Election ‘predictions’

It is kind of painful to turn on the tv and see endless ‘what will in mean for obama if the republicians take over!?’ et al.

Its pretty obvivous what is going to happen:

Replubicans win ‘big’ off the ‘failure’ of obama and the American Care Act

Repubs energized, talk about getting keystone pipeline going and most importantly repelling ACA

Next 2 years nothing happens – not because repubs can’t actually do it, but because they wont the insurance lobby is a HUGE supporter of both parties

2016- Demos recharged after repub failure, we need a ‘new leader’ and hillary steps up to plate

Hillary elected to finally show the world how non-chauvinist we are

American Collapse Continues



As an aside, check this site, they have some pretty legit truth going on: http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

Also read this one, http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia I have long hated wikipedia for its blatant marxist leanings, but this is a good take down.

Keep it real out there readers.




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