Religion/Christianity as a supposed counter to cultural Marxism

I rail on liberalism a lot, with their endless faggot love and femcunt worship, but understand I am under no delusion the absolute damaging nature of organized religion. Organized Religion is so bad, and fundamentally against our natures, I might be so bold as to say if you were to remove Christianity from existence the faggot-love and feminism would disappear shortly after. Of course the whole ‘nonprofit’ Industrial complex first created by the churches was clung onto by increasing hyper-liberal institutions that are bleeding this country dry.

The first thing to absolve yourself of is the illusion – perpetuated by both unknowing republicans, ultimately cultural Marxists – is that Christianity is some sort of bastion against the tide of degeneracy. Its not. One need only look at their actions to see the church as one of the largest perpetrators of sodomization. If we discount those ‘few bad apples’ (imagine the endless media time some ‘hate group’ would get if its leader was found doing the exact same thing those poor priests are) we are still left with the fact it is a slave religion that does not encourage thinking.

Slave traits like humility, turn the other cheek, not desiring anything, etc are encouraged as virtues, while things like strength are demonized. Does a religion that promotes weakness really have what it takes to stop liberal degeneracy? Further it literally promotes the cessation of critical thought, making it wrong to ‘question god’. So we are left with a combination of weakness and not questioning, how the hell can you even begin to stop or defend against anything when you are the antithesis of an iconoclast?

Churches have now become big business buoyed by what they claim to hate: government largess, of which if their non-profit status was revoked many would crash within a year. However, you have this massive mega churches that are in the business dumbing down and converting as many as they can to their infection.

Religion is just another institution that is a massive parasite on our rapidly dying country. It is a useless paradigm not unlike feminism, or anything else that is victim-based, crying about how much they get mistreated by raking in cash hand over fist. Like feminism discouraging critical thought and being entirely emotion based, religion is no different, when confronted by facts the mind shuts down and goes into a defensive mode of ‘self evidence’ which is often simply self-referential and circular.

So no, I not only think people are wrong who think religion is somehow going to save us from the decline, I am firmly convinced it is a major source of our problems, slave-victims in name only.


21 thoughts on “Religion/Christianity as a supposed counter to cultural Marxism

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  2. How about Muslims? They don’t look like they are turning the other cheek… If anything, they might be capable of destroying feminism (and then put their own harsh laws in place), especially considering feminists love them so much.

  3. ”Organized Religion is so bad, and fundamentally against our natures, I might be so bold as to say if you were to remove Christianity from existence the faggot-love and feminism would disappear shortly after.”

    Atheists are not immune:

    The virus persists.

    But you are partly right. Feminism is “Christian” that is. It is a Christian heresy:

    Feminism is even older than Christianity it goes as far back as Jezebel. Ultimately it is the negative side of female nature manifesting itself else Feminism wouldn’t find much currency among women in the 1st place.

  4. Okay, so *organized* religion doesn’t satisfy you.

    The next step, I guess, is for you to demonstrate your *non*-organized religion. When everyone sees how awesome you are, you will lead by example.

    • Read it again, its pretty clear I am against christianity organized religion. Your rapid defense suggests you are probably chrisitian. Its a slave religion that promotes slave values.

    • Well, you seem to be a preacher.

      Thus far you are preaching against organized Christianity.

      What remains to be seen is if you can preach in favor of anything. (Possible things EK might like: strength, Nietzsche, iconoclastic writing, steroids, kittens, ice cream…)

      If you just say “X, Y, and Z are crap,” that’s not very interesting. If you say, “X, Y, and Z are crap, but I have a better idea and I can give evidence that it works in practice,” then you’re on to something.

      A lot of the New Atheists are willing to be anti-Christian and anti-Muslim, but they are just promoting a godless dogma-system that is every bit as dogmatic as any theistic religion.

      If you’re preaching in favor of atheism, you’re not saying anything new.

      If you’re preaching in favor of something other than theism and atheism – by all means, make it clear what you’re selling. Maybe you’ll find people who want to buy it.

        • Unless you live in Saudi Arabia or Utah, you probably don’t have anyone pointing a gun at your head and forcing you to go to church.

          You don’t have to watch televangelists if you don’t want to.

          So I doubt that you actually need to destroy anything. Maybe you need to move to a different location, where there are fewer annoying people preaching their religion at you, but I seriously doubt that you need to “destroy” anything. You can get on with the building of a new structure; I doubt that the Pope will send his Swiss guards to stop you.

  5. “Organized Religion is so bad, and fundamentally against our natures, I might be so bold as to say if you were to remove Christianity from existence the faggot-love and feminism would disappear shortly after.”

    Communist societies often DID try to outlaw Christianity. The result wasn’t good. See Mao, the Killing Fields of Cambodia, the Eastern blok (I know a Mennonite woman who used to smuggle bibles through the Berlin wall, a dangerous business back in the day).

  6. To those that say you need to promote an alternative to religion, Robert Ingersoll said it better than I could.

    “Robert G. Ingersoll — ‘The destroyer of weeds, thistles, and thorns is a benefactor whether he soweth grain or not.’

    I recommend his writings. Christians hated him because they couldn’t refute what he said.

    I fought my way out of religious indoctrination, and it took a while.
    I think christianity is beneficial for those that need it to stay out of trouble in a very tough world. The problem is that their immaturity makes them believe others need christianity too.

  7. religions were invented by agricultural kings and pharaohs to control the minds of the slaves working their fields, this is why pharaohs and priests/popes carry the shepherds crook to control the sheeple…

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