Truth on ‘both’ sides – Keystone Pipeline

A very important lesson to understand is that the false dichotomy of the ‘left vs right’ is just that: false. By having truth on each side, it makes the believes of the entire package rabid ‘how can you deny x!?’ and because both have aspects of it, both are endlessly devoted and never question.

It is a bit of a stupid irony perhaps that so often people take on the entire set of beliefs, often fairly disparate in nature. For ease, let us simplify and say that a policitcal party has 10 core beliefs, for a quick example some republican ones might be ‘guns, religion, small government, low taxes, military spending’ and democrats ‘environment, economic security nets, diversity, workers rights’.

I could write a book on the disparity of positions within the self-contradictory set of beliefs, but I will leave it with a simple example of both.

The democrats for example preach an economic unity model of ‘we are all in this today’ of economic interdependence –something I support actually – but then they hold the completely contradictory belief that some groups are more equal than others, such as minorities and women who are elevated above the white males who built the society.

The republicans are not any better, they claim they don’t want the government involved in anything, but have no problem letting churches run rampart in their nearly lawless and untouchable fashion, or refuse to tax the rich ‘job creators’ on the mistaken belief that they too will be there ‘someday’.

Bringing this to the Keystone pipeline, I find this a funny and stupid ‘issue’ that is on the headlines. Here are the facts:

It is not ‘our’ pipeline, short of the short construction there is no long term economic benefit

It does not make us ‘energy independent’ it is simply a transportation system that the oil will be sold on the international market

Spills are inevitable, and the tar sands are 70-110% MORE dirty that conventional oil

It will create somewhere between 5000-20000 jobs for a couple of years, then take about 50 people to maintain.

>This is a pretty simple issue. The keystone pipeline is a bad idea, it is simply the newest in a globalists move for more profits. However, it is a perfect issue to illustrate the dichotomy of beliefs of the ‘lets you and him fight’ so no one sees who really is at fault here. The environmentalists are completely right that this is a disaster waiting to happen for nearly no gain, and the republicans see ‘jobs’ and don’t realize the short sighted nature. Then it becomes an argument of one side thinking the environment is some sort of unharmable entity that can be dumped into and pillaged endlessly, and the other as some sort of country-sabotaging radical that would kill the populace to save a flower.

And the bankers grin all the way…well to the bank.


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