Pulling out of society vs enduring

Nearly every time I hear the news is some bullshit story about how bad it is to be a woman, that they ‘dont get equal pay for equal work’ or the ‘rampant sexual abuse on college campuses’, and long term reader of mine knows I agree with zero of these statements.

That being said, I am endlessly caught between that ideal our society COULD be, and the total shit it is now. As a man, I am outgunned, and understand most women hate me simply because I am a man, that I am one drink away from being a rapist etc. some of my readers know I have long considered the military, but quite frankly the single obstacle that stops me, is why would I want to defend this shit?

I see good people out there, and I see the trash. The trash is out numbering, and will take me down given the chance. What is the right thing to do? I don’t know.


34 thoughts on “Pulling out of society vs enduring

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  2. Do NOT join the military. You are NOT defending America, you are fighting for the oil companies and for the CIA’s ability to control the heroin industry in Afghanistan.

    If you are such a dumb fuck that you think that join the military means “defending America”, then you ARE a hopeless blue pill piece of shit who should go join the military and get himself killed because you ARE a useless dumb fuck.

    Military men are dumb stupid animals, as Henry Kissinger called them.

  3. Shit has always been trash. Most of the world has it much worse than men in the US. Men are always going to be dealing with some version of crap. You don’t fight for a country or a culture, you fight for your people, their future, and for what is right. What else can you do?

  4. If you’re in the USA, Canada, or the UK, I advise against the military. Hmm, since you recently featured USA-made gear, I’m going to guess you’re from the USA.

    Asia is not paradise, but compared to the USA, it is about as close as you’re going to get. You can clean out your current apartment, buy a plane ticket, and start looking for a new job as soon as you get off the plane.

      • The male/female dynamic in the USA is insane, because the affirmative-action/sexual-harassment lawsuit business in the USA is insane.

        Asia is closer to sanity. And young USA men often find it easy to get charming girlfriends.

        On the other hand, you shouldn’t take my word for it.First decide: do you want to keep living in the USA or not? If you want to move, then pick a destination and go; if you don’t want o move, then don’t.

  5. In case you haven’t heard, the US military has swallowed the feminist bullshit hook line and sinker. Women are being promoted and made flag officers for no other reason than because they’re women. The military as an institution has gone to shit like every other once great institution in this country. The 21st century US military has as much in common with the military of the 40’s as 21st century Detroit has in common with the Detroit of the 40’s. Take up a combative sport instead.

  6. Have you read “A Market for Lemons”?


    I think this is probably the best explanation for most things in the dating market I’ve ever seen. It’s not even about dating it’s about used cars and loansharks.

    Most women don’t hate you. The ones that self select to respond and interact with you hate you. This is a small group of delusional women, not most women.

  7. the internet is a bad reflection of reality. it’s filled with young girls whining about their hard life. meet women irl they have no idea what some of this feminist jargon is. if you aren’t in college you don’t have much to worry about the nonsense that takes place there. don’t get drunk, especially with women around. don’t get married. bang as many girls as you want & live the life you want.

      • Thats why I dont promote banging tons of sluts, I promote finding high quality women & put them in rotation

        Your dick deserves high quality women

        If you dont have chemistry & she doesnt think you’re the hottest guy shes ever met, kick the jaded from to many cocks ho to the curb

        If you dont have incredible chemistry kick the bitch to the curb

        If she doesnt worship the ground you walk on, kick the ho to the curb

        High standards leads to high quality women, leads to a high quality of life

        Zero tolerance for chicks who sleep with more then 5 guys … kick those ho’s to the curb

  8. If you really want out, find a country or town with low costs, these countries cant afford to enforce the feminist laws

    Making them ideal for escaping the feminist laws

    I’m looking at budapest where the rent is only £200 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment …

    This also happens to be beachfront prime property …

    These countries can barely afford a police force, let alone finance useless feminists

    You dont have to go overseas to escape, just find a town with a low cost of living & cant afford to finance parsitic feminists

  9. Most of the camaraderie (aka “brotherhood”) is derived from going through awful shyte together. You can probably get that without the years of commitment and frustration elsewhere. Climb some of the Seven summits with some guys, or something.

    • Reading above, I think travel is a good idea…but beware of the grass is greener effect. Every country has its own set of problems. Depends on where you live. I live in paradise right here in the states…but it’s my version of paradise. I’ve lived in and visited lots and lots of places.

      • Whats so paradisical about the states, im guessing liz enjoys getting her boobs fondled by TSA lesbian africans & her ass penetrated by TSA paedo’s …

        Getting her ass droned & put on a kill list everytime she steps out of the house to get groceries …

        The U.S has officially less civil rights then both Iraq & Iran combined … lmao

        Enjoy your making nazi’s green with envy paradise … send me some TSA fondling your ass pics, could do with the fapping material …

        Fapping at the loss of your constitutional rights that is …. makes me so gdmn horny … bwahahaha

        But then again liz is a chick, chicks luv asshole dictatorships run by a racist african, with a half assed tranny for a wife …

        America land of the racist african, with a half assed tranny for a wife …

      • You must be some really, really successful guy with a manly sized load.
        Wait a minute….OMG! I can’t believe I’m talking to Justin Beiber online! It’s you isn’t it Realist Gangsta??!!??

  10. I am unsure if there is a ‘safe’ stance anymore with modern society. I just conclude that the government hates me and people like me. They probably love to know when I am struggling, and are sad when things go well. Given that the people who seem to benefit most from this set up are the feminists, and the bankers, it follows that THEY should be the ones fighting for it. They have the most to lose after all. Intrestingly, neither of that group does go out, though they will advocate someone else doing it for them…

      • As with all things, when the rubber has to hit the road, they shut up and disappear. Failing that? Start a #hashtag campaign, or a kick starter. Anything that permits someone to be able to say they are doing something, without any investment or risk.
        That said, I was off to see the local grinning warlord to buy myself a new underage bride, but after seeing a hastag campaign saying ‘bring our girls back’ I decided against it 😛 So maybe they DO have a place

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