Protecting privacy: why you should move past google/gmail

Alternatives to google and gmail are required in this day and age. It came out with only a small notice, but google recently ‘updated’ its terms of service, and basically they are allowed to use, reproduce, profit and manipulate ANYTHING you say. (

That means you send a pic to a friend, google can reproduce that, sell that, give it to the NSA, whatever. Talk about fucked up.

The best alternatives for search engines are probably, they are private. Bing and duckduckgo are also ones to check. But please, get the fuck off of google. As far as mail, you don’t need anything complicated. Go with outlook (formerly Hotmail) or even aol.mail is fine.

Google is a TOTAL shit company. They revolutionized internet searching, and their success went to their head. EVERYTHING they touch in recent history turns to shit. As evidence look at youtube, which when it first came out was a legit site, you could find all sorts of stuff, they got ‘official’ and cracked down, but the comments were good, funny etc, google touched it, trying to convert everyone to this mass forced monopoly of google+. There was a huge fallout because you could no longer comment anonymously but now it would be Frank Smith says ‘your video blows!’. The worst part is comments were switched to some fucked up system of showing the highest ‘google+’ clicks or something stupid, you cant even ‘view comment’ correctly anymore, who the fuck thought that was a good idea?

It would not surprise me if google is in bed with the NSA and purposely feeds data to them in the name of ‘protecting us from terrorism’, I wonder how many red flags I have for criticizing the war on terror, noobama, etc.

To add to their fucked up ness, did you know there is an entire ‘science’ to getting listed on google, and basically noobgle controls who gets on there – mainly by how much you pay. I shit you not. I even tried using their program to advertise a site I am working on, and my pittance is not even taken, compared to the hundreds of thousands companies spend. They wont even take my money because its not enough to get listed or to be bothered with. Someone trying to GIVE them money was worthless, because it is not enough, think about you freeloading their shit, you exist only to further them.

The internet is an awesome decentralized place, where you can get non-controlled info, and they scares the people in power. They want to control and dictate what we do, what we see, and take out those who disrupt the flow.

We are at a very large pivot point, either the internet gets cracked down with kill switches, google/nsa take overs etc or it becomes free. I am really glad hackers tend to be on the freedom side, unsung heroes.

Anyway spread the word about google’s atrocities, and keep the hope of real freedom in our hearts – the dream of unfiltered access to what we want, not what someone else wants, not someone else spiying on us just to make obscene profits.



4 thoughts on “Protecting privacy: why you should move past google/gmail

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