The inability to see Ferguson for what it is

The average person after seeing what is happening in Ferguson, will likely fall into one of two pre-established belief patterns: ‘this is a new fundamental low in race relations for America’ or ‘blacks doing what they do best: nothing productive’. I would hope most of my readers are capable of seeing it beyond these simplistic and pre-programmed ideologues to again see the truth of the matter that will not be talked anywhere.

First, I claim to know nothing definitive, and any prole claiming otherwise – typically a liberal about how that ‘poor innocent black teen’ was murdered- is logically fallacious. There is evidence on both sides, and if I had to guess, it was the black guy likely charging/provoking the police who then responded in typical police fashion and used excessive force.

Now Ferguson will burn, and protests in the SWPL/Lib cities and colleges will erupt over the ‘injustice’ of what is done here. I don’t agree with either ‘side’ but I find the liberal argument much more disgusting, because it is false whereas the conservative side simply doesn’t see the forest for the trees. Most of these injustice warriors are white, secret cultural Marxist sympathizers, and feminists who have likely had next to zero contact with blacks, but profess to somehow be experts that its not the way they are, but instead suppressed by the evil white man keeping them down. Its racially sabotaging, and if I was black, I’d be insulted by their behavior which is more akin to a zookeeper doting on the wild pet that just so cute they can hardly control themselves.

On the other side of the ‘dawww…the poor blacks’ we have the ‘Blacks gone wild’ side subtly espoused by conservatives. The racism is evident, and they also look at the proof – namely blacks going wild before – to use for their conclusions. I have a few problems with them, first in this politically correct society they are too scared to actually SAY their convictions – that being that blacks are typically out of control and destroy far more than they create. Whatever, it is slightly cowardly but perhaps prudent in this fucked up climate. The MAJOR problem though is, they minds stop at the black issue and do not move beyond. They are incapable of seeing the prelude of this to the burgeoning police state – and mentioning to any of them would likely get blank stares or ‘if you are innocent you have nothing to hide’ arguments which I have actually received from the freedumb-loving party.

I turn on the news and its some program called ‘Jose Diaz-Barlart’, great some program lead by a minority in name only, who knows if it’s a female or male, and clearly they have deep feminist leanings with their hyphenated name. I watch a bit but stop because its nothing but commercials, how perfect we now have Commercialized Ferguson TM. Watch a few others for a bit, but its only about how all these liberal campuses are preparing for protests today.

When I was young, I had actually protested before, it was fun, I was ‘making a difference’ but I was naïve. In case you don’t get it PROTESTS DO NOTHING. It just radiates pretension, and the fact the state allows it should really show the effect it has. Watch yesterday if you care, where the protestors are CORRALLED (even the news used the word) down certain streets while the ominous Big Bro police stand slightly pushing them ahead, places that might be effective to actually block – you know like the police station where the injustice happened – remain empty and open for business.

So unfortunately, nothing productive will occur of this. Liberals will reinforce their belief about how the poor sad blacks are kept down and race each other to spill their own blood to make sure the black doesn’t go thirsty, and the Conservatives will see only a half-truth of blacks truer nature, but forget that despite the blacks protesting, you are not going to see the same result for a white man gunned down. To that regard, the blacks are more commendable, minus the looting, in their ability to racially stand together, because the whites watching ‘blacks gone wild’ are missing the whole point that this could have been a white person and there would be no protests, just the ballooning Military-Industrial-Nonprofit-Police-complex.

So pick your poison, we have the emotionally-laden racially-suiciding ‘poor blacks’ whose apparent solution is to give them even more handouts and gov jobs, or the other side which mistakes blacks behavior for the only point of this whole thing and either happily or ignorantly enjoy the boot stomping on the human face- forever.



74 thoughts on “The inability to see Ferguson for what it is

  1. Ferguson is a scheduled and engineered social crisis event. Waiting until 9PM to read the grand jury decision, assembling the National Guard and then having them act as spectators, the Presidents joke of a plea for no violence. It’s all very apparent that the American people are being duped by the politicians (both parties) and media.

  2. Cheer up. It could be worse. The US is not totalitarian… yet?

    “Totalitarianism is the radical notion that the state shouldn’t allow its subjects enough rope to even hang themselves. That’s a waste of good rope.” <- I had some fun with words and I wanted to share.

  3. The problem of protests is that they are all controlled now. The protests are scheduled in advance and the system guns have everything lined up. One shouldn’t have to ask permission.

  4. As a n average, sensible, 50-year old black woman, I can honestly say that Ferguson residents are out of control. PERIOD! Especially blacks. When I see footage of the protest, I notice whites marching also. But I haven’t seen any whites burning down buildings and looting stores. Anyway, black residents refer to ALL whites as racist. But what about the white protestors? Are they racist too? I don’t think so. Blacks reasons rioting and looting because they didn’t get what they wanted: AN INDICTMENT! Well, boo hoo, they need to get over it. A lot of us can’t get what we want when we want, but we don’t go beserk and destroy property. Only out of control people do that s**t. Everybody in the world with good sense knows that these types of blacks are big a** cry babies. They complain all day, everyday. Ever since I was a little girl, I have heard ’em whine and cry about anything for nothing. It gets tiresome, and the sound pathetic.

    I only wish blacks would grow up already. Destruction is their answer to all of their problems. Blacks are their own worst enemy. Its not the white man, the gov’t man, or the Klan man. The most dangerous person(s) in black communities and within society are feral black males and females of all ages. Black adults teach their children the same savage behavior. It’s been that way for years. Not taking responsibility and placing the blame on others is how blacks excuse their behavior. They are the blame for their suffering.

    • That’s a pretty measured response.

      The stats are undeniable, there is massive black on black crime, and a large amount of black on white crime, white on black -despite the media telling us the contrary- is no where close.

  5. Exactly. Soooooo many times when white on black crime occurs, the white person is fighting for his/her life. Which also include their child(ren). It’s ridiculous. Plain and simple, feral black males are out of control and have been for hundreds of years. Now that we have access to the internet and thanx to websites/bloggers who research history, we can read information that’s been covered up and swept under the rug. I’m gonna be honest with ya: I never, ever knew or been taught how dangerous blacks were toward white people. To hear blacks tell it, black males were ALWAYS the victim. I now know that was a lie.

  6. Erudite:

    Here’s the problem: I can show you at least half a century of white cops shooting black citizens, many of whom are actually innocent of any wrongdoing, and nothing, repeat nothing ever happens to these cops. They are either acquitted of all charges or, as recently seen in Ferguson and Staten Island, they’re not even indicted.

    I’m sure you are aware of the recent incident in Pennsylvania where a gunman shot two state troopers, killing one, and eluded police for twenty-eight days. When the police finally caught up to him, they did not fire a single shot at him. Oh, by the way, the shooter was a white man. You can draw your own conclusion from that.

    Similarly, there was an incident several years ago in Long Island where a man went into a drug store and shot & killed several employees and several customers. Again, the shooter was white, and when apprehended , no cops fired a shot at him either.

    Thus, there is a very justifiable distrust of law enforcement in the black community. Thus, as I see it, the police motto of “protect and serve” only works as long as you are NOT black.

    Your serve.

    • But I would argue you are confounding police state overstep with police targeting blacks.

      Two major things: blacks commit more crimes than whites, that is undeniable, so as a result you would expect more of them to run afoul of the law.
      2: The major point of this is that is it the POLICE STATE people should be concerned with, not that a cop shot some black guy, mike brown was a bad martyr to begin with.

      • I am not suggesting that Mike Brown was a martyr, nor am I denying that black on black crime is not a serious problem.

        I am only suggesting that there are too many incidences of police misconduct against black citizens in general, for which there is almost never any recrimination against the police. As I previously mentioned, many black citizens are completely innocent of ANY wrongdoing. This is why I never have, and never will trust law enforcement. I am not saying that just as an attorney, but more importantly, a person of color.

      • By the way, if we’re both walking down the street with our hands in our pockets reaching for our car keys and a cop walks up to us, which one do you suppose the cop thinks is reaching for a gun?

    • I’ll take that serve.

      I’m unabashedly pro-white. I support my race in all things. If a white man wishes to shoot negros, good. That’s the end of the discussion.

      I remember what the Tom negros did for Archibald Denny. Just enough to clean up the blood, but they didn’t keep the feral negros off him.

      • While you’re supporting your local Klansmen, I guess 4 white officers who fired 41 shots at an unarmed black man standing in front of his building…in a case of mistaken identity, I might add…was self-defense and justifiable homicide in your eyes.

  7. What percentage of blacks the cop has encountered before was reaching for a gun, and what percentage of whites was doing the same? Experience is the best teacher, they say.

  8. External:

    Unfortunately in the minds of some, it doesn’t matter what color a cop is in which neighborhood. With the long running history of police brutality, many law abiding citizens, of all races mind you, have no reason to give police officers the benefit of the doubt.

    • Even a cop has the right to self-defense. I know that too many of them take that as an excuse to be an obnoxious pain in the ass. As long as they can’t prevent bystanders recording the altercations with their phone cameras, they have some limits imposed.

      • And how exactly does self-defense justify firing 40-50 shots at somebody? Of jumping somebody from behind and choking him to death on camera? Even conceding the point that a cop has to make that split second life-or death decision to defend himself, it seems to me that once the danger has passed and there is no longer an imminent threat to the cop, any further force is, if you will pardon the expression, overkill.

        Thus, whether a cop is black, white, yellow, green, purple, or plaid, someone will have to tell my why I should trust one.

      • Come on. After first several shots, does the rest make any difference? Well, cops are not selected for their brains. I remember a story (Internet still has it, I guess) about a candidate that was turned down because of his too high IQ. Some of this is not malice, but being dumb and in charge.

  9. You can’t be serious.

    You mean to tell me that once a cop hits a “suspect” with enough shots to immobilize him, and the imminent threat to the cop’s safety is no longer an issue, it is perfectly alright to keep shooting…because the extra shots don’t matter? That is a horrendous rationalization. That’s like saying “he looked dangerous from across the street, I feared for my life, so I started shooting.” Again, it is flimsy rationalizations like these that cut off many people from believing that police officers will protect them.

    Secondly, your word “likelihood” seemingly gives cops a reason to assume the worst, and automatically shoot first and manufacture the evidence/probable cause later.

    If you saw me walking down the street, would you therefore automatically assume it is more “likely” that I committed any crime? Is that what I’m supposed to understand here?

    Now it’s my turn to say: Come On!

    • Mickey, since we are after truth here, I’ll answer your question, why exactly SHOULDN’T someone judge someone based on ‘stereotypes’?

      Blacks commit more crime per capita, that is an undeniable fact, so why would it be wrong to be cautious, esp. when the facts back you up?

      To put it in perspective you might sympathize with, are not most america women bitches? Have you and BIll not said this repeatedly? If MOST are bitches, is it not prudent to avoid them – as everyone here has espoused – rather than potentially get hurt looking for the good girl?

      • OK Erudite, are you prepared to say that every black man you have ever met in your life is a drug dealing gun runner? No black man you have ever met in your life ever successfully pursued higher education, or successfully run a business? Or, is it that every black man you ever came in contact with learned how to braid hair in prison?

        If that’s how you feel, so be it. As for me, I can’t tell a cop from a Klansman without a scorecard.

        I guess we’ll agree to disagree.

  10. And, while we’re at, if I’m already on the ground and handcuffed, and am no longer a threat, why should a cop continue to cave my skull in with his nightstick? Is he THAT scared?

  11. Here’s my experience, along with being able to talk my way out of it. It was a Sunday morning, and I was about to graduate from Touro Law School with my 2nd law degree; my mom and my brother were with me. The ceremony took place at Lincoln Center in Manhattan, a pretty upscale neighborhood. I was about to pull into a parking lot across the street, and there were 3 cars in front of me. The other 3 cars went in without incident, but when I got to the entrance, a cop comes out of nowhere and “requests” that I open my trunk. I didn’t have anything in the trunk but I was not about to let his “request” go unchallenged. I asked the cop to let me speak to his commanding officer immediately, which is my right. When the CO came to my car, I explained to him that 3 other cars went into the parking lot without incident, and if the officer did not have probable cause to stop and search those cars, they did not have probable cause to stop me, either. That’s when they backed off and let me go on my way. In retrospect, I wish I had taken both their badge numbers down because I would have sent a nasty letter to the police commissioner and I would have gone to the press with it as well. Again, a cop should not be at all surprised when a presumption of guilt meets with citizen distrust.

    • Heh, was it all? I have little to complain about myself. Several years ago I was stopped for blowing into the breathalyzer right in front of my house. I found it hilarious. Two female cops stopping someone that just happened to stay away from alcohol for months then. It was not deliberate on my part, just there wasn’t a good occasion to drink in that period. It was clearly visible that they wanted to find anything to fine me for. Well, the only thing they managed to find was a fire extinguisher past its expiration date. Somehow. I found the whole experience more humorous than traumatic.

  12. Erudite:

    I have no issue whatsoever with Walter William. Admittedly, there are too many blacks who live down to the negative stereotype, and unfortunately give others the “ammunition” to react negatively.

  13. External:

    That is an excellent question.

    My answer would be that I would not take a stress interview as a personal attack. That said, I would take any chance encounter with a police officer as a personal attack. Why? Because, as I’m sure you know, cops are notorious for assuming the worst of anyone…especially people of color, AND escalating an otherwise routine, harmless situation into something much worse.

    Case in point, I’m sure you heard of the incident in Cambridge, Massachusetts where an overzealous cop arrested Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates in his own home AFTER the man PROVED that it was his house and he had misplaced his house keys.

    Thus, the police myth of “protect and serve” only works as long one is NOT a minority.

    So, I ask again: Why should I believe that a cop will look to protect and serve me…also a law abiding, tax paying citizen?

  14. Vendetta or not, believe me when I tell you that there are a great many people who don’t feel any compassion for the police officers who were ambushed last week. For every story like this, don’t forget that there are 100 stories like Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell.

  15. Either way, there are great many people who don’t feel any compassion for people who [repeat the part after who]. See how it goes? It’s possible that someone dislikes plumbers, and dislikes even more the people who shoot plumbers.

  16. If the orders are to “shoot first and manufacture probable cause” later, then targeting those who gave the orders might not be so terrible.

    Anyway, of all the names to which I can call a cop, FRIEND will NEVER be one of them.

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