The Feminine Deception

What many many men do not realize – typically ever – or only after they get rocked in a relationship is that women are manipulators. Sound obvious? Do you actually internalize that? That any interaction you are having with one of them, in her mind she is twisting your words, equivocating her own, all to manipulate you? Do you realize that? If you do not consciously, then you are a victim.

It comes from evolution, just like men are stronger than women – yes feminists, that is a fact- women are more manipulative than men. Notice I did not say ‘diplomatic’ , ‘thoughtful’, ‘nice’, ‘tactful’. Women often are far more cruel than any man. This manipulation comes from our savanna days where a man could force a women to do what he wants, mostly sex. A women can not literally fight back, so in order to secure things like resources and protection she resorts to manipulation. Promises, implications, veiled threats, all in her arsenal.

To a man, the ultimate goal is to have a really hot women he impregnates. A woman’s might be to be that hot women right? Oh no…you have much learning to do. Her’s is to secure resources and protection with as little work as possible. So if that means she can stay fat and get what she wants, she will (see the parallel to American women?). Why get pregnant when it slows her down, and no other male will protect her? So she will avoid pregnancy, unless it suits her. It typically will suit her in some sort of cuckold scenario, where she is having sex with different guys, all of which think the kid is his.

This is a critical thing to understand evolution-wise. If there are five guys, ABCDE, and she only has sex with A and gets pregnant, BCDE know its not his kid, so that’s resources she is losing out on. In fact they may even be hostile. However, if she is having sex with all of them, she can tell each of them its his privately, and they will all dump resources on her. She wins. Think this is insane? Its not, it happens in the biologic world all the time, esp. dolphins.

So next time a women tells you about how they need more money because of the wage gap, or that women are enslaved by the patriarchy etc, don’t just think about their words, think about the purpose. The purpose is to manipulate you.



14 thoughts on “The Feminine Deception

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  2. Ever read “Sex at Dawn”? It’s about the evolution of monogamy.

    It kinda explains some of the points you touched on. Particularly that during hunter gather days women and men would all have sex with each other and you wouldn’t really know who was the father of a particular child. So it was important and necessary for survival that everyone take care of everyone so everyone shared resources. It wasn’t until agriculture and settling down in one space where men really started wanting to make sure his resources such as land got passed down to his biological offspring and the only way to be sure of that is to have a monogamous woman.

    I think you should give it a try, you may like it.

  3. An addendum: if you want a woman to be open and honest, or to pursue what she claims to want, then you need to make her want you, make her want what she pretends to want. Make being a doting wife irresistible and she’ll pursue it. Make cuckoldry irresistible and she’ll pursue it. A woman with a man she adores won’t cheat. A woman with a man who thinks she adores him when she does not? She will cheat. Hell, even the idea of having to prove her adoration can convince some women they still adore a man until they eventually start to adore him again. Control the situation and most women will follow.
    I generally operate on a policy of trusting nobody’s claims about their intentions, goals and desires, but of looking at where their actions will take them. Apply the same philosophy at least to women, but ideally to most modern men also, and you’re less likely to be cheated out of anything.

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  5. Interesting point, and I did experience one manipulator like that. One I fell head over heels with in a confusing manner and then found myself being seen as the bad guy even though other people, from my best friend, to my sister, to mutual friends, told me of her manipulation.

    It was that bad I was under her thumb. I did find someone else and we split apart well and she’s working on being her own self and letting me pursue my own dreams. So I’ve seen women who are like that, and the one rare occasion where one wasn’t.

    And I did have a bone to pick on your image. Did you mean ‘Machiavelli in its pragmatism’? Though I do like the subtle message. Too bad that Kirin most likely will be turned into more armor pieces. XD

  6. All righty then. By nature, not evolution, women have been manipulative, okay. You are probably not Christian and if you are, wow, but from a Christian stand point, eve was a wicked little thing thAt ruined our lives!!! Now we are paying for it by painful labor. Adam is just as stupid by going along with it, so men are punished by having to work for what they want (because they were kicked out of the garden and stuff) but look, people are not the same as their ancestors. We all know that. And if you think for one second that a group of people are the same, that makes you rascist, anti- semitic and all that good stuff. There are always going to be extremities in a group but does not make the rest the Same. And I do not believe you are rascist or against Jews or at least I hope not , I’m just saying with that type of thinking, you could be.

    I noticed that you are directing your messages a feminists but you say women. We both know not all women feminist and they felt just as comfortable being the old housewife, so to say “women” makes it sound like all of us. Plus it is normal for everyone to be manipulative when you want something. Yes, even SOME men. I rather it be manipulative than violent.

    I choose to be blunt when it comes to my words. Tactful, but blunt. I don’t have time to go in circles, I have places to go and experiences to live. That might make it even worse. If someone asked me if I dislike/hate them or if I’m angry At them, I would say, ” I don’t hate hate you, I don’t hate anybody, but I dislike you to point where it’s bad for my health” or ” I am angry at you, and I would vey much appreciate it if you got out my face. See you tomorrow, when we can settle our dispute.” Oh and when I want something, I ask for it nicely. And if I can’t get it I word battle for it or even better, work for it. And all the women you list are not even REAL women they sound like a bad word and that is simply not how I was raised. My mother had her faults and she certainly made sure I did catch any of hers. I still have my faults though, maybe insecurity or maybe I’m to bold for my own good……I don’t need you to tell me (plz don’t tell me)

  7. Some days I fantasize about the cold chills of panic that would run down feminists spines if I were able to put enough Prozac in the public water supply to essentially deaden the sex drive of every male in Western civilization and let women know how it feels to be the “not sought after” sex for just one f*cking week….

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