Female virginity…not all its cracked up to be

I had a hookup with a virgin girl recently, though maybe it should be placed in the ‘failed catagory of hookups.  I had found myself in a posistion that was seemingly the dream of every male: a virgin girl who will placate to my desires.  But…I am here to tell you the fantasy is not that great in reality.

First, nearly every girl has an INSANE valuation on their virginity, did you hear the story about some 28 year old med school girl who auctioned her virginty?  This med-school girl has the face that is all too common: hardened eyes of a pounded slut (even if she is still a virgin, the wars of the sexes takes its toll on females battling the ‘patriarchy’) along with a face believing the very naive world-view she subscribes too – that she is just a poor girl and that a guy would want her for her brains.

That last statement is cold, but it’s a truth I have found in my life. When I was younger I had a collection of quotes, one was ‘few women’s worth last beyond their beauty’ I certainly understand that to a new level now. The reality is, 95% of girls are not worth anything beyond the sex you get from them, and even that might be sub-par. I never wanted to believe that, but that is the reality. You have to placate, you have to pretend you give a shit, or at the very least you still need to kick them out of your truck or house when you are done.

I think part of the allure of a virgin, is the obvious ‘first one there’ conquering, and the very real effects of no stds, no past judgments, no used up sluts…A big part of the dream to me was that you could build her into this perfect sex girl. She would want your dick all the time, she’d know just how to get you off, she wouldn’t know your depravities aren’t normal, it’d be perfect, itd be like all the benefits of being gay without being gay, you’d have this cool person around, and could slam her out all the time.

But…I have heard a lot of guys complain about virgins, and quite frankly I see the light myself. They don’t know how to do anything.

For a long time the idea of a ‘maiden’ was deeply entrenched on my psyche, that this super hot girl is so pure, out there doing whatever, but was never kissed, and her ‘prize’ forever unclaimed. Typing it out sounds kind of dumb, but that is how I thought, and I think most people at their root would admit something similar if they desire these virgin/maiden archetypes. They are a fantasy, that somehow this girl is so well adjusted everyone likes her, she is clearly hot, never used, and ONLY FOR YOU. That is of course the fantasy, first those traits are generally never possible to exist in a girl (girls who are still virgins parade that shit around like its some medal of honor from the alien invasion war) and if said girl DID exist, why would she be after you? Be realistic here.

Regardless if you like sex or not, your girl needs to (http://wp.me/p2YaVQ-5v) because it is literally one of the few bonds you can have with a girl, and how you can lock them down to you. However, do you see the problem we have here, if we need a girl that wants/likes sex, but is also a virgin? It is nearly impossible. If they like sex, they might be slammed out as early as 13 (the bpd girl I got with was that way…talk about nightmarish) or they will be eunuch and the passion will be cold or non-existent.

It pains me to come to this realization. Movies, games, shows are full of the ‘passionate virgin’ as if YOU ALONE are the one who will unleash this secret nypho loyal only to you, but on the surface she is so prim and proper. Instead we are forced to battle this balance act where virgins are useless because they are awkward, cold, emotionally invested in the act, with a girl actually capable of getting you off, but might contain stds, give you throat cancer etc. I have never, and will never go down on a girl, I think its gross as shit, and when I hear stats about it causing more cancer than tobacco (http://wp.me/p2YaVQ-7E) it only hardens my resolve.

Virginity is a chain to both sexes. Guys get locked down pretending that them ‘saving it’ matters at all. I know. I was one of them for 25 years. That the how passionate virgin would love me for my discipline. In hindsight it was a noble endeavor, but useless. The reality is, no one gives a fuck. Guys start to rationalize their virginity as a normal state and they wont date girls because they have ‘high standards’, if you don’t know what you are doing with girls, you are going to be awkward. How are you going to get the girl you want when you are a bumbling fool with girls that doesn’t know how to kiss or turn on a girl!? Girls who are virgins let it be their sole identity (auction girl) or if they don’t, its indicative of their general coldness/non-passion.

It has been reinforced in my head so strongly that passionate virgins simply do not exist at 18~+ years of age. Training virgins is not fun in the slightest. They are awkward, and even if they are into it, their pure inability is crippling in trying to actually get off or to ENJOY sex which is one of the major points of having it.

A lot of MGTOW gets characterized as losers who can’t get girls, so they rationalize their inability with ‘high standards’ etc. Some of that might be true.  Its tough to tell any aspiring mgtow guys out there that you need to do a girl to substantiate your beliefs, only to tell you, you will be disappointed, but that is the reality.

But I can truthfully claim I have had sex/hookups with a fair amount of girls, and the painful fucking truth is other than wanting a kid someday I can live without them.



7 thoughts on “Female virginity…not all its cracked up to be

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  3. haha…

    how do you get better at guitar?


    so it goes without saying, if you want a woman who knows how to touch you, well, she probably got that practice somewhere…

    …and, uh, saying you learn to be a good lover by watching porn is like saying you become a good fighter by playing Street Fighter….

    yeah, let the man-0-sphere cry about slutty womyn–it’s a non issue for a MGTOW….

    I’m in a similar boat in that I’d love to have a kid but it’s too dangerous to get into a relationship with a woman. I understand that a “less experienced” woman would seem more loyal but you can never tell. It’s not promiscuity I have an issue with at all, it’s the hypocrisy of society. It’s the double standard of society and especially creepy male feminist’s think it is okay that men have no paternity rights. It is illegal in some cases to test the paternity of your “children” and there are many cases of men legally obligated to pay child support where it has been proven that they are not the father.

    • Did you see the story about some women who won ‘custody’ of a couple’s fertilized embrioes ever though they are no longer together? Chalk one up for females everywhere.

  4. Virginity is supposed to be experienced in a committed for life relationship, ie a family

    Not a pump & dump or short term relationship

    Expecting a virgin to satisfy a pump & dump or short term relationship is illogical

    Unless you’re willing to train a virgin & her cranky assed unusable poon, you’re going to be disappointed …

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