Hierarchy of Reality Processing

In order to understand a lot of what I talk on here, it is relevant to clarify the way reality is eventually understood, and that is in an expanding mindset that subsumes earlier realities into the narrower focus they are.



A key thing I want to emphasize is that when people (if they ever) go searching you inevitable find clues at the next level, and you start to cling onto them, seeing the previous level as so woefully inadequate to explain reality, and you get to this level and suddenly think ‘you get it’ and that there is nothing beyond. Of course that is wrong, but that’s what happens

Everyone starts at level 1, meaning you don’t really understand much of anything. We all start here as kids, and a lot of adults never really start to understand much about the life they find themselves in.  If they ever process some sort of difference or reality that is when we get to level 2.

Level 2 is the conventional level of people who follow politics. This is the hard ‘left vs right’ dichotomy we are endlessly fed (and is it a wonder few people make it out of this?). As a liberal, you are caring, kind hearted, and want everyone to be equal since we are in this together, conservatives are heartless, blind , gun loving religious whackos. As a conservative you are tough but fair, value independence and pulled yourself up by your bootstraps, liberals are soft pansies, blind, and want to sell the country out to terrorists.

It’s not an accident both sides think the other is blind. A lot of it is by design, that by each of them having grains of truth in their positions the person can point and be like ‘tell me this isn’t true! Tell me!’ Of course we are sold the whole show, that if you like guns, you must also be religious, want to bomb the middle east etc, and if you like the environment you also want gays everywhere and women presidents. It is astounding to me the inherent hypocrisy present on both sides, I am literal as fuck that people believe some good ideas and believe the other total shit that comes with the ‘party’ line.

So, the intrepid truth seeker ventures out, not afraid of his iconoclast nature, maybe challenged in some way or another that his previous notions have been completely wrong, then he arrives at level 3, a higher form of realism, this can take the place of racist, sexist, libertarian etc mindset. What I mean by this, is a person sees the problems and conflictions on both sides and concludes a higher truth that its ‘the women/feminists fault’ ‘it’s the blacks fault’ ‘it’s the governments fault’, and the seduction of it is you can justify the shit out of all of them.

I am speaking openly here, because this was my own personal quest as well, so I see it in others readily. This stage is where the alex jones types pop up, where he hides truth in a veil of lies. Is the government prepared to handle mass ‘domestic terrorists’ (with a vague and shifting definition all the time) with thousands of militarized police? Yes, of course they are, but then he derails the truth into that it’s the Muslims controlling Hollywood, or ‘nazi death cults’, its stupid to look at, but it is actually very effective because they have subsumed the illogic of the lower levels and come to an answer that explains it.

Because the average person at this level will ROCK anyone lower, they will have ample facts to back up their position, they will talk about the mass purchase of MRAP vehicles and link it to the police state, and how are you supposed to argue against that FACT? Or the race realist, when they spout off that 90% of of gun-related deaths are black on black? Or the sex realist who tells you that women get the child is custody cases nearly every time, and that a girl will a bachelors degree is the one who initiates divorce 90%+ of the time?

Level 4 is where I am currently at, I fully grant there is likely higher levels, but at this point its beyond my comprehension, something for example might be sci-fi in nature like the earth is a battle ground for aliens or our religious soul or whatever, and THAT then explains the lower levels. Level 4 is pretty complicated, but also very simple, I will touch on this next. But at this stage, people start asking questions like why are race wars encouraged when all that does is leave the true people in power, or why is that any independent nation or colony is summarily exterminated if it doesn’t play by the globalist rules?

Again, it is SO critical to understand lower truths are there for a reason, but that they are bundled with falsehoods. So take race, are blacks less intelligent than whites? Yes. That is a ‘racist’ statement, and I will admit racial mixing is often the cause of a lot of problems, but and read this carefully I would have absolutely zero problem fighting alongside a black guy because we are NOT each others real enemy. This is exactly like I have wrote with women, a vast majority of them are our current ‘enemies’ because they are brainwashed, but to think their wiping out is the goal is missing the entire point. These groups are encouraged to fight each other, because then we forget who rigged this to begin with.

The White Knight Deception

Loyalty.  A word that is an important tie that binds men together, read that word again ‘loyalty’…it is what makes men value each other as men…and exactly how modern women eviserate white knights.

Men have valued loyalty (with it: honor, duty, shared sacrafice) as traits that help the

wk want to show how ‘loyal’ they are to girl, expecting reward, and only get used, its based on prior loyalty to men

Loyalty. A word that is an important tie that binds men together, read that word again ‘loyalty’…it is what makes men value each other as men…and exactly how modern women eviscerate white knights. Let me fully qualify that I once held a lot of these beliefs and can talk definitively.

Men have valued loyalty (with it: honor, duty, shared sacrifice) as traits that help the tribe live. If you are going into battle and your fellow man tells you he will be there, it is better for you if he actually shows up. With it, things like cowardice are punishable traits between men. Why should you spend or share resources with a man who does not have your back, not contributing to survival?

For a long time these were still used by society, in that a man’s loyalty and duty – to a woman in marriage now – was rewarded by a faithful wife who stayed married to him and gave him kids. The deal was essentially this: the guy can get the girl while she is hot, young, fertile, and he keeps her now, but also supports her when she is older and uglier.   THAT was the deal, it of course relied on males loyalty, because he could promise anything, then dump her fat carcass, but it rarely happened – both because of male’s loyalty, and society looked down on it, as ‘not loyal’ ‘not a real man’ etc.

Now, fast forward to New World Disorder, where down is up and you have to ask a girl if you can kiss her otherwise get hit with ‘rape’. The dutiful, unquestioning nature of the white knight male was always prone to be taken advantage of, but it was a societal contract that both sides upheld, now however generally only the women got the memo the contract was null. Their traits which were once useful, and got the hot young girl who he carries into old age, now only gets the post-wall female.

Among the issues, is because white knights assume females to be the virginal quality the contract once promised, it is beyond their ability to comprehend that girls are deprave. That they have absolutely zero qualms about hoping between relationships, cheating, or nearly anything that would enrage guys, if it was a guy to guy event. I myself never really believed girls were like this, that they would cheat, that they wanted the dick at extreme levels, that they wanted to be choked either by hand or by cock, that girls when turned on would solicit anal sex, that wifes would suck random guys dicks…of course I found it all to be true, both by others experience and especially my own.

The first stage is the continuation of the ‘feminine mystique’ of how mysterious they are, how virginal they are etc, its played up huge, and not the reality at all.   Next is playing up the dutiful aspect. This is perhaps the most disgusting part of it, where the loyalty the WK once had to his former-hot wife, the loyalty is used against him, in that a ‘real man’ would support this single mom. Or a ‘real man’ would give this cock-pounded 35 year old with her MBA a chance at love because she has outgrown her past.

You see it all the time, the supposed heroism of those brave single moms, with the implicit assumption of the loser sperm donor male nowhere to be found – and the purposeful denial of questioning what exactly was that women doing with a guy like that. That every girl is young and –don’t call her dumb- …experimenting…and what real male could blame her for wanting to be pounded in her ass and mouth at the same time, she was just drunk and in college, all her friends were doing it too.

The male is the only one capable of forgiveness, and his loyalty is coopted. The girl telling him how sorry she is evokes past memories of males once looking for forgiveness, and rarely was it ever a deception, as a fraud would simply be killed or be run out of the tribe. There is no feedback loop now, she they girls falls on his mercy, and he accepts her, after all she would ‘never do it again’.

The irony we will leave on, is that maybe she never really does it again, but he still got a fat 30+ year old that others enjoyed hotter, tighter and for free; but more than likely, she will just cheat or leave, after all women with a college degree initiate divorce over 90% of the time.

Don't be coopted by a distorted female narrative

Don’t be coopted by a distorted female narrative

Don’t worry about kids, slave, we have your frozen eggs!

In case you haven’t heard, our tech masters apple and facebook now offer women the opportunity to freeze their eggs while they are young so they can concentrate ‘on their careers when they are younger’ http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/oct/15/apple-facebook-offer-freeze-eggs-female-employees

How cute.

Among the reasons for this, is that there are too many older men at these companies, around 70%, and as we all know unless women occupy 50% OR MORE of a company, its racist, sexist, homophobic, whatever.

So we have a situation where literally the BEST time a women should be having kids (16-25~) biologically, instead she is given this carrot that she can still have kids later, and to get to that grind stone. It falls well in step with the general dysgenic trend of telling women they are ONLY successful if they have a career. More likely only if they further the feminist agenda.

Among the major problems with this, is women very rarely ‘marry down’, in terms of economic status, so while women climb ever higher – much the shrieking jubilation of feminists everywhere – the marry-able pool of men tanks. The irony: women who saved their eggs for later so they can climb the ladder get to a point where no one around them is worthy enough to be married, and the eggs will likely go to waste.

The largest thing they of course skip over? The implication that a 30+ career women is somehow more desirable for wanting a kid with, then a hot 19-20 year old. She will suck your dick with more zeal, she will be easier on the eyes, and lastly you wont have to hear her bitching about how she makes more than you.

So yes women, go work for the corporate masters, don’t pay attention to reality, your eggs will be safe with us, and some ‘nice guy’ (beta) will marry you after you have become assistant vice president ceo of insurance acquisitions.

My prediction next? Freezing sperm from ‘elite’ males so that girls won’t even have to settle with inferior DNA, just get it (secretly) fertilized and let the cuckolded beta support their fat ass.

Propaganda in education – dumbing down of kids

The multi-culturalism /marxism aka white genocide is something familiar to many readers in this corner of the web, but having recently come back from my local elementary school, its worse than I thought.

My fire department did a education thing at the elementary school, and while it was pretty fun having the adulation of the kids looking up to us, there were darker things that plagued my mind about the whole trip. I went to this school a long time ago, and back then it was pure white, and from what I could remember, not the blatant propaganda that now was plastered everywhere. The classes were composed of like 80% white now, but this is a bit beside the point as to what was elsewhere.

On the walls were the typical posters teaching kids values, one of them was ‘share’ which showed a white kid hording toys, scowling and all the colored children frowning and looking angry, below showed the ‘redistribution’ to the crowd to which everyone was happy.

EVERY, and I mean EVERY picture had at least one colored, and some were entirely, there was never one with just a white person, or a white group. Maybe this seems like a small deal, maybe I’m just some ranting ‘racist’ (though in this unreality, those labels are actually positive things) but the subconscious programming is undeniable. Where it is normal for the white person to give his resources to everyone else.

There were others like some black girl yelling at a white boy and it had ‘answers’ to the situation, the answers were ‘walk away’ ‘talk it out’ or ‘find a new game’, notable from this, and others similar was the complete lack of violence as a solution. Not surprising at all, but certainly notable. Some crazy black bitch screaming at your face? Well your options certainly aren’t to hit, because that’s not what ‘real men’ do. Though, in this day and age, ‘hitting a girl’ is akin to a capital crime and will be treated as such, regardless of the fact women can and do beat on me with impunity.

Some other one showed a white girl smiling amidst the black kids she was sharing her toy with.

Ok, so the posters are endless redistribution to the coloreds, and encouraging passivity out of the males, and encouraging white girls to seek the mysterious black dick; I saunter over to the textbooks and I see ‘common core’, now I recognized the name, but didn’t know the insidiousness of this. To be as brief as possible, is it this newspeak version of math, where nothing makes sense anymore and it purposely tries to dumb kids down and words are rebranded where adding numbers is ‘increase’ in them. Literally it asks ‘how to make 10 by adding 8 +5’,cc
some sort of relativisitic nightmare where anything said goes, where something as immutable as math is open to interpretation. Do you understand how critical this brainwashing is!? It is insanity, how the fuck can we argue that men are men, and women are women if 8+5 = 10!?

Here is some more common core stupidity, keep it to a minimum as its designed to make you dumber

Enjoy the decline sucka, its only coming faster and faster.

Religion/Christianity as a supposed counter to cultural Marxism

I rail on liberalism a lot, with their endless faggot love and femcunt worship, but understand I am under no delusion the absolute damaging nature of organized religion. Organized Religion is so bad, and fundamentally against our natures, I might be so bold as to say if you were to remove Christianity from existence the faggot-love and feminism would disappear shortly after. Of course the whole ‘nonprofit’ Industrial complex first created by the churches was clung onto by increasing hyper-liberal institutions that are bleeding this country dry.

The first thing to absolve yourself of is the illusion – perpetuated by both unknowing republicans, ultimately cultural Marxists – is that Christianity is some sort of bastion against the tide of degeneracy. Its not. One need only look at their actions to see the church as one of the largest perpetrators of sodomization. If we discount those ‘few bad apples’ (imagine the endless media time some ‘hate group’ would get if its leader was found doing the exact same thing those poor priests are) we are still left with the fact it is a slave religion that does not encourage thinking.

Slave traits like humility, turn the other cheek, not desiring anything, etc are encouraged as virtues, while things like strength are demonized. Does a religion that promotes weakness really have what it takes to stop liberal degeneracy? Further it literally promotes the cessation of critical thought, making it wrong to ‘question god’. So we are left with a combination of weakness and not questioning, how the hell can you even begin to stop or defend against anything when you are the antithesis of an iconoclast?

Churches have now become big business buoyed by what they claim to hate: government largess, of which if their non-profit status was revoked many would crash within a year. However, you have this massive mega churches that are in the business dumbing down and converting as many as they can to their infection.

Religion is just another institution that is a massive parasite on our rapidly dying country. It is a useless paradigm not unlike feminism, or anything else that is victim-based, crying about how much they get mistreated by raking in cash hand over fist. Like feminism discouraging critical thought and being entirely emotion based, religion is no different, when confronted by facts the mind shuts down and goes into a defensive mode of ‘self evidence’ which is often simply self-referential and circular.

So no, I not only think people are wrong who think religion is somehow going to save us from the decline, I am firmly convinced it is a major source of our problems, slave-victims in name only.

Paid internet shills…typical and for real

It may not come as much of a surprise to much, but Israel PAYS people to sit and essentially troll sites with posistive propaganda for jews, israel, the plalastine conflict etc.

This is not the first time this happens, and the only stunning thing to me is that this slipped out at all. (‘they know, Shut it down!) The internet represents a MAJOR threat to corruption, while also being extremely useful for corruption.

It is extremely well documented sites like youtube engage in heavy comment moderation and censorship for a vague ‘hate/intolerance’ reasons. Now, consider the impact this has on hapless viewers, they watch some political video and let’s saw something like 40% of the comments are critical of Israel, pointing out the country is illegitimate, it was a payment for ww2 etc, 40% pro-israel (paid shill or not) and 20% misc. Youtube censors ALL of the ‘hate’ messages, so now the reader of comments is going to be 66% pro-israel and 33% of unrelated comments. The reader NEVER KNOWS there are people who do not agree with this.

Major media outlets like facebook etc are routinely bombed by shillery and censorship, and it creates this vast false group-consensus where every single person apparently thinks Israel bombing tribals is justice, ‘had it coming’ etc.

And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed – if all records told the same tale – then the lie passed into history and became truth.’ 1984

‘Gamersgate’ if you aren’t familiar is nearly the same thing, only feminist shills/shams are coming out of the wood work. A lot of other bloggers have done this in depth, but suffice to summarize there was two major things, one was a girl who slept her way to video game success and the second was this girl anita who makes money off criticizing video games and then playing victim over people raging at her. Both cases nearly ALL criticism of them on youtube, facebook, google etc is scrubbed clean.

The average person who doesn’t look into it hard only sees some ‘poor girls’ who these angry white ‘losers’ are harassing, never seeing the truth. Never seeing in action these women using sex and victimhood to gain rampant success all while claiming inequality.

‘For how could you establish even the most obvious fact when there existed no record outside your own memory? He tried to remember in what year he had first heard mention of Big Brother. He thought it must have been at some time in the sixties, but it was impossible to be certain. In the Party histories, of course, Big Brother figured as the leader and guardian of the Revolution since its very earliest days.’ 1984