Press on?

I have taken a break from blogging for a while, generally because I was frustrated with the lack of feedback that anything was changing. I write heart-felt articles, and it is lost in the maelstrom of shit from jizzbel, mainstream media, and general feminist propaganda at all sides. I still read a lot of my friend’s stuff, like who keeps up the fight, or and this guilt was nagging at me. Here were guys keeping up the fight, and I was bowing out.

I felt like I was a soldier who spent his time in the trenches, ‘did my part’ and normally could ‘retire’ happily, but I saw my brothers not packing up…they were still out there. And I felt guilty. Could I sit back as the cultural marxism crushes everything? As the distraction of feminism rapes all that is good? Could I sit back knowing I could save even one male from marriage, heart-break, or indentured slavery?

I guess I also stopped because I thought the stupidity had perhaps bottomed out, but of course it hasn’t. Apparently no where close. We have things like ‘gamersgate’ where some fat bitch slept here way through game reviewers for good reviews (which seriously, does any real gamer take ‘professional reviewers’ seriously at all?) or some femcunt annita sarkenshin or something who fakes her own stalkers, then profits off the victimization?

I don’t know if I am heading back into the trenches, but seeing the fight continue…can I rest knowing I didn’t fight harder against cultural marxism as it eviscerates our country?


8 thoughts on “Press on?

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  2. Hell yes, press on! Blog exactly as much as you feel like blogging. I’ve got you on my blogroll, fixed to pop to the top when you blog something new.

  3. dude, you always talk about the military being honorable…

    fuck that shit:

    And why would any men listen to someone like Jack Don-0-van? It’s obvious he’s trolling for ass. Allot of “race realists” like him. And I’m the hom-0-phobe for going against his shit. Fuck the MRM and feminism, they don’t take a hardline stance. It’s obvious fake movements like HBD are alright to them but you cahn’t be hom-0-phobic…thats worse than “waccism.” Well that is liberal thinking and it’s pervasive in the so called man-0-sphere. EPIC FAIL….

      • calling a man you dislike a “faggot” because he doesn’t defer to women and “higher status” men would make most true MGTOW’s “faggots” even though they’ve never stuck their dick inside a man and would fight to death if someone tried to assrape them. The so-called man-0-sphere (at least the alt-right part) defers to “alpha’s” and women. They will freely call other men “faggots” but they wouldn’t protect boys against a piece of shit like Jerry Sandusky. So in my view, they are weak dicks for allowing bad people into their movement. IE Jack Don-0-van and Roosh. You ARE responsible whom you allow into your household and Elam is an utter failure here. Look at how so-called manospherians will mock and shit on men like Barbarosaaa and Stardusk. I don’t agree with all their points (and don’t have too) but I see these manospherians shit on them and other men they consider lower status. Look at that fatass Bernie Chapin-oh, faggots, if you vote Republican, there would be no problems, no go man up! Look at this:

        you can’t even critique a nazi, but you are told to defer to white womyn like Mandy Marcotte who thinks you are a subhuman piece of shit over at TGMP…

        check this shit out:

        (just change Hollywood to alt right manosphere)

  4. The article was in error. A person can report a crime outside of the chain of command (that’s what an IG complaint is). And there are whistleblower laws that protect the accuser.

    I’ve gone into great detail before (if memory serves) about what is intended by eliminating the chain of command from the courts martial process.

  5. Re the thread topic, I say do what you think is right, EK. I think it’s good to take mental breaks, but not good to ‘fold’.
    I need to unplug for a while myself.

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