Donald Sterling: Newest victim of political correctness

News endlessly grasps stupid stories to ‘infuriate’ the sheeple to keep them talking about pointless things instead of anything meaningful.  So normally, the Donald sterling story would be meaningless to me, if it was not for the very disturbing precedent set: that your private views can be used against you.

In case you dont know what this is, essentially it was some rich man who had some half breed girl friend who’s brain apparently is pretty lacking, he said some ‘racist’ comments and was promptly stripped of his basketball team he owns and publicly vilified.

If you care here is the entire recording: for the most part its skippable.  The important thing to understand is that the girl was RECORDING him, and he did not know that (entrapment anyone?) and proceeded to bait him repeatedly into making more and more ‘racist’ comments.

So first of all, this recording was illegally recorded (which is never mentioned, and never brought up), then we have the girl friend baiting him, then the predictable comments somehow are a surprise and enough to ruin this guys life.

Look, I dont want to defend some rich jewish guy, (who ironically, talks about how blacks are treated ‘worse than dogs’ in israel…but that is only presented in a ‘crazy man’ context, not if there might be any truth to the claim) but the reality is, he said some shit, and not only did the whole world turn on him, he literally was stripped of the team HE OWNED.

Let me repeat that, his property was SEIZED because of ‘racist’ comments.  It is not a stretch to imagine being taken down for ‘sexist’ comments etc.  We have cultivated this disturbing culture where any deviation from groupthink must be punished severely, it is a groupthink were the less male, the less white and the less smart you are the more you are protected and celebrated for being some sort of ‘hero’.



8 thoughts on “Donald Sterling: Newest victim of political correctness

  1. “halfbreed”–clASSy, dude, clASSy…

    why don’t you use the term that all the WN booty boi’s from Inmalafide used against me-“victim of miscegenation.”

    as far as a compare contrast between alt right/wn and feminism….

    just trade hbd for patriarchy…

    POC/SWPL/NAM for low status male…

    and Jack Donovan for Hugo Schwyzer….

    seriously dude, I can’t tell the difference between GL Piggy or Mand Marcrappy no more….

    as a MGTOW I’m not sexist or racist-I hate everyone equally.

    • Normally I don’t have a problem, but the issue here is you have this clearly minority girl who already has a dog in the fight, can barely talk coherently, and then proceeds to bait him into his comments.

  2. This guy statement about Israel is more a projection of the American state of mind than anything based on reality. American Jews are mostly from a European origin, they don’t speak the Hebrew language and has no clue about the culture in Israel where the majority of the people are from the middle east and Mediterranean countries.

  3. First time I have listened. What I hear is mostly not racism, but the pleading of an insecure sugar daddy who doesn’t want to be publicly cuckolded.

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