Dont let a good crisis go to waste – California shooting and feminism


In case you haven’t watch the news (I don’t blame you) there was a shooting in california a few days ago by some rich kid (automatically assuming it’s a guy? Because only guys are evil right?) anyway, it was some guy, early 20s who shot up some people then killed himself. What is notable about this, is the feminist bent the whole thing has taken.

By his own admission in videos he had girl trouble and that girls should have liked him. To be blunt, he was kind of a freak, and the media piles on him for this, but this is where I diverge strongly. There was a multitude of psychologists (all girls, like some sort of shaman/priestess class – they alone can read the stones!) talking about this guy, and I shit you not, this was an exact quote ‘if he had a girl friend this never would have happened’ other quotes along the lines of ‘girls present a modulating influence on young males’ etc.

The blatant-ness of these comments struck me hard in my post-pill awareness. Essentially what they are saying, is that guys – all guys- are one step away from murder rampages, BECAUSE they can’t get a girl, because only girls can ‘calm them down’.

It’s an interesting chicken/egg syndrome, because if the guy is a loser, like him, how exactly are you supposed to achieve the holy grail of a girl friend? It’s an implicit assumption that does not hold up to scrutiny in the slightest. That EVERY guy out there needs a girl to control him (and that every girl would pair with every guy instead of the best getting the lions share) to ‘modulate’ his behavior.

Do you see what this has subtly done? It has shifted the burden of control to women, that men can’t really control themselves, they are just beasts at heart, it takes an independent woman to control that man. Of course with control comes responsibility, but they expertly dodge that, doing some strange circular reasoning that it was his fault; girls can control you but when you snap its not their fault.

Its pretty disturbing, because quite obviously men are violent, but the narrative we are sold is that it is uncontrollable, that women truly are the ‘modulating’ influence on society that without them it would devolve into Road Warrior rampages. It passes off the subtle (and sometimes blatant) truth that women are inherently superior because they control the weaker member of the sexes from dragging the rest of society down. Forgetting men built it in the first place.


Edit: Just tonight (5-27) on ‘world news’ they covered this story, which included the following (paraphrased, I can’t find the link yet) ‘he was part of a small group on the internet that is cycnical and hate filled about women, so called ‘pick up artists’ ‘

It goes on to bash PUAs as, ironically, the belief that ‘being a nice guy entitles you to women’.  The errors in this are pretty profound, namely, that ANY pua would espouse being a ‘nice guy’ as a way to get women, namely the exact opposite.  But it doesnt really matter, all it really shows it that media will distory everything to fit their narrow narrative.

Such as this extremly stupid ‘yes all women’ twitter trend with such gems such as “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them” or “I shouldn’t have to hold my car keys in hand like a weapon & check over my shoulder every few seconds when I walk at night” (right, because that would be the smart thing to do, nothing to do with ‘misogny’) or “Because I shouldn’t have had to send my daughters to college with pepper spray and a rape whistle” (after all, 1/3 girls are ‘raped’ in college)

Whats sad, is the nightly news segement ended with some girl saying ‘everyone I know has been a victim of unwanted sexual abuse or advances, including myself’ then cut to some ugly fat 40 year old claiming the same thing.  Its the same tired narrative of ‘men = evil’ and ‘women = can do no wrong’

Edit:  I found the link to the audio of abc world news, here it is skip to 6:00, where we hear about that “a hidden subculture of resentment, cynicism and anger against women where one disturbed man took refgue”, the irony of course is pua/mgtow preaches SNAP THE FUCK OUT OF IT! If you want women, improve your life!  Then we hear that ‘every women i know has experianced some form of sexual harassment’ then some ugly bitch ‘every singl women i know has a story about a man who feels entitled to access to her body’




A punch is just a punch, a girl is just a girl

“Before I learned the art, a punch was just a punch, and a kick, just a kick.
After I learned the art, a punch was no longer a punch, a kick, no longer a kick.
Now that I understand the art, a punch is just a punch and a kick is just a kick.”
— Bruce Lee

I was talking to a friend of mine about girls (a practice I HIGHLY recommend, because regardless of if it seems ‘gay’ you learn so much by sharing your wins and losses – afterall this is how girls become so high level) and I mentioned to him I am not really angry at women anymore.  Which I freely admit I was, simply look at the early posts here.

Prior to my awakening, a girl was ‘just a girl’, kind of dumb, kind of complicated but kind of simple, vain, I could be friends with her without ruining chances of a relationship, generally flaky, find one you like and get married and live happily ever after.  They were mysterious as they were simple, they liked things like flowers and gifts (and a ‘real man’ would buy them these!) yet were mysterious as to why they liked those badboy types on occasion.  Oh well, they were just misguided is all, they wanted a real knight in their life. I would be that knight, dutifully waiting for them to come to their senses.  It was so sweet.


Birth by fire

My delusions of love, of commitment, of everything related to girls was used, abused, and I was left a substantial emotional wreck for about 6 months, and a mild wreck for about a year after that.  I had done ‘everything’ right and I was fucked up for it.  How was this fair, how was this right?  What did I do wrong!?

‘What the fuck happened!?’ I asked myself every day, every minute at times.  It really was this bad, it was this obsession because I was hurt so bad.  Was I not a good enough guy?  Maybe if I just acted nicer…maybe I just needed to ‘man up’, maybe I just needed to accept her and her treacherous slut ways.  Wouldnt that be the ‘knight’ thing to do?  It was so bad, there were times I was ready to move out with this girl, to play second fiddle while she finished lawyer school, I would get a job at a coffee house, it would be hard, but I would be with her, it would be so perfect.  Yes, I had these disgusting thoughts.

I am very fortunate I was raised to be critical by my dad, and to not accept conventional wisdom.  I dove into anything I could find about ‘what the fuck happened’, I came across a BPD board (borderline personality disorder) and …this is what this girl was like!  The push pull, telling me how much she wanted me, how much she loved sex, how much we were going to do sexually, how she couldnt wait to see me…and week after week, holiday after holiday passed, and nothing.  The push/pull was endlessly addicting, and thats why BPD people fuck up others so bad.  You get the strength to walk away during the push phase, of them being mean, only to suddenly ‘sorry, I had a really bad day, I cant wait to see you again.  I was imagining of going down on your last night…im such a bad girl arent i?’

Anyway, so I found this bpd board, people going through similar situations, and in a lot of cases way worse than me.  Losing houses, getting divorced after 10 years, all their wealth split and confiscated, it was mind blowing to me.  Weren’t girls supposed to be the ‘good’ ones?  Werent guys just ‘evil rapists’?  What the fuck was happening in this world where all these nice guys were playing by the rules…and losing!?  Utterly losing! They were getting raped by their girl, and society writ-large.  Wheels started turning.  Maybe not everything was as it seemed.

The term bpd actually got me into the ‘manosphere’ because it seems nearly every guy who came here actually had run ins with bpd girls whether they realized it or not.  I of course was looking up bpd stuff, but then came across key sites like ‘solvemygirlproblems’ ‘chateau hertiste’ and ‘rationale male’ all of which touch on bpd.  Hmm, what is this, calling girls trite little manipulative sluts?  Well thats not very nice of them, hmm, but this is pretty accurate what they are saying.  That girls will rock your shit unless you are completely dialed.  That ‘love’ does not really exist in any meaningful fashion because a girl will leave you for someone better if the opportunity is there.  Well damn…that sure seemed right to me.

I dove HEAD FIRST into this shit.  I read all the archives, I checked new posts religiously. Obviously they were hard into the PUA lifestyle, but damn if they werent right about a lot.  ‘Living for myself’?  Be a real man and the girls will actually like you better?  Nice guys really do finish last?

It was mind blowing.  I was swallowing the pile and saw that the world really was around me.

I was entering the ‘a girl was no longer a girl’ phase where I had been at for about the last year or more.  These little sluts…they would ride the cock from 18 to 30 then settle down for a ‘nice guy’ who was spurned for his whole life and now only wanted for his money and not judging her on failing fertility and sinking looks.  Woah, this goes back to those bpd males, they were the nice guys who got rocked by these whores!!!  ‘Single moms’ were thought to be heroes, not because they were, but because it was part of feminist protocol where a ‘real man’ would take her used ass.  ‘Rape’ gave women the power to have sex freely but blame the man if she regretted it. There was the emerging pattern of girls under about 25 being insanely slutty and hoped from guy to guy, only to 30+ want to ‘settle down’ and was done with the ‘experimenting’ stage of her life, and it made sense why – alpha fucks and beta bucks!

I understood things, things were connecting!

I even put things into practice, ‘no way this shit actually works, but ill try it’  I was dismissive, aggressive, standoffish, not ‘friends’ with girls.  I made fun of them, I embraced saying ‘inappropriate’ things, I only had conversation related to sex with girls.  What the fuck…all these girls want me now?  There was a period where within a week I could have done an 18 year old and done a 40 year old, I am glad neither happened, but it was basically on until I pushed them off.  Hookups came easily.  I remember walking away from one girl trying to get me off telling her ‘this wasnt working’ and never seeing her again, wow, what a badass I had become!

In my mind there was all these connections, all these little signs.  A girl could say this, or I say that which would lead to these predictable outcomes.  I had my shit dialed, I had one girl sending me naked pics WHILE she had a boyfriend.

Body language, tone, word choice, all this shit mattered, and was very important.  In general silence and distance was generally the right choice, with occasional bursts of sex-charged flirts and jokes.  It defied logic, but not talking to girls made them want me even more.  I even had tacit admitting to this by some girls text something like ‘you know when you ignore me it makes me want you even more’

I was this cold, cocky badass on the outside, but on the inside I was full of anger, of rage.  These fucking feminists!  Every new article from jizbelle and every fucking feminist argument was so clearly wrong, what the fuck was wrong with these people believing it?  I wanted to slap the shit out of every girl I saw – but realized the white knight society that would take me down in a heart beat.  Fools, didn’t they know the real enemy!?

I saw the game, I was winning the game!  I had anger no one else understood it…but whatever at least I understood unlike everyone else barring this small online niche.  I had this friend who is with this ugly ass girl who locks his life down, and he was telling me ‘girl advice’ I would laugh in his face, because he was in the old mindset that ‘girlfriend = winner single=loser’ oblivious to that his life was controlled by her, and I could have sex with girls just as easily (easier in fact since she controlled the flow)

But things started changing.  I had this blinding light, this anger that burned away all delusion, and do not misunderstand, I am not going to say anger was bad, it was so critical to my growth, but eventually it was like ‘why I am still angry’?  I understood the game.  I could rage all I wanted, but it changed nothing.  All that was productive was to share my experiences with those that would listen (like how I first became aware) and to the end I have succeeded at I know at least two guys in real life I had woken up to ‘the score’ we face.  Our feminist society will kill itself, so that will ultimately fail.  And my endless anger was hurting myself, I was scarring my heart, maybe raising my blood pressure.

I started blogging mainly to express my rage.  If I did not fight feminism, I was complacent in it.  It was great, I could write and write about the fucked up reality of females in our current society.  I found out people who came from different backgrounds and we’re FINDING THE SAME THING.  It was a collection of divergent thinkers, and we were arriving at the same conclusions, not this force-fed ‘knowledge’ society tells us about how bad it is to be a male and how sorry you should be about that.

For a while, my anger actually increased.  We were outgunned, but we had facts and reality on our side.  I would not give up until feminism had been taken down.

But…somewhere within the last 6-9 months my rage and anger had changed to understanding.  Not at once certainly, there were times I thought I didn’t know what the fuck was happening, or that my anger came back, these fucking feminists!!! But the catharsis slowly continued on.

My friend for example would never get it until his girl left him, until then I would just gingerly smile about his ‘advice’, girls would cry about the wage gap – maybe I would even tell them a fact or two, but in the end these people were lost, simply smile I knew the matrix and they did not.

I met some great people, guys from the army, guys from other countries, all these interesting, varied experiences, but we all were coming to similar conclusions.  Those who sought answers would find the truth, and it didnt matter the background except being fucked up by a girl or largely unsuccessful with girls and wondering why.

I feel it important to add at this point a short blurb about females, early on I was surprised to see girls in the manosphere, apparently ‘friendly’ to the cause.  I was like ‘oh yeah, it is self evident of course they would help!’  I am not going to go into details here, but suffice to say I view girls in the manosphere more of ‘enemies of my enemies’ rather than allies.  They have their own ego-driven agendas I have come to realize, that is fine, but it simply needs to be understood.  Girls are attracted to the manosphere because of the attention they are given among other reasons, (as a quick aside, I find it very ironic the men who susposedly ‘get it’ but still give in to female attention whoring on blogs, CH’s comments are the worst in this regard) but again at its root understand they are temporarily ‘allies’ much like Russia was during ww2.

Anyway, perhaps you might see a bit of change just in that last paragraph, normally I might be like ‘those fucking traitorous spies!  Fuck them!!!’  But its like…that is how they are.  I understand that.  It would be like being mad at gravity for being heavy – its just the way it is.  Girls are using us, and we can use them to show not every girl falls for feminism.

I slowly understood girls were simple.  Dating was simple.  There were rules you had to be aware of, completely different then conventionally taught to us, but they were there.  Girls liked things like power, status, aggression, anger, they liked being mistreated because it was drama to them, they liked talking shit, they liked trying to get a rise out of you.  I didn’t make these rules, I just came to understand them.  Gravity was heavy, I didnt make the rule, I just had to understand the rule.

I came to understand the game was rigged against males.  The prize was often not worth the hunt.  American girls by and large were obese, bitchy and self-entitled.  It is easy to rationalize not bothering with them – the whole MGTOW movement.  Regardless, I came to understand the ‘machine gunner’ approach to girls vs the ‘sniper’ because a single girl as the object of affection will ruin you.  I could be back to square one after years of growth.

I realized I could not spill my heart out to girls.  The more emotional I was, the more they disliked me.  I had to be the hard, stoic badass.  Well fine, I wanted to be that anyway.  Society had been the one to lie and say females wanted ’emotional males’.

Nothing was complicated anymore.  People say ‘girls are confusing/mysterious’ and I think, not in the slightest.  You simply need to change how you view things, you are judging by the wrong metric.  When a 24 year old girl divorces her ‘perfect’ husband everyone is confused, I’m not, she is still desirable and found some other better guy.  I see guys hugging their girls in public and only think ‘that is shortening your time with her’, his misplaced protective instincts were making him look more pathetic.  Girls gave me little beyond sex.  Guys were smarter, more loyal and could have real conversations.  Girls conversations were either to be non-existent or sexual charged, those were the new rules I was to except.  I would assume dominating body posture, I would watch hers for signs of interest, and change pace when hers faltered.  Most importantly I lived for me, not just for slamming some broad out, and it freed me from all the stupid obligations like wasting money on her when it did not to improve my chances.

EVERY girl I hooked up with beyond the first that started this whole thing…I didnt spend any money on, not a dime.  My former self would have never understood this, or thought the girls I was with were ‘just the shallow ones’.

But I understood.  All the rules, all the little games, the body language, the texts, it was complicated if you wanted it to be, but it was ultimately so simple.  You had to play the right way if you wanted to win.  If you did not want to play that was fine as well.  But I knew, I had synthesized all the information and experience from my life.  I had been playing the wrong game, or perhaps I had been playing the right game by the wrong rules, rules society purposely mis-feeds guys.  It was simple, I knew the rules now.  Confirmed by others and my own experience. I knew how things worked.

I had no reason to be mad anymore.

Afterall, a girl is just a girl.


Pulling out of society vs enduring

Nearly every time I hear the news is some bullshit story about how bad it is to be a woman, that they ‘dont get equal pay for equal work’ or the ‘rampant sexual abuse on college campuses’, and long term reader of mine knows I agree with zero of these statements.

That being said, I am endlessly caught between that ideal our society COULD be, and the total shit it is now. As a man, I am outgunned, and understand most women hate me simply because I am a man, that I am one drink away from being a rapist etc. some of my readers know I have long considered the military, but quite frankly the single obstacle that stops me, is why would I want to defend this shit?

I see good people out there, and I see the trash. The trash is out numbering, and will take me down given the chance. What is the right thing to do? I don’t know.

Female virginity…not all its cracked up to be

I had a hookup with a virgin girl recently, though maybe it should be placed in the ‘failed catagory of hookups.  I had found myself in a posistion that was seemingly the dream of every male: a virgin girl who will placate to my desires.  But…I am here to tell you the fantasy is not that great in reality.

First, nearly every girl has an INSANE valuation on their virginity, did you hear the story about some 28 year old med school girl who auctioned her virginty?  This med-school girl has the face that is all too common: hardened eyes of a pounded slut (even if she is still a virgin, the wars of the sexes takes its toll on females battling the ‘patriarchy’) along with a face believing the very naive world-view she subscribes too – that she is just a poor girl and that a guy would want her for her brains.

That last statement is cold, but it’s a truth I have found in my life. When I was younger I had a collection of quotes, one was ‘few women’s worth last beyond their beauty’ I certainly understand that to a new level now. The reality is, 95% of girls are not worth anything beyond the sex you get from them, and even that might be sub-par. I never wanted to believe that, but that is the reality. You have to placate, you have to pretend you give a shit, or at the very least you still need to kick them out of your truck or house when you are done.

I think part of the allure of a virgin, is the obvious ‘first one there’ conquering, and the very real effects of no stds, no past judgments, no used up sluts…A big part of the dream to me was that you could build her into this perfect sex girl. She would want your dick all the time, she’d know just how to get you off, she wouldn’t know your depravities aren’t normal, it’d be perfect, itd be like all the benefits of being gay without being gay, you’d have this cool person around, and could slam her out all the time.

But…I have heard a lot of guys complain about virgins, and quite frankly I see the light myself. They don’t know how to do anything.

For a long time the idea of a ‘maiden’ was deeply entrenched on my psyche, that this super hot girl is so pure, out there doing whatever, but was never kissed, and her ‘prize’ forever unclaimed. Typing it out sounds kind of dumb, but that is how I thought, and I think most people at their root would admit something similar if they desire these virgin/maiden archetypes. They are a fantasy, that somehow this girl is so well adjusted everyone likes her, she is clearly hot, never used, and ONLY FOR YOU. That is of course the fantasy, first those traits are generally never possible to exist in a girl (girls who are still virgins parade that shit around like its some medal of honor from the alien invasion war) and if said girl DID exist, why would she be after you? Be realistic here.

Regardless if you like sex or not, your girl needs to ( because it is literally one of the few bonds you can have with a girl, and how you can lock them down to you. However, do you see the problem we have here, if we need a girl that wants/likes sex, but is also a virgin? It is nearly impossible. If they like sex, they might be slammed out as early as 13 (the bpd girl I got with was that way…talk about nightmarish) or they will be eunuch and the passion will be cold or non-existent.

It pains me to come to this realization. Movies, games, shows are full of the ‘passionate virgin’ as if YOU ALONE are the one who will unleash this secret nypho loyal only to you, but on the surface she is so prim and proper. Instead we are forced to battle this balance act where virgins are useless because they are awkward, cold, emotionally invested in the act, with a girl actually capable of getting you off, but might contain stds, give you throat cancer etc. I have never, and will never go down on a girl, I think its gross as shit, and when I hear stats about it causing more cancer than tobacco ( it only hardens my resolve.

Virginity is a chain to both sexes. Guys get locked down pretending that them ‘saving it’ matters at all. I know. I was one of them for 25 years. That the how passionate virgin would love me for my discipline. In hindsight it was a noble endeavor, but useless. The reality is, no one gives a fuck. Guys start to rationalize their virginity as a normal state and they wont date girls because they have ‘high standards’, if you don’t know what you are doing with girls, you are going to be awkward. How are you going to get the girl you want when you are a bumbling fool with girls that doesn’t know how to kiss or turn on a girl!? Girls who are virgins let it be their sole identity (auction girl) or if they don’t, its indicative of their general coldness/non-passion.

It has been reinforced in my head so strongly that passionate virgins simply do not exist at 18~+ years of age. Training virgins is not fun in the slightest. They are awkward, and even if they are into it, their pure inability is crippling in trying to actually get off or to ENJOY sex which is one of the major points of having it.

A lot of MGTOW gets characterized as losers who can’t get girls, so they rationalize their inability with ‘high standards’ etc. Some of that might be true.  Its tough to tell any aspiring mgtow guys out there that you need to do a girl to substantiate your beliefs, only to tell you, you will be disappointed, but that is the reality.

But I can truthfully claim I have had sex/hookups with a fair amount of girls, and the painful fucking truth is other than wanting a kid someday I can live without them.


Criticism of Capitalism / Right Wing Economics pt2

I wrote an earlier post essentially making quite clear I do NOT agree with right-wing economics in ANY capacity, that means the illusion of ‘free markets’ ‘capitalism’ etc, label me a terrorist if you want, that’s what foxnews would do…oh wait the ‘left’ subscribes to the same ideas.

Here is a list I put on the last one, I will explain why these tenets are fallacious, I am adding ‘0’ as it was not there originally:

0: Growth is good (and sustainable)

Think about this for a moment, we base our economy of how much it GREW. If it grows huge, great, if it only grows a little, pain for all. Let me state this as bluntly as possible: the ONLY thing that grows forever in biology is cancer/bacteria/viruses. Hmm, maybe that is our current system?

In case you don’t get this, we CANNOT grow forever. It is physically impossible. Unless we leave this planet (less and less likely) we are constrained by space, by oil, by everything.  The fact we are based on a biologic impossibility, should make you severely question all future assumptions that ‘capitalism’ makes you believe.

1: The rich are the ‘job creators’

I like this one, because it is an excuse that if we believe it, suddenly the gods among us have to be given anything so that we MIGHT be gifted with a job by them. That any government regulation might scare these skittish gods away and make them decide they would rather just not give us jobs any more. It’s a very perverse hero-worship.

2: The rich are there because they are smarter/more capable/ had a better idea than the rest of us

This is tied to #2, where the rich are rich, because they ‘earned’ it, the lie we hear is that they must have invented something. Bill gates gets launched around everywhere as some boot strap example, ok he did, I admit that. But can you name 10 ‘rags to riches’ people? If this system was so real, shouldn’t we have some pretty easy examples of that? I am not denying it happens, but its an excuse for nepotism reality.

3: If you aren’t rich, its because you weren’t smart/capable/inventive enough

This is a variation of learned helplessness, that you shouldn’t envy the rich, just because YOU were not smart enough. Just because you don’t have an idea, you can’t hate those poor rich people. It’s a very strange psychology trick, where the rich become victims (they don’t deserve your scorn!) but the blame is completely on you, you dumb idiot.

4: If you work hard, you too will eventually be a millionaire

#3 might put the whole populace in depression (which a sizable fraction is already) so we have this convenient lie. It is vague, but ever-present. That if you work hard, YOU TOO are going to make it. To go on a bit of a short tirade it, it blows my fucking mind when I see some of my old ‘friends’ from highschool who are never-questioning republicans that grind shitty fucking jobs, and BELIEVE IN THE HEART they are going to be millionaires eventually. They are on good idea away, one year away from ‘really making it’. So…if they are going to be millionaires they don’t want them goddamn liberals taxing their shit either, so naturally, they don’t want to be hypocrites, it just wouldn’t be right, they have to be consistent after all!

It does not register to them, that they have a bacherlors degree and are making 10$/hr or, that they are working 60 hrs a week, and getting NO WHERE, that this is not going to change, that the slave class we are part of it humming along quite well.

5: The government is evil, and does nothing good except perhaps defense

You see this one more out of the libertarian/tea party movement, and quite frankly its deceptive, and delusional. Does the government waste money, is it over-extended, etc, fuck yes it is. But to think that because it is sometimes bad, it must be extinguished only serves to fulfill the fantasy mad max fantasy wet dream of every man for himself (which ironically a lot of libertarians would get their ass smoked in such a situation)

Never are things like space exploration, road building, national forest etc EVER mentioned. I have actually had libertarians argue to me that roads should be PRIVATELY BUILT. If you legitimately think the pure-reliance our economy has on the roadway system could be privately sustained you need to seriously think about things. Roads, like the grid is NOT profitable for individuals to subsidize, that is why it takes a collective effort to pay these things.

6: The ‘Private Sector’ can do anything the government can do, better, cheaper, and more ‘free’

Like #5, the gov has a LOT of problems, I admit that. But the right/libertarians think that because a part of it is broke, lets kill the whole thing. That instead of the government propping up national parks, lets sell it off, whoever buys it will have a REASON to keep it clean – goes the logic. However, what if a company buys up a national park and…lets strip mine that bitch. Hey, its ‘private’ property, go cry your liberal tears somewhere else commy!

Of course the major problem with this, is that ‘externalities’ are NOT included. I strip mine ‘my’ forest and it doesn’t matter if it floods someone down stream, that’s an externality – a huge huge problem with ‘free markets’.

7: Capitalism is the only ‘free’ system, where the best rise to the top

This is just a typical talking point, designed to short-circuit thinking processes. Everyone wants to be free, so by extension, you should subscribe to capitalism, after all, if you work hard, YOU TOO will be a millionaire. See how all of these play back into themselves?

8:There is nothing wrong with capitalism, and anyone criticizing it is likely a Liberal/Commy

I have made a few facetious jokes already about this, but this is very true. How come we cannot have a realistic debate about a growth-based economy being unsustainable without getting cognitive dissonance, that this person must be a commy if they are criticizing ‘what made America great’.

9: (Unspoken but critical) Money/Wealth is real

Our money is FIAT, that means it has value because we are told it has value. We got off the gold standard in the 70s, meaning that your dollar is now completely meaningless other than what others believe. Now, I understand that ‘money’ is a social lubricant that allows me to buy a cow while you use it to buy a car or whatever the typical stupid examples economists use to think they are real smart. I get it, and for that it has purpose. But…when you say it is supposed to do that, but then proceed to continue printing more money, it makes the other money worthless. When we over-leverage (meaning banks have approx. 1 dollar for every 100 in accounts – this trend holds nationwide) there is more ‘money’ then there is real shit in the whole world! That is a very serious problem for a system we are supposed to take serious.

10: Efficiency and new substitution of goods

The major counter to my point that growth isn’t endless is that ‘smart’ people will come up with new efficiencies, or new goods.   It is a kind of ‘the lights have always turned on before, why would this be different’ mentality of not grasping that things could ever change. Oh, who cares if we are burning up all the oil/coal, once we run out there will be a ‘market impetus’ to invent a new energy system.

This is extremely short-sighted and…what if there ISN’T a new energy? I personally think there ARE energies out there like practical fusion etc, but what if we run out of oil and we do not have the technology or research done? What if we need to get to space to find the next energy, but we ran out of oil?

You can only make things so efficient, you actually hit limits. We can makes cars frictionless, we can’t make houses 100% thermal units, so these efficiencies help us ‘grow’ for a bit, but its accounting tricks that are not sustainable.


The major problem I have with capitalism is that it is a competitive system that pits man vs man (how great the pseudo-badasses pretend!) so instead of combining our resources to do something, we spent them out doing the other. I mentioned space, I heard somewhere that to mind asteroids it will take trillions of dollars to invest in the industry to do it, but that the boon will be unprecedented in human history. In short, free markets can not ever mine asteroids, the ‘start up’ costs are far far too high for any corporation. It can not sustain set backs, losses, or even getting out of whatever market it got its original money.   This is assuming we were to start now before we run out of oil. Instead of us spending resources to out compete each other for limited, depleting resources, we can put our resources together (which is taxes, and it gets us things like roads, parks, a military etc) and perhaps get off this planet.

Because otherwise our ‘growth’ is going to kill the host (earth) before killing ourselves, like all good cancers.



Donald Sterling: Newest victim of political correctness

News endlessly grasps stupid stories to ‘infuriate’ the sheeple to keep them talking about pointless things instead of anything meaningful.  So normally, the Donald sterling story would be meaningless to me, if it was not for the very disturbing precedent set: that your private views can be used against you.

In case you dont know what this is, essentially it was some rich man who had some half breed girl friend who’s brain apparently is pretty lacking, he said some ‘racist’ comments and was promptly stripped of his basketball team he owns and publicly vilified.

If you care here is the entire recording: for the most part its skippable.  The important thing to understand is that the girl was RECORDING him, and he did not know that (entrapment anyone?) and proceeded to bait him repeatedly into making more and more ‘racist’ comments.

So first of all, this recording was illegally recorded (which is never mentioned, and never brought up), then we have the girl friend baiting him, then the predictable comments somehow are a surprise and enough to ruin this guys life.

Look, I dont want to defend some rich jewish guy, (who ironically, talks about how blacks are treated ‘worse than dogs’ in israel…but that is only presented in a ‘crazy man’ context, not if there might be any truth to the claim) but the reality is, he said some shit, and not only did the whole world turn on him, he literally was stripped of the team HE OWNED.

Let me repeat that, his property was SEIZED because of ‘racist’ comments.  It is not a stretch to imagine being taken down for ‘sexist’ comments etc.  We have cultivated this disturbing culture where any deviation from groupthink must be punished severely, it is a groupthink were the less male, the less white and the less smart you are the more you are protected and celebrated for being some sort of ‘hero’.