Welcome new readers

I have been getting a lot of new readers lately, and a fair amount of commenters.  I respond to every new comment, and seeing commenters actually inspire that what I am saying here matters at all, and that someone wants to hear what I have to say.

Here are some posts if you have questions about my general belief on things, and some reading regarding the MGTOW movement.


Perhaps my most controversial:




That should get you started.  Thanks for reading, and definitely let me know if you care about the stuff I am speaking here.


11 thoughts on “Welcome new readers

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  2. Hey thanks for the reading! I did find it helpful but I was hoping to raise another point and to hear your thoughts.
    I like that you’re pushing men to do what makes them happy. That’s important and they shouldn’t feel compelled by society to have to get married and have children. They should live their lives in a way that fulfills them. I think most people can get behind this.
    Hearing someone call for men to break the norms in society and do what makes them happy instead of what’s expected is refreshing. If a dude wants to reject the hyper-masculine persona and likes things like knitting and baking then he should do that, if he wants to live in the woods and spend all his time hunting and fishing that’s fine too, if he wants to live in his parents basement (if his parents all him) and he wants to spend his time playing video games and looking at porn, well he’s not hurting anyone and society should back off.
    He should NOT be pressured to pursue women or a relationship if that’s not what he wants out of his life. If he wants to wait for a traditional wife there’s nothing wrong with having some non-negotiable.
    I guess my only question is: Isn’t that the same thing modern women want? To do what they want and not have to conform to social norms just because its tradition? Where make-up and dress really feminine or where jeans and t-shirts and no make-up. Whatever makes you happy. Homemaker, CEO, mechanic, hell even porn star or prostitute (most guys here would be really sorry if women stopped being the last two). Is this something that you’re also advocating?
    Sorry, I’m just trying to figure out what you’re really looking for out of men and women in an ideal world. Not trying to cause trouble just trying to get a better understanding.

    • The major problem, is that what women (and man) truly want is far, far different from what they actual would want.

      The largest example, is women are told femenist lies that: go to college, get a good career, work till you are 40+ and some man who knows ‘beauty is only skin deep’ will take their cock pounded bodies and ‘raise a family’.

      I am being slightly facetious, but only slightly. This is the lie told to women. Not that they should start a family while they are still fertile etc.

    • ” . . . things like knitting and baking then he should do that, if he wants to live in the woods and spend all his time hunting and fishing . . .”

      Baking and knitting were invented by hyper- masculine men who hunted and fished. They are something else that women have taken over.

      Hyper- masculine men can reclaim them during the winters in their woodland cabins without rejecting hyper-masculinity.

      Men can take care of themselves.

      • I guess I was thinking “traditional” gender roles.
        I think men should be able to completely take care of themselves and if this is what this movement is about I’m all for it, what I’m struggling with is don’t we want women to take care of themselves too? Because otherwise, wouldn’t they be dependent on men? Isn’t that something we as a society want to get away from? Individual responsibility. Are we encouraging the sexes to just be responsible for themselves? If they meet someone they want to be with, great but that other person isn’t needed. They’re wanted. Is that the core of this movement?
        Sorry, I’m naturally inquisitive.

        • Its neauanced, essentially a man can and should be able to be self sufficient. Idealy a women is supporting the man, because together they are stronger. However, feminism has lied to females saying not only can they be self sufficient (generaully untrue) that they do not need men who are their ‘enemy’ and ‘oppressor’.

  3. No lie, I found you through Ex-Army, who I found through other places.

    And also, I appreciate that someone else is seeing this. I’ve already read Dr. Smith’s work ‘Men on Strike’, but to see someone else write about it, well it brings to mind some of my own experiences and those of my family members. MGTOW seems to fit what I’m going through now.

    And if I can say something else. I don’t care if I die alone, as long as I lived a life fulfilled. I can be an awesome uncle to my sister’s future kids, I can work my best at my job and retire as comfortably as I can in this world. I can take up my hobbies without the added baggage of a relationship where I am forced to compromise them.

    I see happy couples where I work, and I don’t discount that maybe, these men and women are meant for each other. But to try and find someone at the moment, is highly unlikely for someone with as uh…’not-kosher’ kind of hobbies and interests as I do. So I’ll keep calm and let my past be past, and carry on living the life I’m blazing a path for myself.

    • I think my reply got lost, but thanks for reading and commenting.

      Women are dangerous to be seriously involved with as society has ’empowered’ them in the way that a female>>>male and she can send you to jail on a whim. Not fun.

      What are the non kosher activites?

      • I have a rather…healthy obsession with many things related to weapons. I do not have a curio and antiques license mainly because I don’t wanna play the bureaucratic shell shuffling in order to keep it, but I would in a heartbeat.

        Granted, shooting and hunting is common where I am, but anime is still seen as ‘weird’ and the women who even have a chance to like half the things I do…either live across the country…or in another one. XD;;

  4. I think there is a danger in looking for the one or believing people are meant for each other. If you’re waiting for the perfect person, its not gonna happen.

    Everyone has their shit. If you’re waiting for a woman that’s a perfect ten and a candidate for mensa with a wicked sense of humor who’s willing to take you as you are flaws and all, then you pretty much need to stick to fantasy. I’m not saying settle but be realistic.

    Maybe your’s in weapons, and she doesn’t love that but maybe her’s is clogging the drain with her hair and refusing to put her water glasses in the dishwasher, and that drives you crazy. As long as you’re not leading her to a dungeon with weapons hanging up on the wall, she might think its interesting and kinda cool and consider it a quirk instead of thinking she’s hanging with Dexter.

    Trust is key in a relationship. You gotta trust her and know that she’s not the type to be crazy and falsely accuse and she has to trust that you’ll never hurt her and she needs to feel safe around you. It’s a give and take in my opinion.

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