top 5 games series

I am in the process of making a series of posts outlining in my mind the top 5 best games off each system that I have played.  I grew up as a pretty hardcore gamer, and I know a LOT of pua/game/pill guys like to pretend they do not game even though its pretty near universal all of them came from video game backgrounds (likely given the analytical nature required of games)

Anyway, keep in my any top 5 you can come up with and post and comment along.  I have wanted to do this top 5 for a very long time.

If this theme fires you the fuck up, you will like what is coming!


3 thoughts on “top 5 games series

  1. The old Magnavox Odyssey2 had “K.C. Munchkin” “UFO” “Helicopter Rescue” ,”Pick Axe Pete” and “Atlantis”. That, my boys, is old, old school gaming!

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