Propaganda in education – dumbing down of kids

The multi-culturalism /marxism aka white genocide is something familiar to many readers in this corner of the web, but having recently come back from my local elementary school, its worse than I thought.

My fire department did a education thing at the elementary school, and while it was pretty fun having the adulation of the kids looking up to us, there were darker things that plagued my mind about the whole trip. I went to this school a long time ago, and back then it was pure white, and from what I could remember, not the blatant propaganda that now was plastered everywhere. The classes were composed of like 80% white now, but this is a bit beside the point as to what was elsewhere.

On the walls were the typical posters teaching kids values, one of them was ‘share’ which showed a white kid hording toys, scowling and all the colored children frowning and looking angry, below showed the ‘redistribution’ to the crowd to which everyone was happy.

EVERY, and I mean EVERY picture had at least one colored, and some were entirely, there was never one with just a white person, or a white group. Maybe this seems like a small deal, maybe I’m just some ranting ‘racist’ (though in this unreality, those labels are actually positive things) but the subconscious programming is undeniable. Where it is normal for the white person to give his resources to everyone else.

There were others like some black girl yelling at a white boy and it had ‘answers’ to the situation, the answers were ‘walk away’ ‘talk it out’ or ‘find a new game’, notable from this, and others similar was the complete lack of violence as a solution. Not surprising at all, but certainly notable. Some crazy black bitch screaming at your face? Well your options certainly aren’t to hit, because that’s not what ‘real men’ do. Though, in this day and age, ‘hitting a girl’ is akin to a capital crime and will be treated as such, regardless of the fact women can and do beat on me with impunity.

Some other one showed a white girl smiling amidst the black kids she was sharing her toy with.

Ok, so the posters are endless redistribution to the coloreds, and encouraging passivity out of the males, and encouraging white girls to seek the mysterious black dick; I saunter over to the textbooks and I see ‘common core’, now I recognized the name, but didn’t know the insidiousness of this. To be as brief as possible, is it this newspeak version of math, where nothing makes sense anymore and it purposely tries to dumb kids down and words are rebranded where adding numbers is ‘increase’ in them. Literally it asks ‘how to make 10 by adding 8 +5’,cc
some sort of relativisitic nightmare where anything said goes, where something as immutable as math is open to interpretation. Do you understand how critical this brainwashing is!? It is insanity, how the fuck can we argue that men are men, and women are women if 8+5 = 10!?

Here is some more common core stupidity, keep it to a minimum as its designed to make you dumber

Enjoy the decline sucka, its only coming faster and faster.


14 thoughts on “Propaganda in education – dumbing down of kids

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  2. My sons have brought home some strange math problems…but never quite that strange.

    Maybe they’re mixing it up for the kids taking remedial math for the fifth time in a row? There are only so many ways to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

  3. In my whitebread neck of the woods they’ve gotten around desegregation by bussing in the minorities from the ghettos and shuffling tax money calling it legal. Seems in the slums they aren’t fighting for better education so they transfer some kids to benefit from the better education environment available in the suburbs.
    And get this, overall scores for the Caucasian kids has stayed the same since the 70’s. But they’re absolutely crowing about the minorities closing the gap with the whites in test scores. Government run schools means equality in stupidity across all races…….

    • At my last location when they tried to close down the base school and bus the kids out to other schools to increase test scores in the areas. The base schools had the best scores in the state, so if they could just take those kids and force them into the trashy schools they’d look like they’d made major improvements and it would increase their funding. The only thing that kept this from happening was a huge outcry from a lot of angry parents. I would have been willing to hurt someone badly over that. Fortunately, they caved and the school stayed open.

  4. Re: the letter from frustrated parent (the second photo from below). It was supposed to go this way, I guess:
    x = 427 – 316
    x = 327 – 216 (one less 100 for both numbers)

    x = 127 – 16
    x = 117 – 6
    x = 111

    Useful only when you are without any writing utensils at hand. For numbers with more digits than you are able to hold in memory at once it is useless anyway.

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