Just because you are improving…not many else are

Online I have a fairly high bar I set in who I associate with, often crowds that are not mainsteam at all, and for that reason the discourse tends to be fairly high and advanced, and I expect the same for my readers.  The problem of course comes from the easy illusion to fall into that because YOU are improving you think most of this trash world is likewise improving.

Afterall, if you only run in the same circles you all improve together, so you become blind to a true standard.  Sometimes when I am around people in real life or more mainstream message boards, I am STUNNED by the rampart stupidity, of people unable to accept facts, believing opinion>reality, that numbers of a belief>validity of belief – in short a disturbing reminder of the infantile intellect most people possess.

If you have never read the book ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ do it, it was a book that changed my life.  Relevant to it, is he comes out of the mountains speaking truth – and they only think he is crazy.  To their controlled, pathetic reality he IS crazy.

YOU are crazy if you are reading this.  If you have found my blog or others like it, you have a questioning mind, something society does not want.  There are likely beliefs if you started talking about, you would be railroaded out of your job, social circle or whatever, because despite their ‘obviousness’ society is built around falsehood.

Lonely Intellect

Lonely Intellect


17 thoughts on “Just because you are improving…not many else are

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  2. You can even observe it in the simplest of things, like fitness. Because I generally hang around with fit, healthy people or people who are doing their very best to work around serious health problems (arthritic knees at 29, slipped disk, constant migraines, depression, autoimmune and Reynard’s; six different people, all fit, five thin, other not obese and all strong), I forget how bad the general population looks. When I venture outside and actually look at the people around me I am amazed at how many of them are fat, scrawny, sickly or aged beyond their years. Most of them put their ill health down to such things as having had a child, a few weeks of poor sleep, weak wrists, being over 30 etc. And, to be honest, I know that if I spent all day around such people, it would be a battle to not look at myself, say “I won” and, provided I didn’t get as bad as them, stop lifting, eat more junk and generally neglect myself. I’m grateful I spend most of my time with people who are either thinner, stronger, faster, more toned or healthier in general than myself, so I have something to strive for, a more reasonable measure of my own progress.

    I can’t imagine what it would be like to go deeper than what you can see, to actually talk to these people every day. It would become so easy to just say “I won: I’m smarter, more educated, more evened-out, healthier and happier than them. Why do any more?” Never spend such an amount of time around people who are not only at the bottom of the barrel, but who have found the false bottom and hidden under it, never to emerge.

  3. I work with health professionals all day long and you would think that these people would know better than most about living a healthy lifestyle or at least trying to set the example to their clientele. WRONG. I’m constantly being ridiculed for eating “too healthy” by individuals who have graduate degrees. Most of the time I want to berate them for being weaklings who can’t move beyond their immediate gratifications. Don’t get me wrong, I like to indulge from time to time, but have some self-control for the sake of not appearing as a bunch of hypocritical dipshits. I’m beginning to notice that for many individuals in the health field, it is just a job. If it payed them enough money, they would do just about anything. Healthcare is so hot right now, partly because Americans take such shitty care of themselves and fall into the cycle of eating corporate crap food and then they are medicated by big pharma. It’s win win for big business.

    I’m basically creating a culture of my own in order to insulate myself from the modern emasculated culture. I’m going to do what I need to do, everybody else can get fucked.

  4. Yes everything is contingent on “genuine White Supremacy”. Every person that exists outside of this ideal is by varying degrees a radical liberationist or radical autonomist (Muslims, feminists, Alt-Right, etc.).

  5. Check out http://www.jameslafond.com/. He is not a wn, but a Darwinist.

    He has a new book out called Taboo You and it has quickly become one of my favorites.


    A few quotes from the book:

    If you were not defiant enough to reject your
    indoctrination in youth than I don’t need you dragging
    me down. Get out of the way and let me breathe drone.

    Birthrights are for the weak,
    degenerate, sniveling sons of the strong.

    We seek protection against poor displaced slaves who
    come here to do the jobs that we are too soft, too lazy,
    and too entitlement-minded to do. Our birthright has
    made us weak, ripe for the picking. When you think—
    silly slave—that your master’s laws are going to save you
    from competing slaves, you are doomed; the yipping
    poodle that seeks safety from foxes and coyotes behind
    his masters fence.

  6. I play a game lately, CS:GLOBAL offensive.This game goes on and adds a couple of weapons throughout the last 2 years that clearly mess up the formula of delicate weapon balance.But how clear is it?
    I hop on the forums and ask how there is no outrage about these “joke guns” in multiple threads I make. I get called stupid by 9/10 , 1/10 sees the stupidness.

    In my miserable state of downfall, lacking confidence and punishing myself, I lack the stability to keep on.I dare to even think that”hey I might not be as smart and good in analysis as I thought if 9/10 disagree with me”
    Approx. 2 years later the “pros” of the game (think of celebs.) start making videos about how stupid said weapons are…Suddenly everyone (9/10) is on the wagon and CLEAELY sees how the weapons need to be changed…

    And still, I can’t accept that people are SO STUPID…because that must make me quite smart and I can’t really handle that.
    If I am smart( I am also handsome) , why am I depressed?Why can I not function in society without trying hard?Why am I not confident?

    How does one know if he is smart without being delusional?

    • Its always a balance man the reality is most people are stupid, so because of that, the odds are in your favor that any argument you are facing is likely a stupid one.

      Does that mean you are right? Not necessairly, but at least remember everyone else is typically wrong.

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