More pay gap lies

Despite my generally consistent and blistering criticism of modern women, and my professed desires to have little to do with them, they are NOT the enemy, they are simply brainwashe; brainwashed by things like the susposed ‘pay gap’.

Obama regularlly pulls out this tried and true ‘peoples issue’ about how women susposedly make less than men.  IT IS TOTAL SHIT.  Wall street journal about pay gap

Don’t believe me?  Go read for yourself!  That is what I encourage every reader to do.  Dont listen to me because I am someone special, listen because I allow open dialouge, I tell you to go look for yourself and see if you get something different.

Obama is pathetic, and easily hate-able, but he is just a mere puppet for higher powers.  It is not a democrat or replubican issue, even mitt romney talked about the wage gap.  It has only one purpose: to divide the sexes – to make women HATE men.

Men are the ones the build and destory societies, and when you have half the population that demonizes them, it is a perfect population control.

See, no power cares about a unified, focused populace, no quite the contrary, if they can keep us bickering over fake shit, we can not do anything productive.

Remember women are not the enemy, they are like mind-controlled zombies if this is a movie, you have to be wary of them at all times, but dont forget it is purposeful why they are like that.  Society’s controllers want women to hate men, so they will not be led by them.  Quite frankly they are doing a good job at it.  Men are evil, stupid, bigots, racist, sexist, misogynist etc etc.

We are also the heroes.




3 thoughts on “More pay gap lies

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    This is an interesting read on the topic. While it rates “77cents for every dollar a man makes” mostly true it does so because Obama dropped the “For the same work” aspect of the claim.

    77cents is different pay for different work. Heck according to politicfacts that I linked just looking at weekly pay instead of annual pay it’s 82 cents.

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