The irony of women in the Manosphere

What is a painful irony is the prevalence and success of women in the Manosphere, something I am opposed to and many wannabe ‘alpha’ guys on the internet don’t have a clue when they fall for this hoping to get their e-peen wet.

For example, I actually started blogging with a handful of guys at nearly the same time along with Judgy Bitch (yes the ‘great and lauded’ JB) and Tarnish Sophia, by virtue of being women they have had much more success.  Nearly every guy languishes in obscurity but these ‘novel’ females get endless praise, quite frankly I roll my eyes every time I see a jb link or a reference of that ‘women are waking up’ and its talking about jb or some other female-run site. Look at judgy bitch, her stuff is not ANY different than anyone else, and actually there are obscure blogs which much better stuff, yet she has TONS of success.

Consider the complete lunacy of a married older women presuming to give advice or understand the plight of young disenfranchised males? or how about a lesser known but similar situation of ‘tarnished sophia’ a girl who’s claim to fame is that she thinks she is a guy trapped in a girls body…what the fuck is this idiocy doing in the manosphere where it is about guys learning how to better themselves?


I actually have some bad blood with both of them so I am not scared to criticize them, without going into a bitch fest suffice it to say girls being girls and the betrayals, slights and lies that come with that fact are to be expected; and suffice it to say women blogging about men issues is a blight most don’t seem to get.

This is also a perfect microcosm of women’s hypergamy instinct at play, I was ‘their level’ at the time we all started (including the other males like gregarious wolf, odin’s lounge etc) so they ‘hung out’ with us, but when their value started to leave our’s behind…they moved on. Jb is so ‘high’ she doest even need to comment anywhere, the men flock to her giving her the ego fix every women desires.

All it really shows though, is our inherent voyeuristic tendencies, and that a girl putting on a show makes most males want to watch. It is no different than a medieval town where some girl starts dancing in the street, of course everyone is going to watch, except then the show did reputation damage, now its ego stroking because that’s what ‘everyone’ does.

Want perfect proof of girls being more valuable than guys in the sphere? Go read the comments at cheateau heartiste, guys are laying out decent comments, then some ‘girl’ says the stupidest of shit and the convo is completely re-railed and her comment gets multiple responses. Maybe those guys will get their e-peen jacked off by ‘her’. Its pretty pathetic, and you see it on nearly 90%+ of the posts he does, guys will be sharing life stories, talking about what works, improving their life etc, then some girl (and it could be a G.I.R.L guy in real life for all we truly know) comes in and talks about boyfriend trouble or that game doesn’t work on her…and the guys pile on with their ‘advice’. Come on guys, I thought you were supposed to be masters of women, not 6th graders happy to be talking to a girl.

I can say with 100 percent certainty I have never read a female-authored article about men’s issues that made me say ‘wow, that was eye opening’ or ‘life changing’ or anything, because it is quite simply really, what do they know ABOUT BEING A GUY? Nothing. They can never know what the ever-present threat of false rape charges is like, the fact you are the disposable sex, that you are the chaser, that you have to put yourself out there to be shot down for any chance of getting a girl, to know you are the ‘evil’ sex, one step away from rape etc. They may think they know, and can talk like they know, but they don’t. They can’t.

It actually is pretty funny, sad, but funny the fact you have all these fake ‘alphas’ that pretend they are so badass behind the keyboard, but they havent even internalized a single lesson yet and still give into the attention whoring of females.  How can you be anywhere close to ‘alpha’ when you are placating to the whores that found their way into the legion?



20 thoughts on “The irony of women in the Manosphere

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  2. oh man I dont agree much with you on most things, but this right here hits the spot, right on brother! Matt Forney did a brilliant takedown of dannyfrom504 and sunshinemary, both of whom thankfully no longer show up on feed anymore. I’ve personally checked both sunshinemary and judgybitch but did not find it a good use of my time to comment, much less read an entire article they wrote. Their articles are basically line by line snarky refutations of what some dumb feminist wrote fueled by antifeminist manosphere talking points that were pioneered long, long aso. I mean it’s good that some women aren’t buying into feminism anymore, but this corner of the internet is not for them.

    We need to ask ourselves, what exactly is the “manosphere.”? I believe it started as a collection of politically incorrect self improvement blogs providing men with answers and ideas that menshealth would never print, and we should keep it that way. Im talking about guys like D&P, CH, Roosh, GLL, Strength by Sonny, etc, these are guys who seem real, and with the exception of Roosh they dont really write about feminism that much. I get that its important to be informed of the law and its dangers to us as men, but do we seriously need a voiceformen (with its women writers, oh the irony) on the feed?

  3. Most of the value I get out of the men’s blogs comes from men sharing their experience tackling the same problems I face, developing solutions, and then sharing them with other men. There’s no point in a woman trying to do the same thing because she doesn’t face the same problems. Women have no motive to put in the hard work needed to overcome the obstacles men face. Without the time & energy men put into these blogs, I’d still be trying to solve social & relationship problems with blue pill tools, and I’d still be failing. So, to me, it’s irrelevant whether some women agree or disagree with men’s blogs; it’s all about having a place on the Internet where men benefit from the successes & failures of other men.

  4. What is the objection? That the message is being polluted, or that a woman won something in the internet popularity contest?

  5. “Matt Forney did a brilliant takedown of dannyfrom504 and sunshinemary”

    While danny504 did not stand a chance. sunshinemary manages to get many allies on her side. She makes a good politician.

    • Thanks for the article, I was axtually hesistant to critize such a big name as judgybitch, but I was like fuck that, they are doing SHIT for the movement.

      ‘Truths kept silent become poisonous’ – Nietzsche

  6. a woman anti-feminist is just afraid of the impending collapse, and is hoping to ingratiate herself before the men she knows she will need to rely on.

  7. “I can say with 100 percent certainty I have never read a female-authored article about men’s issues that made me say ‘wow, that was eye opening’ or ‘life changing’ or anything, because it is quite simply really, what do they know ABOUT BEING A GUY?”

    Have you actually read anything JB writes? I can’t find a single piece that is directed at men. It’s all directed at women calling them out for claiming they don’t need men, or that men need to be taught to not rape, that only men can sexually assault someone, etc.

    I enjoy her work for one simple reason. When I link something from her or Dr. Helen, women can’t give a knee-jerk “well, he just sounds bitter” response and ignore it.

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  10. what anime is that 2nd gif from??

    you can’t get red pill knowledge from girls but they can spread MRA knowledge. judgybitch is funny & usually has links to sources refuting the lies that feminists spread. i never read that sunshine girl.

  11. Heh, I was there when you both started!
    I’ve debated a lot on political forums and I’ve perused the sphere for a while now as well, and have a couple of thoughts. First, intelligent commentary (particularly from a woman) is a pretty rare commodity on the internet, so it’s obviously going to grab extra attention. Especially if it’s engaging and kind of funny (rarer still…I give JB +1 womenz internetz).

    The second type (stupid shyte) serves as entertainment, much like Ruprect the monkeyboy. Thus again grabbing extra attention.

  12. (Here because a reader of mine said you had a post about me.)

    EK, I never claimed to be part of the manosphere. I talk about how things should be more equal between the sexes, and a lot of my posts do revolve around how men in Western society get a bad rap or have laws that are double standards, but I never give out Red Pill advice. Mine is an egalitarian blog, not an MRM one.

    If you see someone talking about my blog as a manosphere one, that’s up to them, not me. Maybe I’m on the very outermost fringes since egalitarian views overlap with manosphere ones, but I’m hardly on a JB, Dr. Helen, or SSM level. Oh, and as only 5 of my 88 posts are specifically about my gender dysphoria, I hardly think that’s my “claim to fame”. 😛

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