Don’t worry about kids, slave, we have your frozen eggs!

In case you haven’t heard, our tech masters apple and facebook now offer women the opportunity to freeze their eggs while they are young so they can concentrate ‘on their careers when they are younger’

How cute.

Among the reasons for this, is that there are too many older men at these companies, around 70%, and as we all know unless women occupy 50% OR MORE of a company, its racist, sexist, homophobic, whatever.

So we have a situation where literally the BEST time a women should be having kids (16-25~) biologically, instead she is given this carrot that she can still have kids later, and to get to that grind stone. It falls well in step with the general dysgenic trend of telling women they are ONLY successful if they have a career. More likely only if they further the feminist agenda.

Among the major problems with this, is women very rarely ‘marry down’, in terms of economic status, so while women climb ever higher – much the shrieking jubilation of feminists everywhere – the marry-able pool of men tanks. The irony: women who saved their eggs for later so they can climb the ladder get to a point where no one around them is worthy enough to be married, and the eggs will likely go to waste.

The largest thing they of course skip over? The implication that a 30+ career women is somehow more desirable for wanting a kid with, then a hot 19-20 year old. She will suck your dick with more zeal, she will be easier on the eyes, and lastly you wont have to hear her bitching about how she makes more than you.

So yes women, go work for the corporate masters, don’t pay attention to reality, your eggs will be safe with us, and some ‘nice guy’ (beta) will marry you after you have become assistant vice president ceo of insurance acquisitions.

My prediction next? Freezing sperm from ‘elite’ males so that girls won’t even have to settle with inferior DNA, just get it (secretly) fertilized and let the cuckolded beta support their fat ass.


6 thoughts on “Don’t worry about kids, slave, we have your frozen eggs!

  1. I’ve also read this article in the Guardian and those were my thoughts exactly. This is already happening, only most employees don’t pay for it. Women risk pregnancy in their 40’s and (hopefully) by then, they’ll have secured good financial stability, a husband, etc. It’s the dream – they can have it all!…or maybe not.

    • Just to add, whenever I see a company make a change in policy to appeal to investors, in a way that seems like an advertisement….I sell.

      How many women do you really think will join a company because it freezes their eggs, gratis? This isn’t a sales pitch to potential “genius female” employees, it’s a salespitch to investors. “SEE! See what we do?”
      The females who are atypical enough to value something like this, don’t need an employer to pay for it. (and there aren’t many)

      • Yeah, its a really weird thing. Related, I have a lawyer friend that says girls play a similar card where they work at a firm for 6 months, then get pregnate, and get paid leave for over a year at lawyer wages…astounding.

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