ‘be a man’ live life for yourself.  Start hitting the weights, pick up a new hobby and so on.  Yes your motivation was misplaced, but that does not mean you cannot be redeemed.

MGTOW reasons

MGTOW reasons


34 thoughts on “Check your reasons for being a MGTOW

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  2. I have a quibble. Hitting the weights, entering competitions and making money are the traditionalist dominance hierarchy methods for proving your utility value to women. I agree that MGTOW is about self improvement and self actualization, you just picked some very poor examples.
    Also, accepting attention that is offered doesn’t break some MGTOW guideline. Hell a woman making the approach and asking you out and paying for dinner would be the first hints you have found a mythical NAWALT that I’ve only heard rumors about. It’s the traditional disposable utility object that MGTOW is rebelling against. If a woman is willing to be the disposable utility in a relationship there is no reason to not accept free drinks.

    • MGTOW doesnt mean swearing off women, simply not valuing. Of course you will accept a drink etc.

      I have an issue with that you think my examples prove value to women…they do, but thats not the point. I dont get stronger so I attract women, its a side effect of having a healthy body that doesnt get beat down by life. I make money to buy video games or motorcycles, not chocolates for a girl.

      • I know YOU do these things as MGTOW. So do I. What I was getting at was that for most people lifting weights and making money and competition are things men do to prove themselves worthy of female attention. While MGTOW will engage in activities indistinguishable from the dominance hierarchies we are avoiding, using these activities as examples of MGTOW will confuse on lookers because they can’t distinguish between you lifting weights because you want to feel healthy and you lifting weights to attract women. From the outside looking in, using weight lifting, making money, and competition as examples of MGTOW behavior does more to confuse than to clarify.

  3. Interesting food for thought I think. I tried, had a few relationships, but more or less said ‘not right now’. I may be fat and whatnot, but my goal right now is to be financially stable (on the way there), and make some inroads in stabilizing and strengthening my relationship with my parents.

    I dunno if I’ll get back to actively looking for women. I mean my uncle, who got screwed over twice (the second one while deployed), has found a very stable woman who is supportive. I can do the same, though at the present time I am focusing on my own goals.

    So in reality I dunno where I stand. I might be in the loser category come to think of it.

    • Eh, well I’m not one to judge one this issue, the real thing is if you are living for yourself and bettering yourself FOR yourself.

      The real test is, if girls came knocking down your door right now, would you take them, or would it be more work than you care for?

      • I’d probably tell em “Are you here to see my roommates?”

        I honestly think at this point trying to mend my ties with my parents and getting stable is much more important. A relationship would be nice but I’m not gonna rush into one if it comes calling. It isn’t how I pursue women. Which, given my track record, seems like a bad way to do about it.

        It’s not that I’ve given up on them. But looking at the pool, looking at my own situation, I came to the conclusion that I need to ensure my own livelihood before I can think of others.

      • >living for yourself and bettering yourself FOR yourself.

        It’s kinda ironic but when you take this type of stance it pushes you towards an alpha mentality which may result in women generally being more drawn to you.

        > if girls came knocking down your door right now, would you take them, or would it be more work than you care for?

        What do you mean by ‘take them’? Pump and dump, LTR, marriage?

      • I will definitely not marry. Not while society is becoming more and more liberal and femcentric by the day. I know enough men that got divorced and the reasons behind it (including my own father). The downsides of marriage outweight the benefits (the few that are left).

      • Living for yourself is another name for masturbation.

        Is there any room for benefiting the rest of the human race in that selfish, lonely existence?

        Who but a sad homosexual wouldn’t want a nice, sweet girl who rejects the tenets of feminism?

  4. My reasons? What about this – as I am getting older, chasing skirt becomes ever more of a chore than fun? Now I’d rather listen to some new piece of music. BTW, there is a lot of good music on the channel HDsounDI on YT. I chose several pieces that I like as much as this one:

  5. Erudite, my friend:

    Between you and Bill, you’ve really drove the point home. I have nothing to add but this: Women are truly the enemy.

      • No, I can’t co-sign on the “ally” part. Gender relations have deteriorated to the point of no return over the past 30 years. The last thing most women want to be to any guy is a friend, helpmate, teammate, soulmate, and so on. Most women are so stuck-up and hostile today that they would rather have their faces run over by a train before believing anything positive about any guy. So, I walk alone.

  6. Women being very demanding with men, the logical conclusion is that a lot of men will not date or marry.

  7. I saw conservative people saying that there’s no reason for a mgtow improve himself, but in this miserable world even to survive is necessary improve yourself. Life is very important thing, because it’s unique experience. Even with the conservative people complaining about mgtow, the result will be the same, most men will not have the love of a woman, because it’s women nature to be selective with men.

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