The inability to see Ferguson for what it is

The average person after seeing what is happening in Ferguson, will likely fall into one of two pre-established belief patterns: ‘this is a new fundamental low in race relations for America’ or ‘blacks doing what they do best: nothing productive’. I would hope most of my readers are capable of seeing it beyond these simplistic and pre-programmed ideologues to again see the truth of the matter that will not be talked anywhere.

First, I claim to know nothing definitive, and any prole claiming otherwise – typically a liberal about how that ‘poor innocent black teen’ was murdered- is logically fallacious. There is evidence on both sides, and if I had to guess, it was the black guy likely charging/provoking the police who then responded in typical police fashion and used excessive force.

Now Ferguson will burn, and protests in the SWPL/Lib cities and colleges will erupt over the ‘injustice’ of what is done here. I don’t agree with either ‘side’ but I find the liberal argument much more disgusting, because it is false whereas the conservative side simply doesn’t see the forest for the trees. Most of these injustice warriors are white, secret cultural Marxist sympathizers, and feminists who have likely had next to zero contact with blacks, but profess to somehow be experts that its not the way they are, but instead suppressed by the evil white man keeping them down. Its racially sabotaging, and if I was black, I’d be insulted by their behavior which is more akin to a zookeeper doting on the wild pet that just so cute they can hardly control themselves.

On the other side of the ‘dawww…the poor blacks’ we have the ‘Blacks gone wild’ side subtly espoused by conservatives. The racism is evident, and they also look at the proof – namely blacks going wild before – to use for their conclusions. I have a few problems with them, first in this politically correct society they are too scared to actually SAY their convictions – that being that blacks are typically out of control and destroy far more than they create. Whatever, it is slightly cowardly but perhaps prudent in this fucked up climate. The MAJOR problem though is, they minds stop at the black issue and do not move beyond. They are incapable of seeing the prelude of this to the burgeoning police state – and mentioning to any of them would likely get blank stares or ‘if you are innocent you have nothing to hide’ arguments which I have actually received from the freedumb-loving party.

I turn on the news and its some program called ‘Jose Diaz-Barlart’, great some program lead by a minority in name only, who knows if it’s a female or male, and clearly they have deep feminist leanings with their hyphenated name. I watch a bit but stop because its nothing but commercials, how perfect we now have Commercialized Ferguson TM. Watch a few others for a bit, but its only about how all these liberal campuses are preparing for protests today.

When I was young, I had actually protested before, it was fun, I was ‘making a difference’ but I was naïve. In case you don’t get it PROTESTS DO NOTHING. It just radiates pretension, and the fact the state allows it should really show the effect it has. Watch yesterday if you care, where the protestors are CORRALLED (even the news used the word) down certain streets while the ominous Big Bro police stand slightly pushing them ahead, places that might be effective to actually block – you know like the police station where the injustice happened – remain empty and open for business.

So unfortunately, nothing productive will occur of this. Liberals will reinforce their belief about how the poor sad blacks are kept down and race each other to spill their own blood to make sure the black doesn’t go thirsty, and the Conservatives will see only a half-truth of blacks truer nature, but forget that despite the blacks protesting, you are not going to see the same result for a white man gunned down. To that regard, the blacks are more commendable, minus the looting, in their ability to racially stand together, because the whites watching ‘blacks gone wild’ are missing the whole point that this could have been a white person and there would be no protests, just the ballooning Military-Industrial-Nonprofit-Police-complex.

So pick your poison, we have the emotionally-laden racially-suiciding ‘poor blacks’ whose apparent solution is to give them even more handouts and gov jobs, or the other side which mistakes blacks behavior for the only point of this whole thing and either happily or ignorantly enjoy the boot stomping on the human face- forever.


Military social re-engineering

As part and parcel of social marxism, the latest move is to open up Special Ops to women:

Mind you the Marines did this, and so far not a single women has passed, and lets be real here, when 60-90% of males are failing – males at the top of their game – what chance does a women have physically?  This is some hyper liberals and cultural marxists dont like to think in their ‘gender neutral language’.

Really 1 of 2 things happens: 1 no women ever makes it, 2 they lower the standards.

Likely it is 1 first, followed by 2, the feminists/ SJW cry ‘sexism!’ and suddenly its a feel good military.

Though with the emasculation of males, and the agressiveness of females maybe women might be our new ‘fighters’…what an upside down world we find ourselves in.

Truth on ‘both’ sides – Keystone Pipeline

A very important lesson to understand is that the false dichotomy of the ‘left vs right’ is just that: false. By having truth on each side, it makes the believes of the entire package rabid ‘how can you deny x!?’ and because both have aspects of it, both are endlessly devoted and never question.

It is a bit of a stupid irony perhaps that so often people take on the entire set of beliefs, often fairly disparate in nature. For ease, let us simplify and say that a policitcal party has 10 core beliefs, for a quick example some republican ones might be ‘guns, religion, small government, low taxes, military spending’ and democrats ‘environment, economic security nets, diversity, workers rights’.

I could write a book on the disparity of positions within the self-contradictory set of beliefs, but I will leave it with a simple example of both.

The democrats for example preach an economic unity model of ‘we are all in this today’ of economic interdependence –something I support actually – but then they hold the completely contradictory belief that some groups are more equal than others, such as minorities and women who are elevated above the white males who built the society.

The republicans are not any better, they claim they don’t want the government involved in anything, but have no problem letting churches run rampart in their nearly lawless and untouchable fashion, or refuse to tax the rich ‘job creators’ on the mistaken belief that they too will be there ‘someday’.

Bringing this to the Keystone pipeline, I find this a funny and stupid ‘issue’ that is on the headlines. Here are the facts:

It is not ‘our’ pipeline, short of the short construction there is no long term economic benefit

It does not make us ‘energy independent’ it is simply a transportation system that the oil will be sold on the international market

Spills are inevitable, and the tar sands are 70-110% MORE dirty that conventional oil

It will create somewhere between 5000-20000 jobs for a couple of years, then take about 50 people to maintain.

>This is a pretty simple issue. The keystone pipeline is a bad idea, it is simply the newest in a globalists move for more profits. However, it is a perfect issue to illustrate the dichotomy of beliefs of the ‘lets you and him fight’ so no one sees who really is at fault here. The environmentalists are completely right that this is a disaster waiting to happen for nearly no gain, and the republicans see ‘jobs’ and don’t realize the short sighted nature. Then it becomes an argument of one side thinking the environment is some sort of unharmable entity that can be dumped into and pillaged endlessly, and the other as some sort of country-sabotaging radical that would kill the populace to save a flower.

And the bankers grin all the way…well to the bank.

Just because you are improving…not many else are

Online I have a fairly high bar I set in who I associate with, often crowds that are not mainsteam at all, and for that reason the discourse tends to be fairly high and advanced, and I expect the same for my readers.  The problem of course comes from the easy illusion to fall into that because YOU are improving you think most of this trash world is likewise improving.

Afterall, if you only run in the same circles you all improve together, so you become blind to a true standard.  Sometimes when I am around people in real life or more mainstream message boards, I am STUNNED by the rampart stupidity, of people unable to accept facts, believing opinion>reality, that numbers of a belief>validity of belief – in short a disturbing reminder of the infantile intellect most people possess.

If you have never read the book ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ do it, it was a book that changed my life.  Relevant to it, is he comes out of the mountains speaking truth – and they only think he is crazy.  To their controlled, pathetic reality he IS crazy.

YOU are crazy if you are reading this.  If you have found my blog or others like it, you have a questioning mind, something society does not want.  There are likely beliefs if you started talking about, you would be railroaded out of your job, social circle or whatever, because despite their ‘obviousness’ society is built around falsehood.

Lonely Intellect

Lonely Intellect

MILF nurse takedown – cocky introvert game

A lot of people are skeptical of the whole PUA/redpill game, for a while I was until I started trying it and got insane success, what follows is a really fun 2 nights with this really hot MILF – normally not my style at all.

I was at a hotel bar with some friends and she was there, she wasnt even on my radar at first, because my back hurt and I was just doing stretches – which naturally looked like I could give a shit about being there- she mentioned something about my name, and mentioned I was handsome.  As soon as she did, my ears perked up a bit, and I knew there was a chance this goes down. ‘Superior east european genes’ I said while smiling at her.

There is another guy who is pretty leacherous, succesful mainly by pure numbers and dauntlessness, not much else, he was working her hard.  I made a few arrogant jokes and generally stood there stretching and talking to others.  This other women wanted to play pool ‘oh, you want a beating?  I guess thats what all women want…’  I beat her down, and came back, the MILF asked ‘you win?’ ‘of course.’

Someone else asked ‘dont you know you are susposed to let girls win?’ i said ‘dont you know women want superior males?’ as soon as I said it, I was like uh oh, that was a bit extreme, the MILF is like ‘is that what we want?’ but I doubled down, smirking at her ‘yes it is’.

I am a pretty hard introvert, but I know you have to play it up, so I offer some intense stories of close brushes with the law, and wrecklessness that captivated the audience and my target – all true but I rarely talk about.  Now here is where introverts need to really pay attention – you absolutely have to talk, but what you say can be little, and go for ‘mysterious game’ where you are the guy who evidently lived some crazy shit but ‘doesnt talk about it’.

The irony was this girl, and others around me had been to way more countries than I had, but my stories had EDGE, suspense, and danger, so despite a simple calculus of less place < more places, the reality was my stories > their stories.

Fast forward a bit, its hottub time, me the guy, the milf and 1 other, we meet up and I was SHOCKED at how hot this milf was in her bathing suit, again I normally dont bother with girls over 30, but she was 40 and super fit.

So its hottub time, the guy is all over the MILF, I innocently brush my foot across hers to gauge reaction, she brushes it back…uh oh its game time bitch!  I brush my hand across her leg like I am shifting posistion, she grabs my hand under the water, and whispers to me ‘we’re among friends right?’ ‘of course.’ and gives it a squeeze.

Next I was surprised at the deception women are capable of, admist the jets, we are basicly feeling each other up with our legs, and she is maintaining a perfectly normal face and conversation with the others, I am looking like i’d rather be elsewhere.

Fates intervened, and the guy gets so drunk he starts throwing up, meanwhile I’ve moved my hand to the inside of her leg, the MILF leans over and kisses me, this is nearly done deal at this point, the male is out, and just the other girl. I say its time to go to the guy, he leaves, and some the 3 of us do, I walk with the two to their room, and the MILF says ‘want to come in?’ I say sure, and as soon as the door is closed, I grab her and start kissing her hard, she reciprocates huge, kissing passionately.

Ive done a fair amount of younger girls, and some of their shit is so fucking annoying, I remember one girl who wouldnt let me take her shirt off, I walked out on her in the middle of her hand job, but this MILF was great ‘let me change’ and she just took her clothes off and hopped on the bed.

My BPD girl from years ago was agressive as fuck, and taught me a lot about how to turn women on, like biting, hair pulling, rubbing the clit, etc, compared to this younger girl I’ve been doing, this was great fun.  She was super loud ‘oh god! ‘where did you come from!?’ and biting my shoulder or pillow as she came a few times.

It was amazing what REAL FEMININE energy feels like, to actualy feel desired without the bullshit, to have her gentle carasses mixed with raw desire for my cock, a highlight was her asking ‘what do you want me to do now?  do you want me to suck your cock?  Want to do me from behind?’  why can’t more girls learn how much that is a turn on?

I kept it fairly light hearted joking about how ‘I was just an innocent virginal boy…so naive and defiled by a woman in the hot tub’ she was giggling post orgasm about how I wasn’t so virginal or naive.  I thought about leaving, but spent the night, it felt good to cuddle actually – and we had sex again too.

The next day, I saw her again ‘hi love!” she said, I told her my room number and to come by.  Later in the day, there was a party we were at, I left, and came back in my bathing suit, ‘who wants to hit the hot tub?’ and left, she came like 5 minutes later.

During the night, she was saying how it had been a long time, and how she ‘never imagined doing this’ etc I joked about how wet she was ‘its because of you!’ she giggled back.

It ended in the morning as she had to go to work, at like 5 am, she was kissing me hard, took a shower, came back and laid with me, kissing me and then she asked for my phone number, I gave it to her (I didnt have mine) and went to door to leave.  She grabbed me again, and we kissed a while, then parted ways.


Now, I am in a weird posistion, first I fully understand there is NO FUTURE with her beyond a FWB, which I dont mind.  But that being said, I felt a real connection to her, which I have not in a lot of my recent hookups, which might be partly a result of having sex multiple times as we become chemically bonded in our minds.

Also, the major problem that she has MY number, meaning that any potential failure can derail this, that it was just a hookup, that she now feels like a slut, that she is worried about whatever… the only good thing is we occsionally see each other based on what we do, so its only a matter of time.  But I’d be lying if I impatiently looked at my phone a bit to see if she called.

So now I guess I just wait and see, all I can say, is I fucked her so hard, I left her ‘stupid happy’ in her own words, and multiple times, so I will be curious to see if her busy work and having a kid gets in the way of wanting some sex…only time will tell.


Election ‘predictions’

It is kind of painful to turn on the tv and see endless ‘what will in mean for obama if the republicians take over!?’ et al.

Its pretty obvivous what is going to happen:

Replubicans win ‘big’ off the ‘failure’ of obama and the American Care Act

Repubs energized, talk about getting keystone pipeline going and most importantly repelling ACA

Next 2 years nothing happens – not because repubs can’t actually do it, but because they wont the insurance lobby is a HUGE supporter of both parties

2016- Demos recharged after repub failure, we need a ‘new leader’ and hillary steps up to plate

Hillary elected to finally show the world how non-chauvinist we are

American Collapse Continues



As an aside, check this site, they have some pretty legit truth going on:

Also read this one, I have long hated wikipedia for its blatant marxist leanings, but this is a good take down.

Keep it real out there readers.