The idea of ‘Natural Rights’ is enslaving you

The idea that you have a set of Natural Rights (to Life, Liberty, Property etc) is an immensely destructive belief that is naive and wrong.  In case you do not know what this refers to, our entire culture, and especially Libertarianism has seized upon this idea that humans are somehow endowed with these ‘rights’ of which it is wrong to deny/take etc.

Nature – aka reality – owes you NOTHING.  This is a key point to understand as we progress.  Is there a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when one animal kills or steals from another?  It is wrong when an animal takes what was someone elses?  Does it care if the animal lived or died because of starvation, murder etc?  No.

Likewise we are not separate from nature.  Nature does not care if you live or die.  It does not care you got smashed by a rock, or died from starvation.  Nature is AMORAL.  Once we get past out human bias this become clear, just like there is no inherrent wrong in one animal taking another, there is nothing moral about someone taking from someone else in the wild if it means survival.  Now…I am not saying I support this, and this is a very key thing to understand, morality ONLY comes from what we collectively agree upon to bind ourselves to.

In the wild you do not ‘have a right’ to life, anyone can come kill you, and you are going to defend yourself regardless. You do not have a ‘right to property’ as you dont own the Earth first of all, and someone can come steal it.  Period.  Nothing is stopping that person, and there is no morality with it.

The only time it becomes ‘wrong’ or you have a ‘right’ to something is when you are part of a group that collectively decides if you follow these rules you gain these benefits.  This is where we get such things as ‘if you dont steal from me, I wont steal from you’.  You have a ‘right’ to not be stolen from when you agree to the other rules and methods of enforcement of these rules.  There is nothing in nature that promised us these things.

I find libertarianism an intellectually offensive political doctrine that is essentially rooted in a hipster/bourgeois rationalization for relativism and modified anarchy.  The idea that you are allowed to do what you want (typically chase some vague notion of profits, all with the fantasy of no central government for currency to facilitate such profit) because its right and natural and that someone stealing from you is suddenly committing some universal wrong, whereas you taking advantage of others is simply manipulating the market.  Ideas like you ‘own’ your production yet the exploitation of others for your profit is somehow okay, because even if you are paying them a barely subsistence wage and they had no alternatives to the exploitation its okay since it was supposedly ‘voluntary’.  It is this ultimate deceptive ideology the presupposes we have these ‘rights’ and that they are some sort of universal truth .  Which of course it is not, there is no ‘nature enforcer’ that punishes those that stole, or those that killed, or those that exploit.

Understand that when you realize your ‘rights’ only come from a mutual agreement that this makes it a protagonist relationship, ‘I am buying into this group, and submit to the rules to gain the benefits’ and if you dont like the benefits or the price is too high, you leave, or you re-work the commitment.  (A very MGTOW mentality actually, that the dating scene has long become this untenable reality, and simply not playing to the ‘agreements’.)

Compare to how it is now, where we think we ‘deserve’ rights (which actually comes off as a very spoiled world view) that the ‘evil government’ is what is oppressing us of our rights.  Now I am not going to defend the government, that is not the point here, the point is that this becomes an antagonistic relationship.  Where I ‘deserve’ something, and you are taking it away from me.  Consider that recent rancher case where he assumed he had a ‘right’ to that land and the government is taking his right away.

It is a form of self-enslavement and a way the government justifies its existence.  If it convinces you that have possess rights you dont have, you suddenly rely on them FOR those ‘rights’ and are upset when they fail to give those rights you supposedly have.  It justifies both the oppressiveness of the government, and your own bowing to them, because if you realize you have NO RIGHTS then what the fuck do you need to government for?  Why the fuck would I listen to these rules when they are doing nothing for me?  This was supposed to be a mutual thing where by buying into society I got things like protection from murder by promising I wouldn’t murder others, but when the agreement is no longer favorable it’s not like you are bound to that, you started with nothing anyway, you can just as easily leave.

Ideally, when people realize your ‘rights’ only come from agreements to others, this is when things will be improved, because the society we buy into is one of our own creation.  I don’t have a ‘right’ to life, because I am going to fight for it regardless of the possession of a ‘right’ or not, and when I see a group or society that says ‘we will protect your life if in turn you serve one night a week as the guard’ etc then I can look at that and conclude it is something I will agree to.

Consider essentially how simple, but how profound the change in the dialogue would become by realizing this.  You do not have a ‘right to healthcare’ at all!  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Yet, if society simple was framed as ‘by buying into this society and giving us a percent of your labor and by following established rules you will be given healthcare, protection, access to infrastructure etc’ suddenly it is a good deal to buy into!  It is a mutual agreement that you find reason to be a part of.

Contrast it to the typical enslaving belief that you have a ‘right’ to life/property, when that supposed inalienable right it alienated you are confused instead of realizing that nature is amoral and only we give morality to it – for all its penalties and benefits.

The irony of women in the Manosphere

What is a painful irony is the prevalence and success of women in the Manosphere, something I am opposed to and many wannabe ‘alpha’ guys on the internet don’t have a clue when they fall for this hoping to get their e-peen wet.

For example, I actually started blogging with a handful of guys at nearly the same time along with Judgy Bitch (yes the ‘great and lauded’ JB) and Tarnish Sophia, by virtue of being women they have had much more success.  Nearly every guy languishes in obscurity but these ‘novel’ females get endless praise, quite frankly I roll my eyes every time I see a jb link or a reference of that ‘women are waking up’ and its talking about jb or some other female-run site. Look at judgy bitch, her stuff is not ANY different than anyone else, and actually there are obscure blogs which much better stuff, yet she has TONS of success.

Consider the complete lunacy of a married older women presuming to give advice or understand the plight of young disenfranchised males? or how about a lesser known but similar situation of ‘tarnished sophia’ a girl who’s claim to fame is that she thinks she is a guy trapped in a girls body…what the fuck is this idiocy doing in the manosphere where it is about guys learning how to better themselves?


I actually have some bad blood with both of them so I am not scared to criticize them, without going into a bitch fest suffice it to say girls being girls and the betrayals, slights and lies that come with that fact are to be expected; and suffice it to say women blogging about men issues is a blight most don’t seem to get.

This is also a perfect microcosm of women’s hypergamy instinct at play, I was ‘their level’ at the time we all started (including the other males like gregarious wolf, odin’s lounge etc) so they ‘hung out’ with us, but when their value started to leave our’s behind…they moved on. Jb is so ‘high’ she doest even need to comment anywhere, the men flock to her giving her the ego fix every women desires.

All it really shows though, is our inherent voyeuristic tendencies, and that a girl putting on a show makes most males want to watch. It is no different than a medieval town where some girl starts dancing in the street, of course everyone is going to watch, except then the show did reputation damage, now its ego stroking because that’s what ‘everyone’ does.

Want perfect proof of girls being more valuable than guys in the sphere? Go read the comments at cheateau heartiste, guys are laying out decent comments, then some ‘girl’ says the stupidest of shit and the convo is completely re-railed and her comment gets multiple responses. Maybe those guys will get their e-peen jacked off by ‘her’. Its pretty pathetic, and you see it on nearly 90%+ of the posts he does, guys will be sharing life stories, talking about what works, improving their life etc, then some girl (and it could be a G.I.R.L guy in real life for all we truly know) comes in and talks about boyfriend trouble or that game doesn’t work on her…and the guys pile on with their ‘advice’. Come on guys, I thought you were supposed to be masters of women, not 6th graders happy to be talking to a girl.

I can say with 100 percent certainty I have never read a female-authored article about men’s issues that made me say ‘wow, that was eye opening’ or ‘life changing’ or anything, because it is quite simply really, what do they know ABOUT BEING A GUY? Nothing. They can never know what the ever-present threat of false rape charges is like, the fact you are the disposable sex, that you are the chaser, that you have to put yourself out there to be shot down for any chance of getting a girl, to know you are the ‘evil’ sex, one step away from rape etc. They may think they know, and can talk like they know, but they don’t. They can’t.

It actually is pretty funny, sad, but funny the fact you have all these fake ‘alphas’ that pretend they are so badass behind the keyboard, but they havent even internalized a single lesson yet and still give into the attention whoring of females.  How can you be anywhere close to ‘alpha’ when you are placating to the whores that found their way into the legion?


Age – the harsh mistress of females

Something that perhaps is obvious to a lot of post-pill men is the realty and effect of age, where as pre-pill men dont really have a clue, the reality is that women have a very narrow range of age of them being attractive, and that is a simply fact – and that beyond appearance girls do not have much more to offer badass guys.

The pre-pill knowledge is basically a loose generality that younger girls are hotter, but that there is no hard ‘wall’ and that there are such things as hot 40 year olds, that you should date ‘in your age range’ etc.  I remember being of this mentality, that dating a girl 2 years younger than me was ‘creepy’, that every hot young girl turns into a hot milf etc…

I am in my late 20s, and a majority of girls my age are disgusting as fuck, these are girls I knew who were very hot even 5 years ago, but mostly 10 years ago.  It is a very strong correlation to having over-inflated value, that they can lose their most important aspect and still be desired, at least loosely.  Blame feminism.

But they were hot and got tons of attention when young, and ASSUME THAT IS A CONSTANT LIFE CONDITION.  This is sad, pathetic, and unavoidable.  Then when guys look at girls younger than them, the shaming of ‘creep’ etc gets thrown around.  That because every high school guy wanted to pound her ass that that ass with 100 extra pounds on it is still desirable.  Wrong.

I have okcupid pulled up on another tab, its sad looking at the 20 vs the 30 year olds.  The 20s are total attention whore sluts, and thats the way it is, pound them out for thats about their only value, they are literally meaningless as they have been showered with attention their whole life they never developed a real personality.

One of the most grateful things I learned post-pill was that it was OK TO LIVE FOR MYSELF, I didnt need a girl, I didnt need to be married etc, the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement was a slap across my neophyte face.  With this, I realized that girls meant so much less to me, very rarely did they provide the intellectually stimulation a guy could, rarely did they want to do anything adventurous (despite most claiming they are), very rarely were they worth the drama and headache just for sex.

The painful irony – and pay attention all you stupid bitches who write how I’m misogynist – that I see ugly girls with pictures of them with their dogs, or feeding deer, and those pictures are cute and show a feminine side (feminine does NOT equal feminist) and these girls like have a personality but their appearance puts everyone off.

Its really fucking sad actually, I see a 32 year old girl feeding a deer, not hot, but not ugly, and a bit bigger, I bet she is actually a pretty nice girl, maybe cool to hang with…but I have no interest in her, I will never be sexual attracted to her, and girls are more drama than guys just for social events.  And as much as I might want to go feed some deer, and might actually enjoy my time the complications of potential relationships (which i wouldnt want) make it worthless to pursue.  I see a girl hugging her dog, which is +points in my book but she is over 30 which is a deal breaker, that is a hard reality I have been forced to accept.

To my younger readers, slam and date girls your age as much as you can, because they get worse very fast.  They were generally stay bitches their whole life, but at least they are hot when younger.

The nice ones tend to never be hot, and the only real option you have, is to bag her when she is young enough that you can make her nice, or at least minimize her corruption.

Oh yeah, and girls 10 years younger than me?  No problem here!

Ha, I am being a bit facetious, but not much, I would certainly have sex with them (I have one going right now whos like 9-10 younger than me) but the own harsh reality we face as men, is if a girl IS going to get a personality (not all do) it developed later, ofter as her body is tanking.  Girls are often hottest at 19-21, but there is no way I would seriously consider a girl at 21 to be any short of intellectual or life equal.  Especially at that age they are ‘cock-sure’ and think they know everything in life because they got a bacherlors in child psychology and took a semester in africa.

The blatant hollywood ripoffs of Japan continue first was Hunger Games, now Lucy

In case you did not know, Hunger Games is a blatant, unattributed, ripoff of an older Japanese book called ‘Battle Royale’, and this trend is continuing with a new movie called ‘Lucy’ which appears nothing more than another ripoff of ‘Elfen Lied’, even going so far as the name the movie after the main character in Elfen Lied.

Hunger Games ‘wowed’ the US for its ‘original’ plot that we had not seen. The reality is that the plot is a pathetic copy and paste of Battle Royale, and the creator of hunger games did not even go far enough to merely use the idea, but literally took every key aspect and left it unchanged. The top annoyance is that when asked if they had heard about BR the person said “they never heard of it”. This bitch made a LOT of money off an idea that wasnt hers.

No, this isnt Hunger Games, its Battle Royale, they did it earlier and better.

Now mind you, in the US Battle Royale is not that popular, given that its a Japanese book, however in Japan is predictably is very well known, if you were to tell someone about Hunger Games in Japan they would tell you ‘that was the plot of Battle Royale’. I have absolutely no doubt she ripped it off, here are the relevant plot points (as you proceed remember BR was written years before HG):

Future dystopia world with oppressive government

Said government uses ‘extreme entertainment’ to help quell the populace and remind them who’s in charge

The entertainment is people

Young school-age people

Who fight each other to the death in regulated areas

The fighting occurs until only 1/2 people are left who are then the winners and given prizes

the players are given random weapons to fight each other, some good some not

to encourage fighting areas are routinely blocked to force smaller and smaller areas of conflict

I am never going to give that fucking franchise a penny of mine.  Anyway so the ‘oringinal’ trend continues with a new movie called ‘Lucy’.

The 'new' Lucy

The ‘new’ Lucy

Essentailly the plot is that Lucy has become a ‘metahuman’ who has access to advanced psychic powers and proceeds to go on a rampage that no one can stop because bullets etc are useless to her.

The Oringinal Psychic powered Lucy

The Oringinal Psychic powered Lucy

Oringinal Lucy was also a ‘metahuman’ of sorts, an advanced evolution of humans that can access psychic powers.  She was used in experiments, and wanted to be tested on.  Much like this new movie.  She rebels against her fate, and with her psychic powers the body count is high.

Flashy things like huge objects being lifted, bullets stopped, guns being ripped out of arms, all the while tough-girl Lucy is on a rampage she was forced into.  Hmm, sounds a lot like this new movie of being forced into violence and uses her psychic powers to rampage.

Congratulations Hollywood, you have succesfully ripped off another GOOD Japanese plot, you will give no credit (except the completely blatant name-steal) and everyone will praise the oringinality.

Btw, Elfen Lied was a very good anime, but I am going to skip this peice of shit rip off, no penny from me there either.



Hyper lordosis – the sitters disease

What I want to talk about today is something that is likely affecting every one of you, and it is only a matter of time before it rears itself as severe pain: hyper lordosis – the sitter disease. I had this for over a year and just now nearly rid of it.

Here is a quick way to test how bad you have it: Stand in front of a wall, toes touching the wall, your butt, upper back and head. Ideally you should have all of these touching, AND the area behind your lower back so be close enough that you or someone can not get their hand behind you. Suck your back in until this happens, THIS is the natural pose you should be in. If this hurts you are in moderate stage of lordosis



I am finally near the end of this myself, and let me tell you at times it was debilitating. What this is, is essentially a tightening and loosening of certain areas of your core the result of which is best exemplified by the pose on the right. Yes, it looks ‘hot’ but is actually terrible for you and grinds your vertebrate disks down, and leads to tremendous pain.

Nearly everyone in the US, doesnt look so hot anymore does it?


I am very active, fire fighter, lift weights, run, and it hit me. At first it felt like just a sore back, I could barely bend down, and after a few hours it went away. Only it happened day after day. Mine was ultimately brought on by a slip when lifting my dog, which I think triggered protective postures which amplified my lordosis. The point being I should be one of the least likely, the more I read the more I realized everyone is a ticking time bomb.

Lordosis is farily complicated, but it essentially comes down to something also know as lower crossed syndrome: your abs and weak and loose, along with your hamstrings, whereas your lower back and quads are tight and strong. Keep in mind this is relative, your hamstrings can still be very tight etc. In my own experience the two major things for me were tight lower back and weak hamstrings. Lordosis manifests in tons of ways, beyond just the extreme lower back pain, your knees hurt while running, you have constant neck pain in the back, your posture sucks etc.

It gets so bad WALKING lays you out, you are forced to crouch to curve your back for a release before you can continue on. Its like a weird arthritis, where as the day goes on the pay goes away. Sleeping hurts, existing hurts, nearly everything becomes almost impossible except for sitting which gives relief.

Here’s how you fix this shit:

Solutions that don’t work: (I am putting these simply because that is what is out there, and they MAY help you.)

1: foam roller – this one is huge, they have all these elaborate rolls, I was diligent, and felt little effect. The science behind foam rollers is questionable as well. I actually felt worse because the poses would amplify the lordosis at times.

2: Nearly every exercise except dead lifts or sit ups – I did nearly everything recommended, hip thursts, pull throughs, planks, bridges, glute exercises, all this and that. Nothing helped. Sit ups are actually not ‘officially’ recommended as it supposedly strains your back, I found they provided short term relief for the day.

3: Most stretches – I have above average flexibility (remember this is in ratio you get this disease) so a lot of these I hardly even felt. Things like the childs pose, torso twists, stretching quad etc are all recommended. They do shit.

Increases butt/chest, but hurts back. She’d look worse standing straight


What actually works: There are two major things that helped me huge, with 3 being a small help

1: Be mindful of how you sleep. This one is so huge. Essentially as you have these tightnesses (esp hip flexor / psaos) that as your sleep pull you into the bad position which then holds your back there all night – thus the reason the pain is worse in the morning.   What I was forced to do, was place myself in non-lordosis positions to fall asleep in. If you have having lordosis that wont go away try this. Posistions like super hard fetal position, or sliding your hips so that the friction holds you in non-lordosis.

2: Hip Flexor/Psoas stretch – This one was a life saver too, it stretches the deep psoas muscle which is literally the major problem, and I say look at first. The best way I found was place a pillow next to a wall. Kneel down with one knee on pillow, and place your shin UP the wall, then your other leg steps forward. The wall holds your leg in a psoas stretch as you bend forward. It hurts bad but stretches so good, expect nearly instant relief getting out of the stretch.

3: Dead lifts/sit ups – you need future preventing of problems, these two will do it for you. PLEASE do deadlifts correct, meaning TIGHT upper/lower back, bar on shins etc. These two exercises will help, but do not make up for ½

Hope this helps even one person from this.

Feminist = ‘Empowered’ = ‘Independent’

What is notably is that there are few women who openly describe themselves as feminists, despite that disease infecting likely 80% of the women, and at least 30% of the males. However, that does not stop them from supporting, or especially taking advantage of the feminist movement. You call always tell the feminists at heart when the use the words ‘empowered’ or ‘independent’ to describe themselves. For all intents when I use ‘feminist’ I am also referring to their new monikers they now go by: liberated/empowered/independent etc

Feminism has largely been successful for a few reasons:

1 it has embraced an ever-present victim methodology in a society afraid to stand for real values,

2 it has given an excuse to women who preform subpar but can hand out laurels to the winners,

3 and has allowed double-think to be normalized.

It typically takes something that shakes a person to their core to even have the potential to question the doctrine they are fed their whole life, so for a majority of men and women the standard narrative they are fed is that ‘women have been enslaved for eons, and only now are we getting out of the dark ages and we still have much work to go, because women have so much catching up to do’.

I put my ego out there a lot on this site as an example others can learn from, and indeed when I was younger, even early 20s, I BELIEVED THIS LIE. Oh, those poor women surrounded by brutes…they needed protection and uplifting to make up for all the past crimes. Needless to say there is a lot of self flagellation going on here as a male. That first of all, there WERE crimes that needed making up, and second, it was my and every males duty to repent.

Men can’t be strong, because then you might rape a women. You can only be strong if you swear to defend a women from other rapists. You can’t be aggressive, well…ever. You can’t yell, you can’t use logic because someone’s feelings may get hurt. However, this has not been applied universally, because the girl that goes to the gym is ‘empowered’, the girl who has an apartment is ‘independent’.

What this has done is anyone women who isn’t successful, well that’s because the odds were against her, that damn patriarchy we live in, men keeping her down, not giving her a chance, not being fair, all these you hear. But then women who achieve even mediocre success are paraded around as if they were the first ones that had gone to the moon and just got back. She works a job and has her own apartment, by god, she’s INDEPENDENT! She left some guy who went over to Iraq and is with some new biker trash? She’s not a treacherous slut, she’s EMPOWERED.

Its like we are treating them like kids, if I was a women I would find such a low bar insulting. But it is not insulting, it literally is a badge of honor, a guy could find a cure for cancer and no one gives a shit, but some girl recently gets promoted to assistant secretary of child psychology and bought a fancy new Honda, goddamn folks we got ourselves a gen-u-ine he-rooo in our midst!

Lastly is the double think that is allowed and encouraged. Let us take the duke student who stars in porns to pay tuition. Now, nearly no one is criticizing her (because you can’t critic a women) regardless of any side of an argument. Imagine a newly similar situation where there was a male PAYING women to make orgy porns and then selling these videos at a profit to ‘pay his way through school’, he would be castrated in the media. But because she is a poor victim, she can choke that dick down and we are supposed to only feel sorry she is forced into this by this cruel world.

Porn and sex has long been a useful doublethink subject for women, on one hand they can decry the objectification of women, treating them as sex objects, etc, but on the other hand USE that to manipulate men. I personally saw this all the time at college, these raging feminists decrying that clothing doesn’t provoke rape then come Friday or Saturday they’d walk over to the frat houses in super short skirts and low cut dresses. (Most of them were claimed they were raped on Monday, but be back there next Friday…disgusting)

Likewise we are told women don’t need men, ok, sounds good to me. But then the divorce comes rocking down and suddenly she is ‘entitled’ to half his wealth just for being with him the last year or two?

Why can a girl be direct about sex, and it makes her tough/empowered, but when a guy talks about it, he is a creep/loser/weird?

Girls can read fashion, gossip, celebrity news, and it doesn’t make them shallow, but if a guy likes the dress or makeup she learned to put on he is suddenly shallow.

Why do we have affirmative action for girls when they are supposedly equal to guys? Either you are not as good, and need an advantage or you are EQUAL like you tell us and do not need an advantage.

These are legitimate doublethinks (1984 term for holding conflicting positions) and I have had a LOT of feminists justify this stupidity to me.

But this entire society is an exercise in doublethink, where the rich are the jobcreators and us proles have to be content with ‘trickle’ down money, where America is the most free nation despite endless spying of its only citizens. So we continue to hand out gold stars to our grownup women celebrating their success, up is down, black is white, and everything you know is wrong.


Even ‘smart’ people are subject to propaganda – often more so

I just got back from an old friends college graduation party, what was notable was my friend was substantially ‘smarter’ now, and could argue intelligently, but was still completely deluded in regards to propaganda we are fed, despite arguing coherently, he still believed things like the wage gap, and proceeded to lie himself into believing it was men’s fault.

First, I just recently read something (if anyone knows the source) but essentially the argument was that some study about so-called ‘smarter’ people actually fall for propaganda more deeply, I think this was in regards to feminism in modern day but the study was based on racist beliefs, but essentially that when propaganda was hoisted on the populace, ‘everyone’ would agree with the lies like ‘all man are potential rapists’ but in reality only the educated people BELIEVED it, whereas the uneducated had hard stereotypes they fell back on, regardless of what was professed.

I had never considered this specific angle but makes sense, if you are from the south, it doesn’t matter how much progressive ideology you are fed about races, you are still going to hate blacks, hate muslims, whatever. This is not important to the argument other than that they do NOT listen to the propaganda (whatever it may be) whereas the intellectuals WILL, because its ‘logical’ ‘smart’ ‘right’ etc. It ultimately comes back to ego, they are so progressive of course everyone KNOWS men rape etc. Ironic, because if they critically examined the past they would see how fast ‘obvious’ conclusions change.

Anyway to my friend, we went to highschool together, and he was a bit younger, and on the slow graduation path, back then he was not smart. I hadn’t seen him in like 3 years easy, he’s fatter now, but I was impressed with his ability to argue coherently. This was not a guy who was intelligent, rather he was made fun of for being dumb.

Now, as many of my readers may know, I graduated with a bachelors in environmental science, and despite the hard science training I had, I have not found a job in science (which I am totally skeptical of STEM short of about the xxEx until engineering gets overrun as well) anyway, I come down VERY hard on so-called intellectuals. I find it appropriate to delineate between true hard ‘scientists’ (biology, chemistry, math, physics, ecology etc) and everything else. That means I view psychology as a dangerous pseudo-science that has endowed a large portion of females with ‘oracles’ powers us mere mortals can’t comprehend. I do not consider philosophy, religion etc a REAL major, and this is the source of the disparaged intellectuals I slam. These are the pathetic humans that make the way into middle management or HR and fuck everyone else’s life because their own is a ruin they can’t comprehend.

My friend graduated in computer science, I would say that is a hard science, based on real facts, repeatable, etc. So far so good. We start talking about stuff and he start referencing google scholar, and ‘sources’, partly I like that instead of pure anecdotal evidence, (but I do not discount anecdotal at all) but the whole ‘source’ thing is very…hipster and intellectual. He mentioned something about the wage gap, and I was thinking ‘should I say something…or just let this go?’

But I was hear to spread the truth, and this was a situation it might find ground to grow.

‘The wage gap is a lie’ –Me

(Any new readers – start with this link [ ] from a MAINSTREAM media, actually telling the heretical fact that young women make MORE than men. 5000$ for a 30k job, pretty fucking insane)

‘Not so! If you look at x y and z source women do indeed make less than men.’ –him

‘If you control for all factors that may be true, but it is deceptive – men work more and at higher paying jobs’ – me

‘that’s because women are told they aren’t good at math. According to study z women do worse when they think it’s a math test compared to a regular test’ – him

(quick aside, if you know anything about MBTI personality theory, hard defaulting to external authority is a J trait, most man-o-sphere writers are hard P, they question established doctrine)

‘It’s problematic man, we compare someone working more, at a higher paying job, and complain about the unfairness in the ‘wage gap’ ‘ – me

He proceeded to launch into…something stunning. He made the argument that we CONDITION girls to accept ‘subservient ‘ jobs like teachers because they aren’t ‘good’ at math. He was making the argument that sexism was so pervasive, that we were conditioning our poor girls to be 2nd class citizens, regulated to being a humble kindergarten teacher.

‘I got some serious problems with your argument man, you are acting like school teachers are powerless, I am going to counter that teachers have insane power. It is men who are the victims of sexism here, they are reared by women their entire school lives, told how bad they are as boys and those females teachers aren’t spouting anti-female rhetoric that’s for sure’ –Me

‘Oh, but they are, because teachers see the studies, they know other women can’t be good at math, so they subconsciously edge girls away from jobs that would earn them more.’ –Him

The conversation ended when someone else came up, but I was stunned that there was this self-flogging by a male FOR women. I have clearly seen this type of behavior before as nearly every pathetic ‘man’ who tries to woo women with his apologetic groveling, but to see it so indoctrinated, so researched, so…non-truth, non-reality being taken as reality, and some irreality being substituted in for what was ‘wrong’ with the situation.

It is a bit hard to describe the effect this had on me, because again, the self flogging is nothing new, but this was a whole new level. Its like if someone came up to me and painted this vast picture of history and science about how all men are actually gay…its like wtf!? How is this the conclusion!?

My point here is not to attack or flame my friend, I am simply stunned at the effectiveness of intellectualism in destroying actual intellect. It doesn’t matter that even a cursory search shows the wage gap is a lie, or how about the heretical (but true) reality that my generation (sub 30) actually fares WORSE as males then our female counterparts? We live at home far higher, unemployed far higher, and make less. Where the fuck is THAT dialogue? Oh, its not convenient, women are the only victims I forgot.

It is reasons like this I cannot ever believe main stream politics, as they sure as shit know the wage gap is a lie, but both parties shovel it out like some serious social crisis as if people were getting murdered in the streets it is so bad. Hey but that’s the whole point, if we fight for things that aren’t real, then real things go un-fought.